Sunset of Summer Family Travel Ideas #AlamoDriveHappy

Alamo Drive Happy - End of Summer Family Travel Ideas

Summer of 2014 has been so much fun as an Alamo Chief Travel Mom, as we planned family travel, experienced, and captured great travel moments along the way! All summer long, it’s been great fun as we have revealed new Alamo Drive Happy Boxes filled with travel goodies to help make your family travel a little more special. Through various Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest campaigns I have really enjoyed as all of you shared some of your favorite travel moments and family travel ideas with us.

Here we are at the sunset of summer with the kids going back to school, and many of us eager to get in one more last minute summer getaway. We start back to school rather early here in Georgia, last week in fact, but were able to squeeze in one final getaway and spend a few days at the beach. It was the perfect way to end summer!

End of Summer Family Travel Ideas

End of Summer Family Travel Ideas

Whether you hop on a plane or hit the road, there are so many fun ways to spend the few final days of summer break. Here are some fun end of summer family travel ideas:

1. Visit a national or state park. If you’re hankering for some jaw-dropping scenery and activities for the whole family, a trip to visit a state or national park is just for you.

2. Pay Grandma and Grandpa a visit. A trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa is a great way to end the summer!

3. Take a trip to the mountains. Hiking, fishing, and taking in the majestic scenery are just a few ways to enjoy the mountains.

4. Visit an amusement park. While a trip to Disneyland isn’t so easy on the budget, it’s a super fun way for kids to enjoy the last days of summer.

5. Head the beach. A few days at the beach can be a fun and affordable way to enjoy the last days of summer. This late in the season, many beach resorts and hotels are offering discounts.

End of Summer Family Travel Ideas

Alamo Drive Happy Box

To help you get the most of the end of summer, myself and the other Alamo Chief Travel Moms have teamed up with Alamo Rent A Car to put together a fun-filled box of goodies to help make your summer travels even better.

Alamo Drive Happy Box - Sunset of Summer Family Travel Ideas

What’s in the box?

About a Mom – @aboutamom

Geomate Jr. Geocaching GPS
Angela says: “Turn any end-of-summer family vacation into an exciting treasure hunt by going on a geocaching adventure. The Geomate Jr. Geocaching GPS will help you locate and find caches all over the United States.”

A Nut In A Nutshell – @blueviolet

Ocean Charms: DIY Jewelry Kit
Liz says: “Your treasured travel memories will stay with you forever when you preserve them by making your own unique and special beach charm necklace.”

Dear Crissy – @crissy

Motorola MR350R Walkie-Talkies
Crissy says: “Have kids that want to do different things? Take advantage of your final trip of the summer by splitting up to take on different adventures with the kids, but stay in touch quickly and easily to keep each other updated.”

The Divine Miss Mommy – @stacieinatlanta

Bushnell Waterproof Binoculars
Stacie says: “Take these binoculars along on that last summer trip to see everything in a different perspective. Don’t miss a thing, and catch all of the details!”

The Rebel Chick – @therebelchick

Samsung ST150F WiFi Digital Camera
Jennifer says: “This WiFi-enabled smart camera is perfect for sharing your end-of-summer summer adventures with your family and friends back home in real time!”

What I like about these travel goodies:
I am totally loving all of the travel goodies in this box! Stacie’s binoculars would be perfect for a trip to a state or national park, or even a trip to the mountains. Speaking of state and national parks, many park systems have a geocaching program. My addition to the box, a Geomate Jr. Geocaching GPS, makes it easy for you to go on a geocaching treasure hunt in just about any city. Crissy’s walkie talkies will be so much fun on any adventure, and Jennifer’s wifi-enabled camera will make it easy to capture and share travel memories. I’m looking forward to using Liz’s jewelry kit to make some unique mementos from our beach trip. How would you use these items into your family travel?

Alamo Drive Happy - Sunset of Summer Family Travel Ideas

Alamo Drive Happy Box Giveaway
I’ll be working with Alamo and the rest of the Chief Travel Moms to create some inspiring family travel Pinterest boards, and we want your help! The themes of the boards will be: Summer Travel Scenes, DIY Summer Crafts for Kids, and Labor Day Family Travels. To be entered to win one of the new Alamo Drive Happy Boxes, all you have to do is use Twitter to send me (@aboutamom) a tweet sharing a photo and/or link for something that could be included on one of the 3 Pinterest boards.

For your entry to count, be sure to tag @aboutamom and use the #AlamoDriveHappy hashtag in your tweet. I’ll be checking for your tweets daily to get ideas for the Alamo Pinterest boards. Also, be sure you are following Alamo Rent A Car on Pinterest. Remember, the more ideas you share with me on Twitter, the better your chances of winning! This giveawy is open to U.S. reader and ends on August 18, 2014 at midnight.

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  1. It seems like we wasted our summer, we should have visited the grandparents more and went to the beach…it is so close to us, but we never go!

  2. Great list of travel ideas! I can’t believe summer is almost over! :/

  3. love those walkie talkies., i wish we had them for our beach trip

  4. Great ideas! We already started back to school here so our Summer has pretty much ended but we are hoping to do a few more things before the temps start to get colder on the weekends.

  5. Great travel ideas! We are reluctantly shopping for back to school time. We need to head to the beach a lot more before school starts again.

  6. Where has summer gone?! The weather for the last month here in New Hampshire has been rather blah. We have had beach days planned that were rained out more times than not. This is a great box!

