Home Remedies for Pregnancy Nausea: Do They Really Work?

Pregnancy Nausea, the sensation of unease in the stomach with an urge to vomit, is a source of discomfort for many pregnant women. I have to be honest here and disclose that I didn’t experience any nausea or morning sickness when I was pregnant. Please don’t hate me! However, I have witnessed enough of my pregnant friends plighted with morning sickness and nausea, to know that this is a real issue during pregnancy for many women. Surely, there are some inexpensive and readily available home remedies that really do help?

After a bit of research and some fabulous conversation on this topic, with readers on our Facebook Fan Page, I’ve come up with a list of tried and true remedies for pregnancy nausea.

One of the easiest and most obvious remedies to avoid nausea is to identify the food types that cause nausea and avoid them. Also eating smaller meals throughout the day might be easier on your digestive system. There may even be certain times of the day that you can better tolerate food. One of our readers said that anything she ate before 4:00 PM didn’t settle well, but after that time of day she was okay.

Heather, a mom of 8, shared with us that eating legumes helped her. They are supposed to help get rid of the extra bile that you produce during pregnancy. Eating small amounts did help her, but worked best when paired with another protein like cheese or seasoned meat.

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I remembered reading somewhere that eating Ginger is one of the best and oldest home remedies for nausea, so I was glad to hear from Alanna, on our Facebook page, that ginger really helped her. It was difficult for Alanna to eat anything during the first three months of her pregnancy. She made fresh apple juice with ginger and it worked for her.

Mint is an herb that has a soothing effect on the stomach. So why not try peppermint oil as an aroma therapy? Charmaine says that scents of any kind did her in when she was pregnant. So, now I am wondering how effective this remedy really is?

Amy, who was very sick during both her pregnancies, recommends taking Vitamin B6. It was the only thing that made the nausea more tolerable.

Supposedly, drinking apple cider vinegar or honey mixed with water before every meal can help avoid nausea. Apple cider vinegar aids the metabolism of food and honey contains enzymes that help stimulate digestion.

Our Facebook friend, Katie, says that saltine crackers with cheese taste amazing when she has pregnancy nausea.

pregnancy nausea

I’m sure we all have memories of sipping Lemon-Lime soda or Ginger-Ale as children when we had upset tummies. Clear carbonated beverages are frequently used to suppress nausea and may help with pregnancy nausea as well. Just make sure to sip it slowly.

Aniseed, an anti-spasmodic spice, is also used to help relieve nausea. It helps to stop muscle spasms in the digestive tract and wards off gas pains.

Eating olives can even help to prevent nausea during pregnancy. Olives contain catechins which are chemicals known to inhibit nausea and gas. Catechins can also be found in barley and strawberries.

Fennel seed is a nausea remedy from Chinese folk medicine. Fennel contains anesthetic constituents that can reduce queasiness. Try crushing 1 tablespoon fennel seeds into a coffee grinder. Place the crushed seeds in a cup and fill with boiling water. Cover and let steep for ten minutes and then sip the tea.

A cup of mint tea can also alleviate pregnancy nausea. Place 1 tablespoon mint leaves into a one pint jar of boiling water. Allow to stand for 20 to 30 minutes, shaking occasionally.

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One of my girlfriends swears by eating potato chips as a way to help with her pregnancy nausea. It was pretty hard for me to believe. Surely she was just looking for an excuse to pig out on chips? Well, I looked it up and she is right! Munching on a few chips can help dissipate nausea. However, stay away from the fat-free varieties that contain Olestra. Olestra robs your body of important nutrients and can cause diarrhea.

We got a couple of humorous responses during our Facebook discussion. Charmaine said that giving birth helped with her pregnancy nausea! Hopefully, some of these home remedies will actually help with yours.

I would love to know which home remedies you have tried. Do they really work?

A special thanks to our About A Mom Facebook fans who shared their thoughts with us on this topic. You ladies are the best!


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    • Angela says

      Poor thing. It’s all worth it though! I hear this and feel guilty that I felt so good during pregnancy.

  1. Brittany says

    I lost so much weight with my first an a half full of goldfish before I sat up in bed plus some ginger ale helped. My issues were first thing in the morning and during evenings. Peppermint tea helped also an I’d eat oatmeal after my morning sickness an it helped also. I found if I didn’t do small meals all day and if I ended up with any empty stomach it made my sickness worse.

  2. says

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of some of these tips! With my first pregnancy I didn’t have any nausea, but with my son I was sick every single waking moment of pregnancy until I found a “cure”. UGH it makes me ill just to remember it. Anyway, what worked for me was taking a daily capsule of Red Raspberry Leaf (got mine from GNC). It worked within 24 hours, never felt so much relief!!!

  3. sharynmac says

    These all seem like great tips!!! I worry that one day when my daughter decides to have a baby that she is going to have a lot of problems. She gets motion sickness very easily and I have also heard that there is a correlation between the two.

  4. Kristin says

    Not pregnant but deal with nausea a lot from health issues and meds…Reed’s Rx drinks are great for treating it!

  5. Yoyo says

    I,m preggo and 7 we r ks. For the past 2 weeks i had severe nausea and extrême fatigue. It was very hard for me to do amything. Today i had tostitos after dinner and i noticed high salty food helped the nausea. I had gravy for dinner and felt better. I will try olives too and crackers and small meals. My nausea is worst first thing in the morning. I s lso heard bananas help. I tried ginger but could not keep up with it. I tend tt o do better with soups when it comes to food. Thanks for these tips.


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