Nutella and Fruit Toast :: Spread the Happy

Lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of leaving myself inspirational notes on my night table. Just a little something reminding me to smile, be positive, and to aspire for great things that day. I love beginning the day with happy thoughts.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t started this practice until now, after all I have spent years dropping little notes into my son’s lunchbox and backpack. It’s always so wonderful to get a sweet note in return. Leaving inspirational notes for others is a lovey and yet simple thing to do, and something I plan to continue. I think I’ll start dropping little notes of inspiration around town, in places where I shop and visit. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a random note like that?

On the topic of starting the day with something positive…


Spread the Happy - Nutella and Fruit Toast

A simple and delicious breakfast of whole wheat toast, Nutella, and fruit is certainly something to smile about. Wouldn’t you say?


Spread the Happy - Nutella and Fruit Toast

Spread the happy.


Spread the Happy - Nutella and Fruit Toast

My nieces are always happy to start the day or snack on Nutella toast. We spread on a nice layer of creamy Nutella and then top it with whatever fresh fruit we can find in the crisper.

It’s good stuff.


Spread the Happy - Nutella and Fruit Toast

The toast almost looks like a work of art. It’s funny to see the care that goes into placing each piece of fruit onto the toast, only to be gobbled up moments later.


Spread the Happy - Nutella and Fruit Toast

Are you feeling happy yet?

Be sure to check out the Nutella® Tumblr page to share pictures of how you enjoy Nutella, get recipes and participate in spreading the happy!

Nutella Spread the Happy

Nutella® hazelnut spread is a happy start to every day! Pick up a jar of Nutella in the spreads aisle and enjoy it with whole wheat toast, waffles, pancakes, strawberries, bananas and many other foods. Nutella. Spread the Happy™.


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by the makers of Nutella via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nutella.

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  1. I love love nutella. I’ve been renaming all my alarms to positive motivating things!

  2. Nutella makes EVERYTHING better. It’s a fact!

  3. My 5yo prefers Nutella over anything else. She especially loves Nutella and banana wraps.

  4. Nutella is the best. The idea of that and blueberries is heaven,now i have to buy more nutella lol.

  5. My 5yo is a huge fan of Nutella. She would eat it with anything.

  6. I love the idea of dropping little inspirational quotes around town. I might have to steal that idea. I haven’t tried Nutella yet but it has become so popular I am going to have to now.

  7. These look tasty – I have got to try Nutella! Next shopping trip I am picking some up.

  8. I wish I could get into Nutella, but I just can’t.

  9. The nutella and banana’s toast sounds amazing. My husband would love the nutella and blueberries though.

  10. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Love Nutella and you made it look even better. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Now I need to go buy Nutella and bananas!!!

  12. If you had strawberries, you’d have red, white and blue Nutella toast!

  13. Your photos does look like a work of art! Yummy!

  14. My kids would love the blueberry and Nutella toast. I would probably just sit in a corner with the jar and a spoon:)

  15. What a great idea for sandwiches! I love the fresh fruit topping and never thought of blueberries before.

  16. I love Nutella and I’ll pair it with anything and everything! It’s just so rich and creamy!

  17. Nutella is so good! I’ll have to mention to my husband to just add fruit. That makes it healthier, right?

  18. We love Nutella at our house! This is the perfect summer breakfast idea that the whole family can enjoy!

  19. I don’t buy it very often but I do love Nutella. It does sound good spread on toast with a fruit topping! I would probably put strawberries on top.

  20. Everything is better with Nutella. I love Nutella on my gluten free blueberry waffles.

  21. I love the idea of leaving notes. Would you believe I’ve never tried Nutella. But, judging by how excited everybody gets, I think my waistline thanks me!

  22. We love to “spread the happy” at our house. We go through a lot of Nutella. It tastes so good on just about everything. Nutella helps get my kids to eat their fruits.

  23. I love Nutella. I eat it with salted pita chips- I like the combination of the salty and sweet. My middle son eats pb and nutella sandwiches for lunch.

  24. I like Nutella now and then. It looks tasty with bananas

  25. My teen is a huge Nutella fan! She recently made nutella brownies and Nutella pancakes. They were VERY good!!

  26. I never thought about blueberries and nutella. What an awesome mix!

  27. I LOVE Nutella! Adding blueberries is a great idea! So yummy!

  28. These look like so much fun to make. The kids seem to be having a blast with it

  29. My daughter is a Nutella nut. :) She likes it just out of the jar even!

  30. Oh gosh, that looks so delicious!

  31. I am a Nutella addict. It’s dangerous for me to have it in the house because I can’t stop eating it. Yet, I always have a jar in my pantry. :)

  32. I believe in positive affirmation. I like the idea of leaving myself notes.

  33. How fun! Love the way the blueberries stuck in place!

  34. We are huge Nutella fans in our home! It definitely makes me happy! YUM!

  35. Isn’t Nutella amazing? Whoever came up with that is a genius!

  36. YUM! These look so good. I wonder what other fruits would be tasty with Nutella.

  37. I love to eat bananas with Nutella.

  38. Nutella makes everything better! I can eat it by the spoonful!

  39. I’ve been eating Nutella since I was in grade school before it was available in North America! My grandparents lived in Germany and they’d send it to us. I was the hit at school when all the kids wanted to trade me for my ‘chocolate’ and banana sandwiches, LOL!

  40. You’re supposed to eat Nutella WITH something? Hmmm… the only thing I like mine with is a spoon! LOL Just kidding. Love Nutella in all kinds of ways.

  41. We are huge Nutella fans. Nutella on apples, banana’s, bread, chocolate, you name it we love it lol

  42. We love Nutella, we just need to find enormous jars :)

  43. That’s a yummy breakfast! I use Nutella to make my usual breakfast items into something more awesome, too. I even put it in the blender with my smoothies. That stuff is addictive.

  44. Nutella is possibly the best food! I could eat it on almost anything LOL

  45. My middle child is a Nutella freak! She would LOVE the toast with fruit.

  46. I bet that’ll taste amazing with a nice cup of coffee.

  47. Nutella and slices of fresh fruit seems like wonderful idea.

  48. This looks good and I love the idea of putting fruit on it! I would totally try the banana one!

  49. I’m going to try this snack on the boychild, h would love it

  50. Haha – stylized food runs in the family, eh? Nutella has been a staple in our house for ages as it was popular in Europe for decades.

  51. Oh Nutella! Nutella makes it all better :) and sometimes you don’t need anything but a spoon! LOL

  52. my kids love nutella. Ok I love it too especially wtih strawberries only!!

  53. Nutella has my heart. No joke. I love the stuff and I don’t even like chocolate. I think my abundant love of hazelnuts completely overpowers my less than inspiring enthusiasm about chocolate. And you’re right- Nutella goes great with anything!

  54. Nutella is always a great reason to smile!

  55. Great ideas! I love nutella & strawberries, so I’m sure I’d love the other fruit options too.

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