This Is Where I Leave You Book Club #TIWILY #TIWILYbookclub

So many movies these days are adapted from books. Have you ever walked into a movie theater and felt like you were the only person who didn’t already know the story? I’m one of those people who never likes feeling unprepared, so I usually read the book before seeing the film. I have a book to put on your radar, so that you’ll be prepared when the movie This Is Where I Leave You hits theaters on September 19. I also hope you’ll join me for the This Is Where I Leave You Book Club.

This Is Where I Leave You Book Club #TIWILY #TIWILYbookclub

Join Warner Bros. Pictures’ #TIWILY book discussion on the film’s Facebook page each Wednesday, and take part in the conversation for a chance to win signed movie posters and a trip to the premiere in Hollywood! Double bonus — you get to dive deep into a great read PLUS enter to win some great prizes.

I received several copies of the book and some other goodies to host my own This Is Where I Leave You book club. A few of my girlfriends and myself has begun reading the book this week, and will gather at my house before the movie release date of September 19th to dish about the book and enjoy some wine. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I love books. I love movies. I love getting together with my friends. This is perfect!

Jonathan Tropper’s novel This Is Where I Leave You seems to check all the boxes for my friends and I. It explores love, marriage, divorce, family, and loss. I am really excited to finish this book and see the movie. Here’s the synopsis:

When their father passes away, four grown siblings, bruised and banged up by their respective adult lives, are forced to return to their childhood home and live under the same roof together for a week, along with their over-sharing mother and an assortment of spouses, exes and might-have-beens. Confronting their history and the frayed states of their relationships among the people who know and love them best, they ultimately reconnect in hysterical and emotionally affecting ways amid the chaos, humor, heartache and redemption that only families can provide—driving us insane even as they remind us of our truest, and often best, selves.

It’s completely relatable, don’t you think? Now onto the movie…

This Is Where I Leave You – In Theaters September 19
The dramatic comedy “This is Where I Leave You” is directed by Shawn Levy, and based on the hilarious and poignant best-selling novel by Jonathan Tropper. It features a starring ensemble cast including Golden Globe winner Jason Bateman (“Arrested Development”); Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Tina Fey (“30 Rock”); and two-time Oscar® winner, multiple Golden Globe honoree and 2013 Emmy Award nominee Jane Fonda (“Klute,” “Coming Home,” HBO’s “The Newsroom”).

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Jason Bateman? Yup, I’m pretty excited about seeing the amazing group of actors in this film.

This Is Where I Leave You Book Club

If you don’t have your own book club, you can totally join the virtual book club that Warner Bros. Pictures’ is hosting on Facebook. I’ll be following up with another post here on the blog, before the movies release date of September 19, to share my thoughts on the book along with some pics from my #TIWILYbookclub gathering with my friends.

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  1. I am eager to read this book and watch this movie.

  2. This looks like it will be such a good movie to see! What a fantastic cast.

  3. Sounds like a good read and great movie.

  4. I just read about this book on another site, and am adding it to my reading list! I always like to read books before seeing their movie renditions.

  5. lisa jones says:

    I Must Get The Book ASAP & Sounds Like My Kind Of Movie Love A Good Laugh!

  6. That sounds like an awesome book and movie. I’ll have to read the book first.

  7. Wow, this sounds cool. And I love this cast! I’ll definitely look out for this movie.

  8. It looks really funny! I’ll have to check this out. Never heard of it before.

  9. Oh my gosh! He is a professor at my former college. He is so great and I wish him all the very best.

  10. This sounds like an interesting read!

  11. I’m totally a Jason Bateman fan too. I will definitely be reading it and seeing it.

  12. This is the second post I’ve seen about this too I should so read the book I am interested in seeing the movie.

  13. Clearly after seeing the trailer I know I have to see this movie. I would love to do the GF book club too. It would be so much fun!!!

  14. I cannot wait to read this book & see the movie! Such an interested storyline.

  15. This looks like an interesting read. I need to check this out!

  16. Sounds like a great book! And I really would like to see the movie. I think it will make people think about things we have and don’t give them any credit.

  17. Thanks for sharing! I always scan upcoming movies to get ideas for books to read- they are usually better than the movies!

  18. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    I miss reading so bad. Hoping to be able to get to read some books when the kids go back to school. Sounds like a great book and movie.

  19. Ok, I’m going to check out the book…the movie looks fun.

  20. To read the book first… or watch the movie first. That is my dilemma. ;)

  21. Looks like a fun movie. I just wish tickets didn’t cost 15$ a person :(

  22. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I will have to check this out. The book club sound interesting and the book sounds amazing. I can’t wait to read the book and see the movie. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    That looks like a great book and movie. I love the premise and really want to know what happens when they live together for the week.

  24. Looks like a funny book, and movie. Thank you for sharing I am interested in reading the book.

  25. This sounds like a great book and I love Jason Bateman, he is so funny!

  26. That sounds like a good one…kind of reminds me of August, Oswage County. Gonna have to see/read this one too! Thanks

  27. Melissa Smith says:

    LOL, this looks like a great movie! I’ll have to read the book to at some point.

  28. Looks like it’s going to be an amazing movie. And I would definitely love to read the book too!

  29. Lisa Schweizer says:

    Thank you for sharing! I love to read, I will put this on my list and I can’t wait to check out the movie :)

  30. Looks very interesting and I always prefer to read the book before watching the movie, so I better get to it.

  31. i am one of those people who dont know a lot of story about the movies now a days haha I usually check the plot or summary via IMDB instead hahaha

  32. I can’t wait to see this movie, it looks very good, your reviw was very well and made me want to see it even more now

  33. This looks like a wonderful story, I have yet to see the movie but hoping to soon.. let us know how the book differences from the movie :)

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