CVS myWeekly Ad and More Exciting News! #CVSAccess

Okay, here’s the scoop: CVS/pharmacy just launched a completely new way to browse the weekly sales circular called myWeekly Ad. myWeekly Ad reinvents the traditional circular – instead of 45 million people checking one circular to see all the same sales and deals on the front page and inside, those 45 million people can access their own version of the weekly sales ad – and each person will see the deals and sale items for the week that matter most to them! You’ll be able to easily find the best deals on your favorite, frequently-purchased products, as well as create detailed, sharable shopping lists and even quickly scan all the items you can buy to earn circular ExtraBucks Rewards that week.

I love that I can now view my personalized circular, based on the type of products I shop for the most. And the complete weekly sales circular is still just a click away.

It’s super easy to set up! Visit myWeekly Ad on the CVS web site, and provide some basic information like your name and address. Be sure to have your CVS ExtraCare card number handy. Browse and select your favorite local CVS store. Then browse your personalized deals.

CVS myWeekly Ad

Hey, that’s me sitting in my home office and holding my new iPad Mini! (Doing my best Vanna pose.) Are you wondering what this has to do with the new CVS myWeekly Ad?


Okay, I’ll tell you…


CVS has invited me to visit their CVS/pharmacy headquarters in Rhode Island later this week to learn more about myWeekly Ad and more great things on the CVS horizon. In fact, I am flying there on Wednesday. Feel free to follow along, Wednesday through Friday, with me on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll be using the #CVSAccess hashtag. Oh, and the iPad Mini – that was a gift from CVS, so I could check out the new myWeekly Ad in style.

I am such a fan of CVS and appreciate their commitment to innovation and personalized experiences for customers.

This is a sponsored trip and the iPad Mini was a gift from CVS.

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  1. natasha says

    This is so cool – I noticed it the other day when I went to view the ad! I can’t wait to hear about the trip to their headquarters!!

  2. says

    I usually go online on Sundays to view the ad and see what the extra bucks are for the week and saw that “my weekly ad” and thought it was pretty neat!

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