Make Milk Fun with MilkSplash Milk Flavoring {$25 Target Gift Card Giveaway}

My son has always loved drinking milk. When he was younger, I had to keep a close eye on the fridge. Otherwise, he would go through a whole gallon of milk in one afternoon and not eat his dinner. He still loves drinking milk, even as a young adult. It made me smile recently when we were in a Mexican restaurant, and Sid ordered a glass of milk to go with his burrito. My niece, Becca, is a whole different story. She doesn’t like drinking milk at all. That is until we tried flavoring her milk with MilkSplash milk flavoring. A big thank you to MilkSplash for providing me with product samples and a gift card.

MilkSplash Milk Flavoring

MilkSplash is the innovative new zero-calorie milk flavoring for busy parents who want their kids to drink more milk and make healthier beverage choices. It’s portable, fun and easy to use, and makes drinking milk awesome because it lets kids enjoy milk on their own terms.

It’s easy to make milk fun with MilkSplash milk flavoring. Simple put a few drop of MilkSplash into a glass of milk and give it a quick stir. Just one squeeze of this zero-calorie milk flavoring makes milk taste awesome and encourages just about anyone to drink and enjoy more milk anytime and anywhere!


An innovative new milk enhancer that is portable, fun and easy-to-use, MilkSplash has effectively changed the way kids drink milk. Although MilkSplash does contain some artificial sweeteners, they are working on an all natural version.

MilkSplah is available in a variety of fun flavors and collectible characters such as Cocoa Loco, Sir Strawberry Swirl™, Orange Cream Dream, Cookies ‘N Cream and Jammin’ Banana – with many more to come. My family has tried the Sir Strawberry Swirl and Cocoa Loco flavors. While I am partial to the chocolate flavoring, my niece Becca is wild about the strawberry. I was shocked when she asked for a second glass of milk, while doing homework.

MilkSplash Milk Flavoring and Homework Time

Considering how important Calcium and Vitamin D are for healthy bones, I am thrilled to have MilkSplash milk enhancers on hand to encourage my family to drink more milk. MilkSplah comes in a really cute portable container and does not require refrigeration, making it great for packing in a lunch box or taking on-the-go.

MilkSplash is new on shelves in Target stores, so look for it in a store near you. It will also be available at Walmart in mid-April. For more information on MilkSplash be sure to check out their website. They even have a full page on their website listing a variety of tips, uses and recipes to try out, such as hot chocolate made with MilkSplash Cocoa Loco and warm milk! You’ll also want to connect with them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to stay on top of more great ideas, store locations and more.

Want to try MilkSplash for yourself? TWO lucky About A Mom readers will win (2) bottles of MilkSplash and a $25 Target Gift Card. Giveaway is open to U.S. readers and ends on April 15, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. Please enter via the entry form below.

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  1. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! I would most like to try the Cookies ‘N Cream flavor. Yummy! I would share it with my grandson. Thank-you!

  2. Nancy says

    I think Cocoa Loca would be our favorite flavor. I actually think everyone in the family would enjoy this product!

  3. Jackie says

    I think I would like the Chocolate and Strawberry flavors (I love flavored milk). I’d get it for my daughters and I.
    Thank you!

  4. Becky S VanGinkel says

    All 3 of my kiddos LOVE flavored milk! I would love to try the Orange Cream Dream and I know my kids would love to try the Cookies n Cream and also the Cocoa Loco! Thanks for the chance :)

  5. Marti Tabora says

    I would most like to try the jammin banana, it sounds really good to me. I would get it for myself and for my whole family. The kids would love it.

  6. Christina says

    I’d most like to try the Jammin Banana – I think its one the whole family would like the most. I’d also love to try mixing the strawberry banana in a milkshake!

  7. Katy M says

    Y husband and I both love chocolate milk, so I’d try that. I actually think it would be fun to try on milk and cereal like some of their recipes show!

  8. Julie Wood says

    I would like to try the Jammin Banana because we love bananas and my niece and nephew would love to try this in their milk! Sounds yummy!

  9. Vennie M. says

    Cocoa Loco all the way! I do love chocolate milk! Add a few cookies for dunking and you have a party. :)

  10. Erin Ellis says

    I would love to try the Orange Cream Dream for myself…and I’d share with my kids too 😉 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  11. Beanybopp says

    I would like to try the Orange Cream Milk Flavoring…and it would be for myself but I would share :)

  12. Tammy S says

    I would get the Cocoa Loca for my kids. They love chocolate milk. I would want to try the Orange Cream Dream.

  13. Jennifer Daniell says

    Strawberry milk is typically the favorite around here, but that Orange Cream Dream is calling to me!

  14. Denise A. says

    I would get this for my grandson. I’d most like to try the cocoa loco (and maybe the orange cream dream)

  15. Kimberly Schotz says

    I would like to get Cookie N’ Cream for my chocolate milk loving husband. This would be a nice treat.

  16. Kamla L. says

    I would love to try all the flavors starting with Jammin’ Banana or Orange Dream Cream. My whole family would love these!

  17. Evelyn Driver says

    I would most like to try the Strawberry. I would share it with my 17 year old daughter because I know neither one of us drinks enough milk.

  18. Jennifer Reed says

    The flavor of MilkSplash that stands out to me is the Orange Splash. I would love to get this for my daughter who keeps telling me she does not like milk anymore. I think she would love this!

  19. Carolyn Daley says

    I would love to try the Orange Cream Dream. I love the orange freeze shakes at Steak N Shake and it would be nice to make my own.

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