Michaels Unplugged Summer Pact

Michaels Unplugged Summer Pact

Summer break is in full swing, so it’s time to start getting creative and avoid those two dreaded words… ‘I’m bored’. The perfect opportunity to prevent the summertime blues presented itself a couple of weeks ago when we were asked to participate in a Summer Mom Blogger Challenge with Michaels. As part of the challenge we’ve been asked to sign the Michaels Unplugged Summer Pact. Since Mom (Laura) and I are tasked with keeping my nieces and nephews busy this summer, I was super excited to learn about the pact and Michaels’ new summer program called Passport to Imagination.

This is what the unplugged summer pact looks like…

Michaels Unplugged Summer Pact

Unplugged Summer Pact
Michaels wants parents and kids to unplug and reconnect with what’s important. It’s a chance to spend time doing what’s really important by cutting back at least 2 hours a day from the time spent interacting with any sort of technological screen. That means 2 hours less of television, computer, smartphone, and video games. And more time for things like crafting, picnics at the park, and splashing in the pool. Who doesn’t want to do more of that?

If you’re interested in signing the Unplugged Summer Pact, head on over to the Michaels web site.

Michaels Passport to Imagination

Passport to Imagination
Are you looking for affordable summer fun? Michaels is making it easy for us to stick to the pact this summer by offering Passport to Imagination summer craft classes for kids, at Michaels stores throughout the country. It’s a 7-week summer crafting camp, inviting kids to journey around the globe through crafts. Kids can explore all seven continents and their amazing landmarks with various creative crafts in this seven-week adventure that runs from June 17 – August 2, 2013. Classes are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 10 am and noon. Children ages 5 and up are welcome, and the cost per class is only $2 per child – including supplies. Parents do not have to stay in the craft room, but must stay in the store while kids are completing the craft. That will give you a chance to shop for your at home craft projects.

Travel Itinerary

  • Week 1 (June 17, 19, 21) – North America
  • Week 2 (June 24, 26, 28) – South America
  • Week 3 (July 1, 3, 5) – Asia
  • Week 4 (July 8, 10, 12) – Europe
  • Week 5 (July 15, 17, 19) – Africa
  • Week 6 (July 22, 24, 26) – Australia
  • Week 7 (July 29, 31, August 2) – Antarctica

They have some super fun craft projects planned that I don’t want the girls to miss out on, so I’ve already reserved our spots at my local Michaels store. Space is limited, so be sure to check out the class schedule and find a store near you to register.

*Michaels is sponsoring my family to attend Passport to Imagination this summer.

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    • Angela says

      Oh gosh, I can totally relate to that and need to do better. I’ve really been making more of an effort to totally unplug.

    • says

      I can relate, too. I’ve been “plugged” in a lot more than usual the last 2 weeks. But by mid-week I’ll be all caught up (and ahead), so I can spend more time with my family. Plus we will be gone all next week on vacation. The first one we’ve taken in 3 years.

  1. says

    LOL, what a great idea but I need to catch up before I can unplug…teehee…although with work getting busier, it’ll more likely be a forced unplug.

  2. says

    That is a good price for a craft class, especially including supplies. I have been trying to be unplugged more since school is out too. I will drag the kids along on the unplugged adventures kicking and screaming. lol

  3. Matthew's Mom says

    We need to unplug more too. My son is only 3 so he is too young, but I have some friends that will love this for their kids that are a little older.

  4. says

    I’m totally bummed that the kids have to be 5 to do the classes, but I’m sure I could find some really fun things for our daughter to do since we won’t be spending any time at the pool this summer, and likely not much time at the park with her ENORMOUS shoulder to wrist cast. :(

  5. says

    What a great and necessary pact. I don’t have kids, but have other family members that I need to spend more time with. I don’t want the summer to fly by with me just sitting at this computer!!!

  6. says

    I haven’t heard of this! We will be unplugged for most of the summer though- pool club membership. We love crafts though. Rainy days will happen too

  7. says

    The thought of being unplugged scares me. (oh my anxiety attack thinking about it)

    But, we do it on the weekends when the family is together. Myself and my 2 kids are WAH folks so we will be plugged in over the summer.

  8. says

    What a great idea! We have lot’s of things planned for the summer like swimming, parks, etc. so I may add in some craft time too to help cut out TV time.

  9. says

    I didn’t know they had this program! I’m going to check out if my daughter is interested in any of these and it’d be great if we could do this pact together!

  10. says

    I am already planning on taking my children each week to participate in some creative fun! You can’t beat a two hour activity for just $2 per child, plus, they’re sure to have a blast.

  11. ANN*H says

    Famous words spoken by all kids thru out the summer – Im bored nothing to do. I usually say well the grass needs cut or something of that sort and they find stuff to do real quick LOL. But when my little grandson is here I have to get offline and do things with him. Time spent with him matters more.
    thanks for the info on Passport to Imagination kits.

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