Date Night at Home with a Sweet Treat

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Breyers Gelato Indulgences for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

From my experience, date nights are essential to a relationship. I’m not talking about the kind of dates that require a babysitter and dinner reservations, rather a simpler more intimate date night at home. You know those nights when you put the kids to bed, snuggle up on the couch with your sweetheart to talk, play a game of Scrabble or watch your favorite movie for the umpeenth time.

Keeping it simple.

Date Night at Home with Breyers Gelato Indulgences

When I was younger I cared more about getting dressed up and hitting the town for date night. These days all that matters is having some quiet time with the person I love. Not to mention the fact that date night at home is a lot easier on the budget. Talk. Laugh. Enjoy each other.

Make it sweet.

Date Night at Home with Breyers Gelato Indulgences

For me the perfect date night at home also includes a sweet treat. My latest obsession is Breyers Gelato. We have tried all four flavors of Breyers Gelato Indulgences in Vanilla Caramel, Tiramisu, Triple Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake.

I just knew that Triple Chocolate was going to be my favorite, but surprisingly it’s the Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato that I simply cannot live without. I am now obsessed with the stuff!

Date Night at Home with Breyers Gelato Indulgences

Breyers Gelato Indulgences is now available at grocery stores nationwide in a 28.5oz clear tub, showcasing the gelato with its luscious sauce and gourmet toppings, for a suggested retail price of $4.49-$5.99.

So what about you? Which flavor of Breyers Gelato Indulgences will be making an appearance at your next date night?

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  1. the vanilla caramel sounds amazing!

  2. That sounds like a perfect at-home date night to me!

  3. That looks heavenly! I just got my wisdom teeth yanked so it’s an all ice cream diet for me! ;)

  4. Fantastic and delish date night to me. We need that.

  5. I had no idea! Bryers make Gelato! I hope my local stores carry this, cause I want it now!

  6. Oh, those look delish! I would eat the crap out of them.

  7. Sounds like the perfect night in and that Gelato looks amazing i really want some right now.

  8. I had Gelato in NY about 2 weeks ago and loved it. Now I can’t believe this wasn’t done sooner. Its hard to do date nights at home with the kids around but this is such a great idea.

  9. I am crazy for the tiramisu flavor. Best dessert ever!

  10. That’s how about 99% of our date nights go! And, I’ll have the Tiramisu, plesase!

  11. Vanilla caramel sounds like something I can’t live without. We tend to stay in a lot. It’s so expensive to pay a babysitter on top of dinner/movie/activities out!

  12. Ermagoodness, I must try this gelato! It looks so yummy!

  13. I’m ashamed to say this sounds like a regular night for us. We love catching up on all our TV after Red goes to bed. Last night there was ice cream, too!

  14. Raspberry Cheesecake sounds very tasty! I know hubby would also love it!

  15. Cynthia Sizemore says:

    Forget date night,those look to good to share.

  16. Triple Chocolate with some champagne. Ready for a date night in.

  17. Crystal Nell says:

    They all look and sound heavenly!! Now that we are almost empty nesters (1 year left), we still prefer cuddling up on the couch watching a movie verses going out…unless it is to shop :)

  18. date nights are great for couples, especially when you have kids. I much prefer to go out, but this is also a great way to do it

  19. I had gelato for the first time a month ago and loved it. I cannot wait to check out this product.

  20. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I am drooling at the photos in your post. Each flavour looks so delicious!

  21. We need to do this more often. This looks like the perfect treat to share with my hubby.

  22. These look delicious, and I love sharing a sweet treat with my husband. No better feeling in the world.

  23. I have actually tried the Breyers Gelato Caramel indulgence. It was good! Yum!

  24. I missed the Raspberry Cheesecake they were all out but the other flavors are great.

  25. Oh my those sound tasty! I could go for one of each right now!

  26. These look delicious! Maybe it is time to give Ben & Jerry a break and try something new:)

  27. I’ve only tried one of the flavors so far and it was soooooo good! The texture is creamy!

  28. I love this gelato, my husband and I had a date night with it too!

  29. This stuff has been staring me down at the grocery store! LOOOOVE gelato!

  30. It’s important to still have those special moments together with your sweetheart even though you already have kids. Re-sparkling your love and romance are great ways to cherish each other no matter what age you are in. :)

  31. i love a good night in. i’ve never had gelato, will have to try this

  32. Gelato at home? Oh yes, I can get on board for such a concept!

  33. Can I take all of them? And do I have to share with my date? :)

  34. I have never had gelato before. However, I do love the Breyers brand, so I know that it must be tasty! I am going to have to add some to my grocery list this week!

  35. Oh that looks heavenly! Sounds about right for our date nights. Our dates always seem to be at home!

  36. If it’s Bryers I know that I want it. They make the best ice cream. Now I am going to get the gelato and I don’t expect to be disappointed. P.S. I am not waiting until date night.

  37. That looks delicious! I’d love the raspberry cheesecake right now!

  38. I am going to try this! This looks wonderful and delightful. I am now craving this right now.

  39. Gelato! Be still, my heart! I need to try the rasberry cheesecake.

  40. These look so good and I have been wanting to try them. The $6.50 price tag is keeping me from buying them….

  41. Oh those look delicious. I’ve actually NEVER had gelato. I might have to give this a try for a treat this weekend!

  42. Man I love Gelato. That stuff looks sooooo good to me right now.

  43. Mmmmm these dessert flavors look and sound so delicious. I cannot wait to try them.

  44. I’ve never had Gelato but I’d love to try it! We have home ‘dates’ too.

  45. I’d love to try the Vanilla Caramel, but my husband would be all over the chocolate.

  46. This stuff looks so good. I have to get some this week and try it.

  47. For my next date night with myself I would enjoy the Tiramisu. I think it’s a great date night treat.

  48. Sounds like a good combination, I want to try that gelato.

  49. I just purchased the Vanilla Caramel today, and it’s so good. I want to try the cheesecake one next.

  50. tee mccluskey says:

    this is my kind of date night, can I just leave hubby out and keep his treat?

  51. Oh every flavor pictured looks scrumptious! I really like that you were surprised by your own favorite and look forward to trying them myself soon.

  52. I don’t know if we could hold hands and eat at the same time as we’re both right-handed :) The Vanilla Caramel and Tiramisu both sound good to me!

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