DIY Interior Design for Spring

Interior DesignThe interior of your home should not only be functional and comfortable, but should also reflect the personality of your family. I have noticed that DIY is a hot trend in interior design for spring. More and more budget minded homeowners are doing their own interior design. New isn’t always better, and people are finding unique ways to re-use and re-purpose. There is no lack of inspiration out there thanks to sites like Pinterest and design blogs such as Being Tazim (one of my faves). I follow some amazing interior design boards on Pinterest, and am always impressed by the DIY projects and rooms that I come across. There are many fabulous tutorials out there, so there is no excuse to not roll up your sleeves and grab a paint brush or hammer. I could spend the rest of my years working on the projects that I already have pinned.

Before redecorating your next room, consider these things:

Decorating is more than just eye appeal – it’s making a room really work for you!

Make sure your furniture is functional. If you don’t use it, replace it with something you will use.

Most rooms have a natural focal point, be it a fireplace or a window. If your room doesn’t have a focal point, you can create one with a colorful piece of art or area rug.

Use lighting, colors, textures and objects in various sizes to help create a mood.

Try to salvage old pieces by re-purposing them, using slipcovers, or paint.

An arrangement of fresh flowers is a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up a room for spring.

Don’t be afraid to do-it-yourself, and if you find you truly do have a flair for DIY projects and Interior Design, you might want to consider interior design bachelor degrees. Wouldn’t it be great to earn a living doing what you love?

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    We just went and bought a new livingroom suit yesterday. I love throw pillows, but I don’t want to buy new, so I may try to find something cool on Pinterest to do to my other ones. :)


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    I’ve been thinking about doing something new with our living room. With the exception of an area rug we got two years ago, it looks the same as when we bought our home in 2007!

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