  7. Great ideas, I cant believe summers almost over already!

  8. Don’t even say The End Of Summer. We sure haven’t had much of a summer here to speak of.

  9. I love all those goodies in your Alamo box! My 17 year old loves geocaching and my little one is all about crafts :-) I’ll be sending you some links shorlty

  10. I love the metal lunch box in the photo.

    All great ideas for a fun summer!

  11. Love the travel ideas. We were traveling this summer for sure. I am ready to not travel some but it looks like we will be traveling again here soon for two separate events!

  12. We need to do one more summer excursion. I don’t know if we can leave town, but we REALLY need to go to our local splash pad!

  13. That travel box looks amazing! We’ve got 2 weeks left and we’re gonna make it the awesomest ever!

  14. We gave the grandparents a visit! They live an hour away, which is just far enough to have to plan it.

  15. These are really great ideas. We are about to take a very long road trip!

  16. Nice travel ideas. Looks like you were busy .

  17. Great end of summer trips! We’re going to a beach and an amusement park in the next week to scratch that off our summer bucket list!

  18. What a great travel list! School starts next week so we won’t be able to make any trips but I would love a pair of those walkie talkies!

  19. We had an awesome summer as well. We did visit grandpa and the beach, so we hit two items on your bucket list already. :)

  20. Those are great ideas! I would be happy with any of those vacations!

  21. We’re hoping to go on a road trip this fall to see House on the Rock!

  22. This is a great list of places to go towards the end of summer. I love the one about visiting grandma and grandpa! That would definitely make them so happy!

  23. I think end of summer trips are great because it’s cooler weather. Oh, and it seems less crowded many places since most kids are back in school.

  24. We haven’t done a lot of traveling this summer. It has been so busy

  25. These are all fantastic ideas. I’d love to fit in one more trip before the summer is officially over.

  26. Great travel ideas! Thanks!

  27. Love the travel ideas. I think the jewelry kit is a great way to add a personal touch.

  28. I’m not ready for summer to end and all the fun to stop. I am definitely going to try to fit in one more trip before the kids go back.

  29. These are great ideas. We’re planning our end of summer vacay now. I can’t believe it’s already the end of summer!!!

  30. Great ideas and great box with some great items,I need a new camera but I keep putting it off.

  31. Love this! We are headed to the beach one last time and to an amusement park with the kids!

  32. Great list of travel ideas! Can you believe it’s already almost back to school? Where did summer go??

  33. This summer disappeared– my son is back in school next week! I think as a family we are going to take a last minute road trip!

  34. D Schmidt says:

    Tweeted Such a fun idea and I will definitely be checking out the boards.

  35. our summer flew by with school starting aug. 7 :(. I would still love to go to the beach!

  36. I love travel. We just came back from a vacation to Minnesota.

  37. Great ideas! This summer seems like its gone by fast, and I still haven’t done most of what I wanted to do. Oh well, we still had fun!

  38. This is so awesome! Amazing things for travel.

  39. Love the idea of a travel box. We are going on a few mini trips before summers end. I’ll have to get a picture in the contest!

  40. I want to try geocaching with my kids one day! We didn’t go visit grandma & grandpa this summer, they came to visit us which was an amazing gift!

  41. All great ideas! We went to Puerto Rico for a week and then to visit family. We were trying to go to Nashville again, but can’t find the time with 6 weddings this summer and fall.

  42. I love all those ideas. Such great items for travel and beyond!

  43. My son would love the Geomate Jr. Geocaching GPS. :)

  44. Great ideas. We are looking to plan a little day trip or something before kiddo goes back to school. Just need to figure out where.

  45. We need to get in one last road trip before school. My hometown is near a National Park, so we can squeeze in a trip there too.

  46. All great points. The beach is not close to us, so going is a huge treat! The same with amusement parks. We always do both. :)

  47. I feel like this summer flew by! We visited family, we traveled with and without the kids- it was a busy one!

  48. Great ideas! We have beaches close to us but because of our location (Toronto) no one ever goes in the water, its beyond freezing.. even on the hottest of days. I need a beach trip somewhere warm soon ;)

  49. I am so sad that summer is almost over. We have been heading to the beach at every possible opportunity though, so I don’t feel like it was a wasted summer.

  50. Waterproof binoculars? Now that’s awesome! We don’t live near a beach, but I’d love to visit one soon!

  51. I’m definitely squeezing in a mini-vacay before Fall. I’m headed with my daughter to Universal.

  52. We just did the beach today! As we wrap up summer, a relaxing day at the beach was needed

  53. We have definitely had our beach days this summer. That is a great box!!

  54. What a great vacation pack! I am going on a cruise in a few months and I could use the walkie talkies for that.

  55. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I am amusemented out these days, but I would love to travel to the beach before the end of summer! My kids have yet to go this year.

  56. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    Great ideas. I love to travel and will have to spend the rest of my summer enjoying the fun things to do in my area like a mini vacation.

  57. Great tips! this is a nice way to capture those last days of summer!

  58. I wish summer wasn’t ending! I’d like one last vacation!

  59. What a great list. I would love to head to the beach one last time.

  60. Our summer is over.. back to school already. Looks like a great summer travel kit.

  61. Looks like a fun kit to have some cool adventures! My girls love geocaching so I know they would love that part of the kit. I’ll be spending a few days on a beach in Mexico in December so I’m really looking forward to that!

  62. I am really intrigued by the Geomate Jr. I want to get one. And having a set of Walkie-Talkies is a wonderful idea. Even if you don’t take an end of the summer trip, we would use any of these products anytime of the year.

  63. ellen beck says:

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