Crocs Women’s Berryessa Hiker Boots

It’s so important to have a good pair of winter boots. We don’t get a whole lot of snow here in Georgia, but we do have a fair amount of wet, icy days in the winter. There are a few things that I look for in a pair of winter boots: durability, warmth, comfort, and good traction. The new Crocs Women’s Berryessa Hiker Boots deliver all this and much more.

Crocs Women's Berryessa Hiker Boots

Until recently I had no idea that Crocs made shoes other than their classic clogs, that I love so much. My teenage granddaughters are also huge fans of Crocs, so I was happy to get a pair of the Crocs Women’s Berryessa Hiker Boots in the color Espresso for my thirteen year old granddaughter, Becca. She is a very active girl who is hard on shoes. Crocs are one of the few brands that seem to hold up to her lifestyle.

Crocs Women's Berryessa Hiker Boots

On the day we took these pictures, the girls had been out riding four wheelers and trekking through the woods all day. Becca says that her new Crocs Berryessa Hiker Boots are super comfy and they keep her feet warm on cold days, thanks to the fuzzy lining. These boot are rugged and built for active living, yet they are super stylish and can be worn just about anywhere. The rubber outsole provides improved traction and makes these boots perfect for the splashy wet days. They are completely waterproof and non-slip.

Crocs Women's Berryessa Hiker Boots

We really like the feminine touches that the boots have. They have pink threads on the seams and come with pretty pink laces. These boots are very cute worn with leggings or a pair of jeans. They even look great when worn underneath boot cup jeans. The boots are very easy to pull on and off, thanks to the tab in the back and lace-up style.

Crocs Women's Berryessa Hiker Boots

I tried the boots on and liked them so much that it was a bit hard to let Becca have them. I might just have to order a pair for myself. These versatile boots would make a great holiday gift for a teen or woman of any age. Crocs Women’s Berryessa Hiker Boots have a suggested retail price of $94.99 and are also available in the color black. Visit the Crocs web site to learn more and order yours.

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