I Love to Watch My Baby Sleep

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Who can resist a sleeping baby? As our children get older, and we get older the joy we get from watching them sleep is something that doesn’t change. Whether your child is an infant or a teenager, there is great comfort to be found in watching them sleep. No matter what their age, they will always be our babies. There are few things as gratifying and heart-warming as watching your child sleeping peacefully, lost in their own little world of dreams, with no cares or worries. As they sleep safely in a cocoon of warmth and love. Watching our children sleep is one of the greatest rewards of motherhood, and a sign of a job well done.

I Love to Watch My Baby Sleep

Mr. Emerson sure knew what he was talking about.

I recall when my son was an infant and I was so sleep deprived. Still, no matter how stressed I was or how much I need to get him to sleep to finish what I am doing, as soon as his eyelids drop I would stay. I would stay and watch. Immediately I would feel more relaxed and worry free. I love the effect watching sleeping babies has on me! Do you feel the same way?

I recently spent the weekend visiting my son, now 27 years old, and that first morning I didn’t have the heart to wake him. Instead, I sat and watched him sleep for hours on end and had the most glorious morning watching my sweet baby sleep. Gosh, how I miss those moments. My heart mourns over the moments I have lost with my baby. Our children are babies for only a fraction of the time we have with them. I wish I had captured every single moment with my baby on video so I could relive them over and over again.

I Love to Watch My Baby Sleep

Speaking of capturing moments on video, I am going to take this moment to embarrass my brother a little. He is a wonderful father to his three children. I don’t think I have ever known a man more dedicated to the happiness and well being of his kids. I recently sent a bunch of old video camera tapes over to YesVideo for conversion to DVD, and this sweet clip of my brother watching his youngest Maddie sleep. It’s what he does while she sleeps that is so precious.

It’s impossible to leave a room and not sneak in a few more kisses from your little ones. I think those kisses help them to sleep better. Do you love to watch your baby sleep?

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  1. Yes a sleeping child is a beautiful thing for many reasons!

  2. My kids are 6 & 9 and I still love to watch them sleep. They are so peaceful and beautiful when they sleep!

  3. Excellent post. Capturing memories is what life is all about, and keeping them organized is not an easy task. Transferring them to video is a great way to organize them and make sure they are kept for time immemorial. I love it.

  4. I love watching them sleep too. I sit and remind myself that this is all going by too fast.

  5. I love watching my son sleep. When he’s awake, he’s always in constant motion, so watching him sleep is my chance to memorize his face and get a good look at him.

  6. I so agree a sleeping baby is so precious. My daughter is 8 and I still love to see her sleeping.

  7. so sweet!! i wish we had more video when my kids were teeny. we’re making up for it now.

  8. Yes, no matter how tired I am, I love watching my toddler sleep. She looks like an angel.

  9. I know a lot of moms like to watch their kids sleep. I’m not one of them, but I know quite a few moms like to.

  10. love the first quote! And I too love watching my kids sleep!

  11. I always loved watching my babies sleep. I still watch our little boys sleep, the older ones not so much.

  12. Sleeping children always look so peaceful…and so quiet! Lol.

  13. I can’t wait to have my miracle so I can just watch my him/her sleep :)

  14. Hubby gets my sleeping three-year-old out of her bed every morning when he wakes the others up for school… and brings her in to ‘snuggle’ with me. It is the greatest thing in the whole wide world. She opens her eyes, sees me and snuggles right into my chest and is back sound asleep… love watching and snuggling with her. These are the moments to remember forever…

  15. I could sit and watch all 5 of my kids sleep, I think back to when they were 1st born and think back how fast time has gone. SPecial moments !

  16. Babies are really adorable. It is a great idea to capture beautiful moments while they are still available. Once that moment is gone, it will be gone forever. Thankfully, we now have the modern technology to relive these moments. :)

  17. I still check in on my sleeping kids!

  18. Great memories, I loved to watch my babies sleep.

  19. These days are short, so I try to watch mine sleep as much as I can! Sometimes, when they act up and I get upset with them, I see them sleep so sweetly and I just want to wake them up and tell them how perfect they are. I don’t, of course, but those moments are so good at recentering me for the next day.

  20. Was that my sleeping baby? I cannot believe she is a teen now. We used to love watching our little monkeys sleep. YES video is wonderful. So thankful for the memories.

    • Yep, that’s before she turned into a cranky teen. LOL That has to be one of my favorite videos of your kids from the lot!

  21. This is so true. I allow my kids to fall asleep with me in the sitting room while we read stories or watch a film, because I want to spent some quality time with them while they are off in Dreamland :)

  22. Sleeping babies are so innocent and precious. That soft rhythmic breathing is so calming. They do beg to be kissed, don’t they?

  23. I always loved watching my daughter sleep as a baby. She is a teen now and I still think she is cute when she is sleeping. :)

  24. I loved watching my kids sleep. I still do…there is something about watching someone you love sleep. I don’t know what it is – but it makes me feel warm inside.

  25. I still love watching mine. Wonderful feeling.

  26. My baby is 22 and I still love to watch her sleep. You are correct – there is something special about it.

  27. I LOVE watching my baby sleep!! Even though when he sleeps at night, I like to sleep at night… but I just love watching him!

  28. I miss this so much. Wish I had video of this. I see the cutest photos of sleeping children now on people’s blogs, but since all mine are teens, that would be creepy.

  29. This is so sweet! There is something so special about this kind of love!

  30. My favorite thing to do is a watch a kid sleep.

  31. There has never been more truth said – there is something about the innocence of a child while sleeping that just makes one melt.

  32. I love watching my children sleep. So peaceful and innocent.

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