The Dog Ate My Garden

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As you may know from my recent gardening blog posts, I am somewhat of a novice gardener. I have successfully grown a patio herb garden in the past, but nothing beyond that. This spring I decided to expand my patio garden to include some salad ingredients – something my family eats a lot of. I have tried the new Gro-ables seed pods which are supposed to be fail proof for an inexperienced gardener like myself.

The Dog Ate My Garden

In the past, I have always transplanted small plants purchased from the local nursery. Growing from seeds has always seemed a little intimidating to me, and I am one of those people who likes to see results quickly. From my last patio garden update, you can see just how easy it was to plant the Gro-ables seed pods. After just a couple of weeks, I had little seedlings sprouting through the soil. It was so exciting! Then something terrible happened.

The Dog Ate My Garden

The dog ate my garden.

The Dog Ate My Garden

Remember that bad dog I shared in last week’s garden update? My Bichon, Winston, has been particularly interested in the seed pods. Last week he ate some of the seeds, but still they grew. Then a few days ago, he managed to sneak out onto the screened porch and eat all the newest little seedlings. Every last one of them. It was devastating. All of my beautiful seedlings were gone, and they were doing so well.

Has anyone else faced challenges with family pets eating their garden?

The Dog Ate My Garden

The next morning I went out onto the porch to enjoy a cup of coffee. A small miracle occurred. Much to my surprise there were brand new seedlings peeking out from the soil. I guess they weren’t kidding when Miracle-Gro said Gro-ables make it easy to grow your own herbs and veggies. I am so impessed with Gro-ables. Not only were the seed pods simple to plant, but they have survived the wrath of my dog – not once, but twice.

Learn more about how simple it is to garden with Gro-ables from this video. You’ll be amazed by how fail proof Gro-ables are. I certainly am.

The Dog Ate My Garden

I’m looking forward to preparing many fresh summer salads for my family. There is something wonderful about eating food from your own garden. Learn more about growing a salad and herb garden using Gro-ables on Sprout It.  Do you grow your own herbs and veggies? What are your favorite recipes using home grown ingredients?

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  1. Wow, we have had problems with our horse and cats getting in the garden and the dog knocking over seedlings as well as the cats eating them :( It’s no fun, I am so glad yours survived!

  2. Oh my goodness. We’ve had some trouble with cats getting into the nip (& one used to roll in the mints) but this is a new one to me. Good luck with the next batch!

  3. Oh no!!!!! Pets can be a hassle at times and it seems like they love things they know they should leave alone, hahaha sounds like something our Ruger would do! Glad they survived!

  4. I’m sure if my cats were allowed outside, they’d eat a few of my plants too. Glad they’re coming back.

  5. Oh that sucks, I remember your post about him getting into them before.

  6. We grow our own tomatoes and onions as well as lettuce each year so we have fresh salads all season.

  7. Hahah! I can totally relate. I had a small garden and the dog ate a sweet potato right out of the ground! Need to try these growables for sure!

  8. I have vegetable, herb, fruit and flower gardens. I love gardening and cannot wait to get started this year.

  9. I’m so sorry but I’m laughing so hard over here! My Shelties dogs eat my herbs every time I start growing them! And if I put them up high, the cats try to eat them! I just can’t win!

  10. I have problems with our chocolate lab eating my garden too! oh goodness. I’m so glad these can hold up to dogs eating the plants. lol.

  11. What beautiful plants. I have a black thumb, hoping this product can turn that around. Thanks for sharing.

    Besos, Sarah (Journeys of The Zoo)

  12. great garden! I want to have my own herbs!

  13. We have had gardens in our backyard for many years. All our pets are indoors, but the neighbors’ pets and various garden pests could take a toll on them sometimes.

  14. Your garden looks amazing! I wish I had a nice covered porch to set out seedlings. Hopefully I will get started on my garden soon!

  15. We can’t wait to get our garden up and running!

  16. Naughty dog! I am glad you had some new sprouts pop up. Happy gardening!

  17. Your gardening looks fantastic! Your Bishon is absolutely adorable!

  18. We had to put a small fence around our garden to keep the dogs and rabbits out. The dogs were the worst offenders.

  19. Oh no! I like this idea of Gro-ables, I may have to try this during the summer with my kids!

  20. animals are crazy . hooray for little seedlings hopefully your garden will survive

  21. My dog used to eat up stuff out of my veggie garden. Carrots and tomatoes were her fave.

  22. WE never had a dog to worry about doing this until this year. If I put anything in the garden we’ll hae to be very watchful.

  23. Oh my!!! This is surely different, hope your garden grows better!

  24. OH he is a little stinker for sure. How dare he have snack time with your herbs?!!

  25. This is totally something my dog would do. Well, if I was ever lucky enough to keep a plant alive that is.

  26. hahah ohhh noooo.. silly pup. My dogs would totally do the same thing.. they for some reason don’t want me planting anything…

  27. Cindy Brooks says:

    We can’t leave anything at dog level. Our Bichon, Glacier, will eat or make a toy out of whatever she can grab. It’s a good thing they’re so darn adorable and loving!

  28. Oh no! I’m sorry Winston wanted a naughty snack, but he is adorable.

  29. For me it is the cats on the inside eating my plants and the baby squirrel outside

  30. I just ordered a bunch of groables from amazon. I’m expecting them any day. I’m excited!

  31. That’s so funny, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a dof eating garden food! I’m not much of a gardener myself, but I do want to try these Gro-ables I think even I could grow something!

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