$200 Christmas Cash Giveaway

$200 Christmas Cash Giveaway

Welcome to the Christmas Cash Giveaway!

About A Mom has teamed up with some amazing blogs to spread a little holiday cheer this season by giving our readers the chance to win a $200 cash prize! Our hope is that this prize will help brighten the holiday for one special family out there.

You will find many different ways to enter – so be sure to bookmark this page and come back every day for more chances to win!

This giveaway is sponsored by: Oh My Gosh Beck!,  Always Searching for Savings, and Shopaholic Mommy.

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends December 16th at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck!

Christmas Cash Giveaway

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    • Tina Kohrman says

      I would spend it on my son so he could have the Christmas he deserves. Especially, since I have just lost my job and winning this would be a blessing.

  1. Hannah Avery says

    Put it towards Christmas. Maybe get my husband a nice present with it, or something nice for our son, or both!

  2. Tina White says

    I would use it to replace the trampoline that superstorm Sandy lifted and put on top of out fence breaking the frame!!!!!

  3. Cindy Merrill says

    My grandkids are coming up to spend Christmas with us this year, haven’t seen the youngest one except in pictures ( he’s almost four): The $200 would be spent on food, decorations and presents.

  4. says

    I would spend it on a few Christmas presents or put towards my rising electric bill during the holidays. =( $230.00 this month and not even winter yet. Scares me for the months to come being a single two job working mother.

  5. ellen chevarie says

    i have christmas and birthdays so i would use the money for this. my dads bday is the 20th,my daughters is 28th my niece is due for her bab dec.19th ny sisters son my nephew is dec.25th and my grandaughter is 2 weeks after xmas jan.8th who was due on dec 31. woopie i get a 2 week break!

  6. Christine burd says

    I would buy clothes for my daughter who is coming for a visit to colorado in Jan. from Jamaica where she is working with the peace corp. She has no clothes for winter weather.

  7. Debra Sauvageau says

    I would rent a car for the weekend (I dont have one) from Enterprise..there’s are $9.99 day on weekends..stop by the grocery store on the way and visit my son and grand babies for CHRISTmas and cook them dinner..

  8. yelitza says

    I will buy my children new bed since i layoff job struggle myself to buy nice thing for them… will be awesome… thank you

  9. Cynthia Beno says

    I would use the cash to purchase some Christmas presents. And if there is any left over I would save it for paying a bill or two.

  10. Sue Sattler says

    I would love to get my best friend a kindle 3g (she doesn’t have cable and loves to read) to thank her for being there for me through the good, bad and horrible.

  11. Mary Withrow says

    I would put it towards a new bird cage. My birds (5) I would like to put in one large cage, I have it picked out but money is going for Christmas right now!

  12. Leslie Galloway says

    If I won $200, I’d use it to buy myself a tablet or a Kindle Fire.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie)

  13. Eileen says

    Right now we need carpet for our stairs so little 1 year old can learn how to go up and down to basement. Also, flooring in bathroom after flooding. So, either one would be great.


  14. Serena says

    I would use it to get some Christmas gifts for my grandsons as Grandma doesn’t have money for Christmas this year as I am disabled and my income is so very limited. This would be a great gift.

  15. Myra Rzepa says

    ugh for some reason as i was entering my tweet entry for the day and right when i clicked the “enter” button the raffelcoppter reset itself while i was waiting for my entry to load and it reset under a different email (i think it did this cause i was logged into facebook) and now i have an extra entry under a different email.. i think the name and email is
    Myra Rzepa
    i have been entering this giveaway with the name and email
    Myra Rzepa
    i dont know if there is anything you can do, of if this automatically disqualifies me, i just wanted to let someone know so they dont think i am a cheater this is the 3rd time the raffelcoppter has ever reset on me and i still cant figure out why it does that every once and awhile.. i think it has something to do with Facebook, i think they are connected somehow..
    either way.. sorry and thanks!

    • Angela says

      I’m so sorry about this Myra. Thanks for letting us know, and if you win we’ll be sure to count you as verified.

  16. says

    I would use it to help buy new therapy materials and appropriate toys and art/music supplies for my son’s ABA therapy. He has autism and while our ABA therapist is very expensive and completely not covered by insurance so are the materials we need for therapy. Thanks for the chance and Happy Holidays!

  17. Daraya says

    Christmas presents! This would be really helpful this year because I can’t really afford any presents right now with the economy. :( But thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Britt T. says

    i would so save the $ to use toward my 30th bday party! ORRR save it for a road trip to attend a good friend’s wedding in Las Vegas next december!

  19. Sandi Roy says

    Purchase gifts for my grandsons, little extra in the collection plate at church and purchase some items that are needed for my youngest grandsons school class

  20. courtney says

    seeing as i dont have much money and my baby girl isnt going to get much of a christmas this year i would of course spend it on her like she deserves!

  21. michael hardin says

    I would spend it on my family for the holidays. It seems that there are so many deserving entries that touch your heart on this blog and I wish we could all win.

  22. says

    My mom as been through so much this year, Winning this money would really help her out and put a smle on her face. She deserves this money more than anyone that I know. So hopefully I could win this money for her.

  23. Mara says

    I would the money to have a great day with my daughter who doesn’t live with me. I miss her and would love to see her again!

  24. Geoff K says

    I’d use it for something practical, like buying my next supply of contact lenses or making my next student loan payment. Thanks!

  25. Luella Moss says

    I would get all the Christmas presents that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, such as a Foreman Grill for my dad. :)

  26. says

    i would buy all my household good like toilet paper and extras and then I would bless the kids with good clothes and shoes and then i would pay down some bills and still save a little money for emergencies

  27. says

    I would first take my hubby out to eat since we rarely get to do anything without the kids. Then I would buy some Cricut cartridges for myself for Christmas. Any money left over would go to buy much needed donation items for our local shelter.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  28. Ann Lewis says

    Would use it to help with Christmas and flooring that we need badly since hurricane Sandy showed up and flooded my house. Its been a hard time. We didn’t get accepted for help with Fema in my area so we have to come up with the money to fix our own house after this great storm. And my husband is trying hard to get his disability so I am the only one working to its slow going on fixing the house and making Christmas happen for my kids. Thank you

  29. Kat Ring says

    I would spend this on family and friends. After being out of work these last couple months it would make a huge difference.

  30. Jennifer S says

    Still trying to finish shopping, but since the gifts are chipping away at the bank account, I’d probably put it towards my daughter’s braces, which should be on within the next month or two:)

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