NAYAD, Design Your Own Fitness Apparel

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I’ve been having a little fun playing virtual dress up this week. I feel like perhaps I missed my calling as a fashion designer. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but I have truly enjoyed creating new looks with the NAYAD, design your own fitness apparel tool called the Visualizer.

NAYAD, Design Your Own Fitness Apparel
Image Credit: NAYAD

NAYAD offers a line of multipurpose sportswear that is ideal for any activity, in or out of the water. You can design your own Fitness Tops, Sport Bras, Shorts, Bottoms and Leggings, any of which can be worn for swimming, running, biking, walking, sailing, surfing, yoga, standup paddle boarding, tennis, pilates and more! I don’t know which I am more excited about – the versatility of the sportswear of the Vizualizer tool which let’s you customize your look.

Nayad has created a special design tool called the Visualizer, which allows you to choose from a variety of patterns and colors to design your own apparel that best suits your style and personality. Nayad apparel is made by hand to your measurements, aesthetic and style preferences.

NAYAD, Design Your Own Fitness Apparel

Using this tool, you can select the style of your top and bottom. I love that the options of aqua shorts and skirts are available, in addition to briefs. You can mix and match colors and prints, and can even choose the skin tone of your virtual model.

Here’s another one of my designs…

NAYAD Visualizer Tool

As you can see there are some very fun prints and colors to choose from. Each suit is made to measure, so you will need to pull out your measuring tape when placing your order. As a plus size woman who is not the same size on top and bottom, this is a fantastic feature of this line. In my younger years I would have gone for one of the briefs, but these days I gravitate towards the shorts, skirts, and yoga pants. I really appreciate that NAYAD is meeting the needs of all women, all ages, shapes and sizes. They’ve covered every little detail to make sure you get a perfect fit, even an offering of a two inch breast band for larger busted women who need additional support.

Yes, it’s a bathing suit but it’s way more than a bathing suit. These athletic swimsuits are said to be ideal for any activity, in or out of the water. By merging athletic and dancewear designs with fashionable, quick-drying spandex, Nayad has created a new category of amphibious apparel constructed specifically for the moving body.

NAYAD Fitness Apparel
Image Credit: NAYAD

Here are just a few key features…

Soft but firm support without the use of clasps, wires, buckles, knots or hardware of any kind

Fast Drying

Ideal for any high or low impact activity, in or out of the water

Select styles that will best accommodate your figure

Engineered to enhance mobility and boost physical confidence

You’ll want to check out these great NAYAD reviews I found by Sweet Lemon and Meals and Miles.

If you’re a person that hates trying on bathing suits or is desperate for that “perfect fit”, this company is probably a great option for you. Also, if you need a suit that will take you right from swimming to yoga or working out in the gym, there are styles perfect for that and the fast dry fabric makes this very doable. I hope you will check out the NAYAD web site and Visualizer Tool for yourself, and let me know what you think.

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  1. That does look like fun. I love all the different options you can change.

  2. I love the styles and patterns! The fact that they custom make these pieces to your specifications is fabulous!

  3. Love this! I think it’s awesome to be able to design your own look, and choose the right fit.

  4. I like that they have a visualizer and I can actually see myself wearing their stuff!

  5. That is really cool, I think it makes it much easier to work out and get fit if you have clothes that you are excited to wear while doing it.

  6. I have a bit of an obsession with workout wear so I’m super excited about Nayad!

  7. This looks really cool. I can’t wait to give this site a try because I need to update my workout wardrobe. Most of my stuff is a few years old from before my son was even born. Yup, now that I think of it… I really need new workout gear!

  8. I like that you can get multiple sizes and be comfy while working out. I’ll have to remember them!

  9. Nothing like feeling confidence while you’re working out to make you want to do it more often!

  10. What an awesome idea your own personal fitness wear no one at the gym will have the same outfit!

  11. OMGosh I LOVE this!! I am heading there now to see what I can come up with… thanks for sharing!

  12. I love that you can style your own. And see what it will look like while you’re creating it

  13. I need to try this out! I have so running races come up that I want to wear costumes for, and this would be perfect to get the combination of cut and color I need!

  14. There are some great options! Much better than the boring stuff I’ve seen in stores around here.

  15. this is an awesome idea! I’m always finding things I love but the color is just icky… it’d be great to choose my own colors and coordinates!

  16. How cool! I would totally feel like a fashion designer.

  17. this is so cool!! styling our own work wear. it’s definitely a great encouragement!

  18. I like the fabrics and the colors they offer – looks comfy while exercising!

  19. How awesome is that? Love the idea of looking fab while working out!

  20. How neat! I love that you get to try it on and see the fit without having to actually try it on.

  21. Julie Wood says:

    I really like this Nayad fitness program where I can design my own workout clothes with the colors that I like. I can use my measurements and create the workout clothes that I want. Awesome!

  22. I’m kind of obsessed with fitness clothing so this is a great find!

  23. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This does look like a lot of fun- to design your own look. No one else will be wearing your outfit. It is also a big advantage for many active people to be able to wear the same outfit from swimming to yoga, etc.

  24. What a super fun idea! I’m at the gym at least 4-5x a week and would love to treat myself to a few pieces I’ve designed on my own.

  25. That is such a cute idea, it would be neat to design my own clothes and not have anyone else have the same thing.

  26. I really need some new workout gear. I would love to design my own.

  27. REALLY cool idea. my sister will want to know about this for a gift idea for her daughter in law.

    i have to also give MAD props to NAYAD for using REAL women without photoshop in their photos. three cheers!

  28. I love all the patterns and designs. I like that the material dries quickly too! I must get back into exercise mode this year!

  29. These are adorable, maybe if I had cute clothes I’d work out more often!

  30. That’s cool. I didn’t know you could do that. I would love a sports bra without the criss cross in the back.

  31. I love all the customizations available

  32. I just started to work out again, will have to check these out! I hate shopping for workout clothes.

  33. Ok That is awesome! I could spend days playing around with all the different designs, colors, cuts and so on! Thanks for sharing!

  34. What a fantastic idea! I love the idea of designing my own workout clothes. It might be the extra motivation I need to get moving more.

  35. I love that you can create your own workout clothes, if I design it to my liking chances are it will inspire me to get moving :)

  36. How neat that you can create your own workout apparel.

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