Making Breakfast Fun : Hello Kitty Pancake Maker Review and Giveaway

My grand daughters are at an age where they are really starting to enjoy helping out in the kitchen. Mostly they like to bake cakes and cookies, but as of late breakfast has fast become their favorite meal to prepare. It’s all due to our new Hello Kitty Pancake Maker.

Hello Kitty Pancake Maker

I barely had a chance to get a look at the new pancake maker, before the girls got up early one Saturday morning and made a Hello Kitty breakfast for everyone. Becca and Maddie even took all of the pictures that you see in this post. Future bloggers in the making, maybe? They know the drill. Grandma takes pictures of everything new that comes in the door, everything we make, and everything we eat. Oh… The life of a blogger’s family.

Hello Kitty Pancake Maker

We’ve enjoyed quite a few batches of Hello Kitty pancakes, since that first morning. Making breakfast is fun with the Hello Kitty Pancake Maker and it’s very simple to do. All you have to do is plug it in, let it heat up, and pour in your batter. After a few minutes you’ll have a plate full of adorable Hello Kitty pancakes, like the ones pictured below that grand daughters made.

Hello Kitty Pancake Maker

I think the Hello Kitty Pancake Maker would be a very fun holiday gift for teens. My grand daughters have certainly been enjoying it! This adorable pancake maker is available from many retailers such as Amazon and Target.

What do you do to make breakfast fun?

One lucky reader will win a Hello Kitty Pancake Maker! (Open to U.S. residents)

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  1. says

    With our crazy conflicting schedules we rarely eat a morning meal together so we enjoy breakfast for dinner a couple of times a month. It’s lots of fun and lets us all enjoy breakfast foods—like pancakes—that we aren’t all up for at the same time on weekdays. :)

  2. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    well don’t cook as much as I use too, I would like to win this for my daughter, my granddaughter loves hello kitty

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    I don’t make it as fun as I should. There are times I’ll decorate pancakes, Depending on what we are having, my grandson likes to help at times and that I encourage

  4. Catie says

    We have our friends over on Sundays with their dogs! The dogs play outside while we all cook. It’s so much fun!

  5. Jamie Reis says

    Turn some music on, fast fun music. Take my old, heavy, metal cookie cutters, and place them on the counter. Have syrup, whipped cream, cherries, chocolate chips, sliced up bananas, and strawberries. A hot pan and some pancake mix. Allow kids to choose which pattern(cookie cutter), that they want for there pancakes, place cutter in pan pour in pancake mix, and make them their pancakes, then allow them to decorate with what ever they want, as long as they include a couple pieces of banana and strawberries. Kids love it, and feel included in the making of their own breakfast.

  6. Karen Medlin says

    Having the kids helping on choosing and preparing what we are going to eat, have a little music on while we do silly dances in the kitchen

  7. Amy W. says

    One fun thing I do is to use a cookie cutter on bread (not pushing it all the way through) then it shows up for the kids when you toast it.

  8. Sherrie C. says

    I use different types of cookie cutters (large) to fry up eggs and pancakes in. The grandkids love their special breakfast when they visit.


  9. melody laprarie says

    We always have a sit down breakfast on Sunday. I make sure to make everyones favorite item (4 children) and mom and dad, so everyone gets their favorite and gets to share in everyone elses favorite. I start before the kids wake up but open the bedroom doors and soon one by one they come padding into the kitchen rubbing their eyes with smiles on their faces. The kids talk to each other, tell jokes and make lasting memories

  10. Addison Kat says

    We let kids help in the prep and cooking. My 4 yr old thinks she’s the best toast maker and butter spreader ever!

  11. Ellen Trieu says

    I don’t really eat breakfast to be honest, breakfast consists of coffee for me! Sometimes with a piece of pastry to go along with it!

  12. says

    I love cooking breakfast for the family on the weekends. I always throw in some surprises, so they never know what they will be eating. I’m always #1 when breakfast is served.

  13. Aimee C. says

    Every Sunday they kids get to play cook and make the menu, set the table etc. Lots of fun to see what they come up with and their imaginations run wild!

  14. Shelley P says

    I make breakfast fun by having a variety of things to choose from and by cutting foods into different fun shapes.

  15. Carren Larsen says

    My Grandson loves pancakes, so I make them in shapes, add chocolate chips or fruit, let him decorate them with whipped cream or chips or fruit. sometimes he even puts peabut butter & jelly between them lol

  16. Carolsue says

    I make breakfast fun by letting the kids help and decorate their own waffles or toast, etc. This would make it fun!

  17. Karen Propes says

    During the week things are hectic, but we do get up early to sit down at breakfast. Fun comes when everyone starts talking and some days a little whip cream can bring a smile on all our faces. We really try to keep the sit down breakfast, it helps get ready to start your day,. With a full stomach you can face the world. I also put a little treat under the napkins, and they can’t have it until they have finished eating. remember my Mom would get mad because our food would get cold, while we were talking and Daddy keep the humor going and laughing with us. LOL

  18. says

    love the hello kitty maker but in here we have four boys no girls so I don’t think it would fly. I like it but I don’t think I have purchased anything pink in 15 yrs!

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