DIY Valentine Candy and Balloon Arrangement

DIY Valentine Candy and  Balloon Arragement

While in my local supermarket the other day, I saw some adorable gifts comprised of Valentine candy, a plush toy and a balloon. I knew right away that they would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for two of my granddaughters, but then I looked at the $13 price tag. The ones in my store, although incredibly cute, were very small. I knew right away that they would be super simple to make, for a fraction of the price.

After browsing around the floral department for a few minutes, I was able to find the items to make 2 of the Valentine candy gifts for just $12. This option much better suited my budget, and I was able to create them at a larger size!

Creating these adorable gifts couldn’t be any simpler. Here’s what you’ll need to make one of them:

Heart shaped box of Valentine chocolates
Heart shaped balloon on a stick
Small plush toy
Packing tape

{This is the back view}

DIY Valentine Candy and  Balloon Arragement

First attach the plush toy to the top of the box of chocolates. I used packing tape for this, but depending on the packaging of the candy, you might be able to use a hot glue gun.

Use a piece of tape to attach the bottom of the balloon stick to the back of the box of chocolates. To further secure the balloon, cut a piece of narrow ribbon (such as curling ribbon), and tie it around the neck of the plush toy and the balloon stick.

Embellish by tying large ribbon bow near the top of the balloon stick.

That’s it! Easy peasy! The next time you’re tempted to drop a lot of money on gifts from your local florist or supermarket, I hope you’ll consider how simple and economical it is to make your own.

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  1. ANN*H says

    If you have a Dollar Tree in your area you could have make them for a couple of dollars cheaper yet. They always have nice $1 items there. Check it out. Cute little arrangement you made for the grandkids – thanks for the idea

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