Fijit Friends Yippits from Mattel

Fijit Friends Yippits from Mattel are new this fall. Yippits Pets are the latest interactive toy from the Fijit Friends family. Yippits are essentially little robots that sing, dance, act like a dog, and play games. They even learn tricks and respond to you! Mattel sent us the Yippits Pets Skippa and Scooch to review. One Yippits is great but two are even better! Yippits are actually the pets of Mattel’s Fijit Friends and they will interact with each other. It’s pretty neat to see them in action!

Fijit Friends Yippits

Yippits love to dance when you give them a beat, but they even have a few songs of their own. It’s really amazing how well they interact with you — you can either push the buttons on top of their heads to make them move around and make sounds, or clap your hands. Clap your hands once and it will sit. Clap twice and it will move in a circle. Three claps will have your Yippits singing and dancing. Four claps will make your pet beg, and five claps will result in a push-up.

Fijit Friends Yippits

Yippits are even comedians that tell some pretty good jokes. They have movable feet that actually look lifelike when in movement. Yippits have a light up face and a mouth. Like other my other family pets, Yippits will bark and growl. It’s so cute when they do this and the dogs don’t know what to think of it. The two games involve following the light pattern of the pet.

I think interactive toys like these are great for developing children’s speech and language skills. Intended for girls ages 6 and up, Yippits would be a great addition to your child’s Christmas list. I personally think that boys will like Yippits just as much as my girls. Fijit Friends Yippits have a suggested retail value of $39.99 but you can get them right now from Amazon for as low as $32.99.

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  1. Dena S. says

    These toys look like fun, even for us old grown up people. :) Thanks you for the lovely reviews and giveaways you do! Have a good weekend .

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