National Geographic International Photo Contest for Kids

Does your child love taking photographs? The National Geographic International Photo Contest is a great reason for kids to get outside and explore, and maybe even win a really cool prize!

The contest is open to kids ages 6-14, and is conducted in partnership with the U.S. editions of National Geographic Kids magazine (also available in Canada) and 10 local-language NG Kids editions in Bulgaria, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

“Whether it’s documenting a moment shared between friends or an interesting angle of an everyday object or even a funny portrait of a family dog, a photograph has the magic to bridge barriers to communicate a message or feeling,” said Melina Bellows, International Photography Contest judge and National Geographic’s executive vice president and chief creative officer for Books, Kids and Family.

National Geographic International Photo Contest for Kids

National Geographic International Photo Contest for Kids

National Geographic thinks it is really important to get kids out into nature, and get them interested in photography. for Books, Kids and Family. Through the National Geographic International Photography Contest for Kids, National Geographic hopes to encourage kids from around the globe to use the power of photography to capture their world and share it with others.

There are four prize categories:

  • People
  • Animals
  • Scenery
  • Humor

What’s the prize?
All first-place winners will compete for the grand prize: a five-day, four-night trip to Washington, D.C., and a special tour of National Geographic headquarters.

National Geographic International Photo Contest for Kids

The Rules
The contest is open to kids ages 6-14. U.S. and contestants may enter now through Oct. 31, 2012, by submitting one photo in any or all four categories. Photos can be black-and-white or color, and shot with a digital camera or with conventional film. Entries can be submitted online {HERE} or via regular mail. Entry forms and official contest rules can be found {HERE}.

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  1. I’m going to have to get my son involved in this! What fun!

  2. I am looking forward to sharing this with my girls – They will LOVE this!!! Thanks!

  3. Love how this contest gets children involved in different arts. Cannot wait to see what these kids come up with.

  4. What a great contest! I’m a photo nut and am always impressed at what kids come up with. Their minds are so creative and often see great shots that I would have never thought of. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very cool! My daughter is too young to enter but she’s starting to take pictures :)

  6. This sounds like something my Suzannah might be interested in, thanks for sharing

  7. Maddie K. says:

    I know that this contest is over, but I gave a child of a friend of mine an old point and shoot digital camera for her to kick around with. She has quite an eye and some of her pics are amazing. Too bad this is over because I so would have told her about this.

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