Butterfly Award

About A Mom recently won this very fun Butterfly Award from T. J. over at Measuring Flower! I just love her blog, so it was an honor to receive this award from her! I am so happy to pass it on!

Accepting The Award

In order to accept this award, here are the rules I had to follow:

    1. Link to the person who awarded you.


    1. Share 7 things about yourself.
    2. Answer the questions below.
    3. Award this to 15 bloggers.


Be Sure To Stop By And Check Out Measuring Flower!
MeasuringFlower.com is a blog for frugal moms who love their families! Discover tried and true recipes, menu plans, frugal tips, couponing, awesome reviews and giveaways, and much more creativity for everyday!
7 Things About Me
1. Ive been a Tupperware lady and a Pampered Chef lady.
2. I hand feed one of my dogs, otherwise she won’t eat.
3. I have lived in 6 different states: Florida, New York, South Carolina, California, Tennessee and Georgia.
4. I was once a Navy wife (my son’s father was in the Navy).
5. I took up knitting as a hobby last year, but am still not very good at it.
6. I love the old “Poirot” murder mysteries!
7. I think Johnny Depp is to die for!
1. Name your favorite color.  I don’t have just one. I like rose petal pink, yellow, blue, violet. I guess I like all of the pastel family best.
2. Name your favorite song. I am going to give 2 songs. That would be ‘Sailing’ by Christopher Cross! The song really takes me away to another place and time. The other is ‘Love Shack’ by the B52’s. I have such wonderful memories of my little son belting out that song and dancing all around the house. We still get excited when we hear it!
3. Name your favorite dessert. Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!
4. What wizzes you off? Gossip – I can’t stand it when people gossip. (Luke 21:15 – “I will give you the wisdom to know what to say. None of your enemies will be able to oppose you or say that you are wrong. “
5. When you’re upset you_______? I shut down and if I am really upset I become physically ill. I have a really difficult time being around people that are worked up and angry.
6. Your favorite pet? I can’t choose between them! I have a 4 year old, male Bichon Frise named Winston and a 2 year old, Chinese Crested Powder Puff named Lilly, both rescues. They have 2 very different personalities and I love them equally.
7. Black or White? I’m gonna go with black because black pants make me look thinner!
8. Your biggest fear? That something bad will happen to my son. I worry over him constantly and can’t seem to stop.
9. Best Feature? This is tough because I am very critical of myself, since I am overweight. Does personality count?
10. Everyday attitude? I wake up everyday just hoping to feel well enough to be productive.
11. What is perfection? God
12. Guilty pleasure? I sometimes like to read paranormal romance novels.
Passing On The Award
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