No-Fuss Travel Snacks {Giveaway}

Jetting off for weekend getaway or planning and end of summer road trip? Hit your local CVS Pharmacy before you go and pack some no-mess and no-fuss travel snacks to curb your hunger, and keep you energized! Lucky for me, a box of travel snacks from CVS arrived for me to review just before our beach road trip last month.

No-Fuss Travel Snacks for our Beach Road Trip

When you are on the road and it hits you – the powerful hunger of a snack attack – you want to be prepared. When I travel by plane, I seem to always be cutting it close. There is never time to stop for a (over-priced) bite to eat at the airport, so I always keep a bag of trail mix or dried fruit in my purse. There is nothing worse than arriving to a hotel at 9pm feeling jet lagged AND hungry.

Packing for a family vacation or weekend getaway can be such a chore. I am always worried that I have packed too much or not enough. God forbid should I forget to pack a cell phone charger or somebody’s tablet. I even had to pack for the dogs for our beach trip. I think the dogs had more gear in the car than the humans. So, being able to grab some no-fuss snacks is a real time saver and one less thing to worry about.

beach trip with the dogs

For our beach road trip we had a delicious variety of CVS Gold Emblem Snacks, including:

Gold Emblem Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers (a favorite of our 2 traveling dogs!)
Gold Emblem Cheese Sandwich Crackers
Gold Emblem Mountain Blend Trail Mix (Becca’s favorite!)
Gold Emblem Asian Blend Trail Mix
Gold Emblem Greek-Style Yogurt Coated Cranberries (deee-lish!)
Gold Emblem Wasabi Peas (Grandma Laura’s favorite!)
Gold Emblem Banana Chips
Gold Emblem Virginia Stadium Peanuts
Gold Emblem California Raisins

Our 3.5 hour road trip with kids and dogs might have felt more like 10 hours, if it hadn’t been for these delicious snacks that kept everyone happy. My best tip for packing travel snacks is to keep it simple. Stop into CVS for some delicious and filling snacks such as trail mix, cracker and dried fruit then place them in a small plastic bin for easy access on the road.

No-Fuss Travel Snacks

CVS has everything you need to satisfy your family’s hunger while traveling. The #ExtraSavings you get when shopping at CVS can’t be beat. When you stop in to CVS for some travel snacks, be sure to shop with your CVS ExtraCare Card and earn 2 percent back in ExtraBucks on all your everyday purchases. I shared a bit more about the CVS ExtraCare Program on the blog last year, if you missed it.

Happy travels!

I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for this #ExtraSavings at CVS campaign. Please join in the fun by posting to your own website, Facebook page or Twitter feed and use the hashtag #ExtraSavings. While I am being sponsored to help lead this campaign, all opinions expressed about CVS/pharmacy are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

Do you have a favorite travel snack? How do you keep the family happy on the road?

One lucky About A Mom reader will win a delicious CVS Gold Emblem Travel Snacks Prize Package, including all the Gold Emblem products you see featured here in this blog post! Giveaway is open to the US and ends on August 13, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. Good luck!

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  1. Carolann Leibenguth says

    I usually keep individual size bags of almonds or mixed nuts, as it is a great source of energy. We also keep jellybelly jellybeans in a container for when we need a sugar rush.

  2. Heather says

    We take lots of books, magazines, snacks, and DVD’s to keep everyone happy. We usually have a mix of sweet and salty snacks.

  3. says

    I like to have some healthy and easy travel snacks. You could make a trail mix, or take your favorite nuts. Bananas are easy and no mess, oranges, grapes, dates, strawberries, blueberries… any of your fave fruits. I like to make some paleo muffins and take them along as well.

  4. Amy M. C. says

    When we travel, we always have Goldfish Crackers for the kids, Vitamin Waters and I really love the Blue Diamond Nut Thins.

  5. Dawn Monroe says

    For my smaller grandkids I like to bring cheese curls. They are the perfect size and melt in their mouth but I just wish the “orange” didnt get everywhere.

  6. Nancy says

    One tip is to stop about every 2 hours to use the facilities, stretch your legs, change drivers, walk the dogs, etc. A little break here and there keeps everyone alert and happy.

  7. Tina Robinson says

    Earphones, ipod, chips, chex mix, chocolate, drinks and pillow and I can drive for hours fuss free! One drink per portion of trip so I don’t have to stop too much for bathroom breaks! I love bridge mix, chex mix and water!

  8. amy guillaume linderman says

    when we are traveling we like to pack water, nuts, crackers, dried fruit and some cookies

  9. Brandi B. says

    During the school year I keep a big ziplock bag full of trail mix in my car, this way if one of my kids forget their snack on the way to sports practice they will at least have something to munch on. :)

  10. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    We like Cheerios or Twizzlers as car snacks. I also make sure to have some protein bars on hand.

  11. Christina Foley says

    I usually bring some cut up fruit and the kids love when I make brookies (brownie, cookie cupcakes) for our road trips. I also enjoy beef jerky, nuts and some kind of chewy candy (twizzlers, starburst, etc whatever I’m craving)

  12. Cynthia R says

    We travel with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter crackers, jerky/slim jims, gum, and granola bars.

  13. Amanda Alvarado says

    We like the single serve size bags of chips, granola bars and cheese crackers (like cheese nips). We also bring along stuff to make PB&J sandwiches or lunchmeat sandwiches.

  14. Danielle Papsis says

    Some of my family’s favorite travel snacks are trail mix, beef jerky, granola bars and gatroade or water.

  15. Marti Tabora says

    I like to travel with snacks that are not messy at all, especially not anything that gets sticky or will melt, however I do love the Gold Emblem Gummy Bears.

  16. Rebecca Parsons says

    Always goldfish crackers, my sister in law works for pepperidge farms. We also crackers and homemade beef jerky.

  17. Georgette says

    I am a fan of trail mix or pistachios….

    Travel tips? Happy car music.. and tons of activity books to keep them busy.

  18. Jennifer Tilson says

    We love roasted salted pecans when we are on road trips. We used to use them as a treat when someone won a game of license plate tag or I Spy.

  19. Tracy D. says

    Corn nuts. I must have ranch flavored corn nuts when traveling. Buc-ees chocolate covered anything are a nice treat, too. We try to keep our son occupied with movies and games on the tablet.

  20. Jackie says

    We like to pack cookies and chips. Because we often get a craving for something sweet, we pack fruity snacks like skittles or starbursts.

  21. Alona Y says

    Trail mix is one of the best car snacks I think, there are so many kinds and they have lots of protien to fill you up.

  22. says

    I know the contest is over but I have to comment on these dogs. I had 2 bichons. I just lost one a few months ago. I have one still. They are adorable. I am partial to little white dogs. Great picture!!!!

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