Family Game Night is Fun with Bicycle Playing Cards

Family game night is a weekly tradition in my home. With three young teens it can sometimes get quite competitive, but we are always sure to have a lot of fun. I’m often looking for new games that will appeal to everyone and card games usually go over pretty well. Since the kids are so hooked on their video games and smartphones, I was eager for us to try the new Bicycle playing cards that blend traditional playing cards with a digital component.

Family Game Night is Fun with Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle sent us three popular card games to try out: War, Solitaire, and Hearts. Each pack includes a deck of cards, smartphone stand and free app download. To play the games you’ll need to download the free app called Jacked Up!. Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply scan the spade on the front of the box and you’ll be ready to get started. The Jacked Up! app even tells you how to play the game.

Family Game Night is Fun with Bicycle Playing Cards

If you think you know how to play the game of war… think again. The “Joker”, otherwise known as Jack, likes to mix things up a bit throughout the game. He likes to change the rules with every hand, so you never know what’s coming next. He’s also a bit of a jokester and tells some pretty funny jokes.

Family Game Night is Fun with Bicycle Playing Cards

This interactive version of “War” is so much more fun than the traditional card games we have played before. It’s exciting because you never know how Jack is going to switch things up on you. My family has had a lot of fun playing all of the Jacked Up! games that we’ve received from Bicycle.

Family Game Night is Fun with Bicycle Playing Cards

Dad won this game. Did you notice that he didn’t spell his name right when he entered it on the app? He took a lot of jabs for that one, but didn’t seem to care. It was a fun evening of card games and we were all being pretty silly.

I think the Bicycle Jacked Up! games would be a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. If you want to learn more about these interactive card games or purchase your own, visit Bicycle Cards online.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bicycle Playing Cards. The opinions and text are all mine.

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    Love that y’all do a family game night every week. Such a wonderful way to seal the bonds of love :)
    Can’t wait till my kids are old enough to play cards

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