25 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Homemade costumes can be a lot easier on the budget and this time of year when the Halloween aisle in the store is picked over, they can be a real life saver. I’ve scoured the web and rounded up some of the beast Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids that can be made in a jiffy. Most have great tutorials included — the ones that don’t are easy enough to figure out from the picture.

25 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids at About A Mom

When I was a kid all of our costumes were homemade. I remember one year when my younger sister finally managed to talk our mom into a store bought costume. She simply had to have that Smurf costume we saw in Kmart with the plastic mask and plastic smock that tied in the back. Store bought costumes have come a long way since then, but in my opinion there is still nothing like homemade.

If you need some more Halloween inspiration, take a look at our Halloween Inspiration Pinterest Board. Also, be sure check out all About A Mom posts for Halloween including: crafts, decor, recipes, and more.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

1. Skeleton Costume
2. LEGO Costume
3. Artist Costume
4. Snail Costume
5. Ba Ba Black Sheep Costume
6. Cotton Candy Costume
7. Candy Corn Costume
8. Paper Doll Costume
9. Unicorn Costume
10. Little Bearded Gnome Costume
11. Shark Costume
12. Cardboard Box iPod Costume
13. Snow Cone Baby Costume
14. No Sew Jack-O-Lantern Costume
15. Angry Birds Costume
16. Girl Pirate Costume
17. Baby Girl Ghost Costume
18. Bat Costume
19. Knight Halloween Costume
20. Baby Skunk Costume
21. Lady Bug Costume
22. Medusa Costume
23. Super Hero Girl
24. Friendly Bear Costume
25. Captain America Costume (printable mask)

Are you feeling inspired to do a homemade Halloween costume?

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  1. says

    I don’t have kids but I think homemade costumes are great because you can make things that you can’t find in stores. I remember coming up with ideas for what to be throughout the year but then around halloween I couldn’t find my idea in the store. The $ savings is a great perk as well 😉

  2. says

    These are great! I actually ordered our costumes early this year but then the kids changed their mind on what they wanted to be! We’re going to sit down and check out these ideas this afternoon!

  3. Heidi says

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list of links! We bought my daughter’s Rapunzel costume at a kids resale shop, but I always have to get creative for my husband and me :)

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