Marvel Super Hero Mashers Review | #MyMashUp

Disclosure: I was compensated by Hasbro and Mom it Forward to review the Marvel Super Hero Mashers. All opinions, both from my product testers (ie my children) and myself, are our own.

Superheroes and action figures are SO popular right now. In fact, my daugher was Wonder Woman for Halloween and my son was the Hulk.  When I learned about Hasbro’s Marvel Super Hero Mashers, I knew my kids would want to try them.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers


What are Marvel Super Hero Mashers?

Hasbro’s MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS feature your favorite MARVEL Super Heroes and Villains with completely interchangeable parts and accessories, so kids can create their ultimate (or ultimately silly!) hero.

How cool is that? Take the strength of the Incredible Hulk and mash it up with Spiderman’s web-throwing powers! Or combine Captain America with repulsor-blasting Iron Man!

Marvel Super Hero Mashers


When the box with the Marvel Superheroes arrived at our door, my kids were a bit excited. Just a bit. There may have been screaming.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers

Our Mashup? The Formidable “SpiderHulk!” My son and daughter mashed Spidey’s web-shooting abilities with the Hulk’s smashing strength to make a SUPER-Super-Hero! When I asked my son if they are enemies or allies, he said, “They’re best friends.”  Aw. Love that! Superheroes that work together.  We had such a fun time talking about what superpowers we’d give our Mashers and why.


Marvel Super Hero Mashers

I love how by “mashing up” the different characters, it allows children to create their own stories for each character they create.  By using imagination and creativity, the Mashers provide endless play opportunities.

What would your Mashup be?


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  1. Janet W. says

    I love how excited he is to play with this! How neat! I’ll have to think about my mash up… what a hard question lol!

  2. brett says

    these would be a huge hit in our house. i’m thinking about grabbing some of these for a twin birthday party we’re attending in a few weeks

  3. says

    LOL – How fun! My daughter’s compulsiveness for order would have driven her crazy playing with these when she was younger though, I could just have imagined all the kids mashing the characters up and her taking them apart and putting them back together “properly” :) My nephews would love these!

  4. Amy Desrosiers says

    This is totally the boy version of a Barbie! I mean that in the way that boys can have so much fun undoing them, and transforming them! Can’t wait until my son is interested in these toys.

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