Having a BONGO Holiday with Kmart Fashion

My daughter and I are the best of friends, and collaborating on our blog is something that we really enjoy doing together. We are always cracking each other up, and enjoy so many of the same things. However, fashion is something that we don’t necessarily see eye to eye on. For example, I’m always telling Angela that she needs to dress younger, and she’s always telling me that I should dress more my age.

Shopping at Kmart is one thing that we can always agree on. Kmart has real clothes for real women like us, at a price that we can afford. Creating a holiday wardrobe on a budget means that we need to find clothes and shoes that will take us straight from work to a holiday party at night, and Kmart has just what we need. Their selection of Bongo shoes is fabulous, and so many of them will look great with our holiday outfits. When putting together a new outfit, I often start with a great pair of shoes and work my way up.

Have a BONGO Holiday - Kmart Fashion

My look features the Bongo Sillery Casual Flats in Grey. These Bongo ballet flats can easily take Laura from a busy day of writing, straight to a holiday party. They are so versatile, pairing well with both pants and dresses.
Bongo Women’s Sillery Casual Flat – Grey
Love Your Style Love Your Size Zebra Print Top
Jaclyn Smith Women’s Stretch Pants – Black
Jaclyn Smith Lurex Cardigan Sweater

Angela’s Look features Bongo Dansby Flats in the color grey. These shoes go with just about any outfit, and get a look of casual elegance from the beautiful accent studding on the toe. They sparkle beautifully!
Bongo Women’s Dansby Flat – Grey
Love Your Style, Love Your Size Jeans Denim Rinse Embellished Flare Bottom
Love Your Style, Love Your Size Cold Shoulder Blouse
Love Your Style Love Your Size Twill Jacket – Leopard

My Bongo shoes would go perfectly with Angela’s outfit, and hers with mine. They are so versatile. Lucky for me, we wear the same size shoe. I have a feeling I’ll be borrowing those Dansby Flats of hers very soon.

With our busy lifestyle, a more casual look works well for usI. Just add a little bling and we’re all set. Details like the sparkly sequins on the Jaclyn Smith Lurex Cardigan Sweater help transform a casual look from day to night. All of the pieces we selected for these outfits will easily mix and match with the rest of our wardrobe. My daughter and I are thrilled with our new Bongo shoes and holiday outfits from Kmart!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

*Sponsored by Kmart.

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  1. I just love those shoes.. So stylish. I like when a brand meets style and great prices. You look amazing in the photos

  2. You both look great! I really love flats as I rarely wear heels. It’s tough to even get me to wear shoes around the house anymore. ;)

  3. Those shoes are adorable! I had no idea Bongo made shoes – I’ve just always assumed they were just jeans. Guess I need to take a trip to K-Mart to check it out!

  4. Love the shoes!! We have very similar taste – I go for colors that works well with many colors and styles that can be worn up or down. These shoes are really nice! Great choice!

  5. Those are cute shoes.

  6. Nice looks! Love those shoes, I never think of getting grey – but they look awesome!

  7. Those are cute shoes! I have some flats like that, but they are wearing out and I need some new ones! I think I need to make a trip to sears!

  8. I love those shoes. I wear flats all the time and gray is definitely a good color, it goes with so much.

  9. I love those sillery casual flats! You ladies look great! I have been pleasantly surprised with the clothing selection the last couple time I shopped at Kmart and have found several shirts I really liked.

  10. You both look great! I wish there was a KMart closer to me – it would make shopping so much easier for me!

  11. I think BOTH your outfits are perfect – one for a daytime shopping event and the other and evening get together! Great pics ladies!

  12. I hadn’t been in Kmart in such a long time but was pleasantly supervised at the quality the last time we decided to go! I love the color of the shoes :)

  13. CUTE shoes!!! Definitely want to check out the Bongo collection at my local KMart now! :)

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