Fall Wreath Paper Craft for Kids

Fall Wreath Paper Craft for Kids

Paper Craft for Kids

I’ve been doing so much fall baking and decorating the last couple of weeks. I was ready for fall back in July, but waited until October to unleash the beast… so to speak. I tend to get a little carried away this time of the year and have passed that onto my grandchildren. This morning I had them working on a fall wreath paper craft using construction paper and poster board. They turned out kinda cute, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I love projects that use basic crafting supplies that we usually have on hand. It always irks me when I get a genius (using this word liberally, of course) idea and have to make a special trip to Michael’s or Jo Ann’s. Then by the time I get home, the inspiration has passed. That won’t be the case with this fall wreath project… I promise.

Here’s What You’ll Need
Construction paper
poster board
crayons or colored pencils
craft glue
fall leaf template

For the leaves we traced around some large leaf cookie cutters, onto construction paper. But just in case you don’t have those I found these fall leaf printable templates here, here and here that you can use. Simply print them onto a card stock, cut out, and trace. Each wreath will take approximately 25 leaves, varying based on the size of your wreath form.

Next use your crayons to draw veins onto the leaves, giving them a more realistic look.

To create the wreath form we used poster board. You can trace around anything round to create the circle, and then cut it out. We traced around a a small round platter (13 inches) for the outer edge and used a small dessert plate (8.5 inches) for the inner circle. It should look like a giant doughnut.

To create the fall wreath, glue the leaves onto the round poster board form. Layer them so that they will halfway overlap the previous leaf.

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    Great idea! I’m with you when you say you love projects you can do with the stuff around the house you already have without having to run to the craft store. What I love about this project is that it’s easy enough for a five year old (my grandson’s age) with a little bit of help. A great project to work on together.

    Does anyone remember collecting real leaves as a kid and you laid them on a piece of paper and then laid I think wax paper over the leave and took your crayon and swiped over the leaf. It transferred the shape and veins of the leave onto your paper. Welll it went something like that anyway, can’t remember for sure how to do it. If anyone remembers, let me know, I’d like to do this one with my grandson as well…thanks!

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