3 Secrets to Sensible Couponing {Guest Post}

Guest post by Barbara of Atlanta’s Frugal Mom.

To a coupon newbie, the astounding stacks of coupons and phenomenal savings seen on a certain -um- extreme reality show can prove quite overwhelming, if not completely unrealistic. However, there are some secrets to stretching your savings further with sensible couponing:

1) Many stores double coupons. For example, in the Atlanta area, both Kroger and Publix double coupons valued up to fifty cents. Doubling allows you to snag some awesome deals on items on sale! You’ll want to check with your store’s coupon policy first.

2) Get more printable coupons with one click! Printable coupons typically let you print them twice. You know that little ‘back’ button on your Internet browser? Once you’ve printed a coupon once, typically hitting that back button will print the same coupon again. This means, you can grab TWO of the same coupons during your printing session! For an extensive list of printable coupons sites, go here.

3). Smaller is often better. Whenever it’s practical, buying the smaller container or package for an item will give you the lowest unit price for a couponed item. Occassionally, a slightly larger size is on sale, and still a better deal when accompanied by a coupon, so make sure to keep your calculators handy when you shop!

For more tips on sensible couponing, please check out Atlanta’s Frugal Mom’s “Couponing 101” section.


  1. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    Thanks for the great tips. I can certainly put some to good use, however we do not have the same sort of benefits with coupons that you have in the US. How I wish we did though! I use coupons as much as possible and only just realized that there are many printable ones available. The tip I really wish we had was double coupons. I don’t believe we have ever had such a perk in Canada. While I know I am incapable of any “extreme couponing” here in Canada, I can do my best to save with what offers we do have available.

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