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Photography is a skill that most any blogger should have. Although I manage okay, thanks to extensive photo editing, I have to admit that I am far from being a professional photographer. But more importantly than blogging, as a Mom and Grandma, I want to capture the precious moments of my family’s life on film. I am so excited to tell you about a FREE Professional Family Portraits Class that I just took from Craftsy. It’s usually my son or daughter who takes our family pics, but thanks to some of the things I learned from my Craftsy online course, that’s all about to change.

Are you one of those people who drags the family down to the portrait studio at the mall once a year for a family portrait, and is never quite happy with the results? I need to dig out some of my old family portraits to share with you sometime. They are good for a laugh. I think you might just be surprised by how simple it is to achieve your own professional family portraits.

You can bring out the best in your subjects and environment with tips from Craftsy instructor and professional photographer Kirk Tuck. Learn how to transform any room into a portrait studio with Kirk’s quick tips on improving your setting, and easily create ideal lighting indoors and out with the use of bounce flash, umbrellas and affordable materials like foam core.

I am one of those people who always seems to be in a rush, which is not a trait that is conducive to good photographs. One of my biggest takeaways from the class, was the importance of setting the stage. By that I mean things like finding the right lighting, covering colored walls, setting up a neutral backdrop, and adjusting camera settings. Taking a few minutes to prepare can make a world of difference.

While taking the Free Professional Family Portraits Class, I got an hour and a half of close-up instruction and was very impressed by the feedback from the instructor as well as other students. You can even share a picture with the group for feedback. A fantastic perk of this Craftsy free course is that the 4 HD video lessons can be taken anytime, from anywhere, at your own pace.

Parents of young children will appreciate Kirk’s techniques for photographing kids who won’t sit still. He discusses how having the right shutter speed can help you get a clear shot of a child in motion. This was an epiphany for me, since I have never adjusted the shutter speed on my camera.

One of the things I really appreciate about this class is that you don’t have to have an expensive camera or fancy equipment, to implement most of the lessons taught in the course. I am in need of a DSLR camera upgrade, currently using a Sony CyberShot, and have no problem using what I have learned from the course, although I will probably re-watch some of the class topics after I get my new camera. Kirk gives great advice on adjusting the white balance and various other settings on your camera which will come in handy when I upgrade. You can even download a list of his preferred gear.

Here’s what you can expect from a Craftsy Class:

  • Ask your instructor questions, upload photos, and get personalized responses
  • Participate in discussions with your classmates
  • Access supporting class materials – including recipes and helpful tips & tricks
  • Bookmark your favorite moments in the video so that you can easily re-watch them and take notes that you can refer back to anytime

My granddaughter, Maddie, was nice enough to be my model while I played around with lighting and some of the settings on my camera. I asked her to stay in motion which of course resulted in her zombie walk and crab dance. She might be a little angry that I share these pictures, so please don’t tell. Shhh. Adjusting the shutter speed and opening some blinds in the adjoining room made such a difference.

Can you see the progression?

I still have a ways to go with my photography skills, but am so much improved thanks to Craftsy’s Free Professional Family Portrait Class. With 2 birthdays later this month, and my granddaughter’s prom next month, I am feeling very prepared to capture those special moments on film.

Learn how to take beautiful, professional-looking photos of your own family with Craftsy’s free Professional Family Portraits class. Sign up now for this free Professional Family Portraits class!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Craftsy. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. says

    What a fantastic class. My husband (a graphics person) does my photo editing for me but he keeps telling me “garbage in, garbage out” and that he can’t make something look nice if the starting photo is horrible. I’m hoping to take a photography class one of these days.

  2. says

    This Craftsy class sounds awesome. I agree that phytography skillls truly are very useful for a blogger, or actaully just about anyone to have.

  3. says

    I will have to take that class! My photography skills are somewhat lacking and I can’t blame it all on my point and shoot camera.

  4. says

    I could use this! I’m still learning the intricacies that are on my camera setting. I’m doing better but every little tip helps!

  5. says

    So fun to read this and to see the progression of your pics. I love having great photos and could really use a class like this to improve my skills!

  6. says

    I don’t do family photography really, but it would still be helpful to learn! I think you really can’t ever know TOO much!

  7. says

    I need a photography class. I also need a new camera. I don’t use the techniques I already know and employing some great lighting techniques would improve my pictures sooo much!

  8. says

    I love that you can take this class online, when you really have the time to devote to it. It is nice that is isn’t a ‘starts at this time’ kind of class.

  9. M.Clark says

    I think this photography class is a great idea, the fact that it’s free is totally awesome. Congrats on your improved photography skills. Thank you for sharing this review.

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