Holiday Fun with my HP Envy Rove #IntelAIO PC

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If you stop and think about it technology plays a big role in holiday preparations and fun. We use technology for everything from online shopping and searching for recipes, to printable gift tags and more. I have to admit that the holidays are a wee bit more fun for me this year thanks to my new HP Envy Rove 20 Intel AIO PC. The 20 inch portable touch screen is fantastic, and has made my online experience a much more pleasurable one. It’s great for watching movies and keeping kids entertained during holiday break.

HP Envy Rove Intel AIO PC

With Christmas fast approaching, I needed to come up with a quick holiday treat for a gathering. The oven has been working double duty, so I needed a quick no-bake option. These fun bags of Snowman Poop are perfect for the occasion! Lucky for you, I’m sharing my printable.

Snowman Poop Printable

To make these fun treats you only need a few things:

resealable sandwich bags
miniature marshmallows
snowman poop printable

To make the snowman poop treat bag, simply place a handful of marshmallows into each bag and seal, squeezing out most of the air. Cut out each printable, fold in half and staple over the top of the sandwich bag. Easy peasy! CLICK HERE to download the Snowman Poop Printable from my DropBox.

Snowman Poop Printables

Not only has my HP Envy Rove Intel AIO PC been great for making holiday printables, but it has also been such an amazing addition to my home office. When it’s not in use for work, it’s super easy to move to another room for family use. It will even lay flat which is great for playing games and watching movies on the living room floor.

How has technology helped you this holiday season?

See why the Intel All-In-One PC is perfect for families.

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  1. says

    I’m definitely an HP fan! I’m on my second HP laptop, both lasted me quite a few years with no problems. I’m constantly using mine in the kitchen for recipes, and I’ve also been watching all my favorite holiday classics on Netflix this holiday season. I heard a rumor Santa is bringing me a new HP Envy Touchsmart for Christmas this year:-) Shhh! Don’t tell him I know…

  2. says

    I need all the information on tablets I can get. We’re talking about getting one for the family, mostly for our daughter to have access to. I like that this one has beats audio for movie watching and dancing to Disney songs 😉

  3. says

    I’d love something with a larger screen than a tablet but just as functional that I could bring from room to room! As for technology – recipe websites got overtime in my house this season!

  4. Shannon says

    These would be great stocking stuffers! How adorkable. Thank you for sharing this craft with us all :)

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