P.S. from Aeropostale Spring Arrivals for Girls

With temps reaching 70 degrees this past week, I think the cold winter weather is finally a thing of the past here in Georgia. At least that’s what I’m hoping anyways. Already my mind has moved on to things like backyard grilling, gardening and spring fashions. I was so excited to see the new P.S. from Aeropostale spring arrivals for girls. As a P.S. from Aeropostale VIP, I received a gift card to purchase some fantastic new spring clothes for my granddaughter.

Spring is in the air, and we found some fashionable girl’s clothes for the occasion online at www.ps4u.com that are perfect for the warmer weather. P.S. from Aeropostale has everything from sundresses to shorts and tees, in fun, bright colors. Check out some of our great finds:

Kids’ Striped Sparkle Jersey Polo – We initially purchase this Striped Sparkle Jersey Polo for Maddie to wear on the golf course with her Dad, but it has quickly become one of her favorite everyday tops.

P.S. from Aeropostale Spring Arrivals for Girls

Kids’ Medium Wash Core Skinny Jean – Maddie now owns several pairs of skinny jeans from P.S. from Aeropostale. They are the perfect fit and the most comfortable jeans she wears.

P.S. from Aeropostale Spring Arrivals for Girls

Kids’ Light Wash Embroidered Denim Shorty Shorts paired with a Lace 2Fer Tank – This look has found a prized place in Maddie’s wardrobe. The top has a bright mesh overlay that is graced with adorable hem ties and beautiful floral patterning, while a solid tank underneath is soft ‘n’ stretchy. Maddie is really into neon colors these days, making this the perfect top for her.

The light wash embroidered denim shorty shorts are perfect for spring! Luxe embroidery on the front adds some pizazz, and frayed cuffs promise weathered style.

P.S. from Aeropostale Spring Arrivals for Girls

Kids’ Neon Stripe Tank Dress – Fiery fashionistas can appreciate its super-bright design for sure; bold neon stripes are accented with cool textured detailing, while an adorable faux tie adorns the back.

P.S. from Aeropostale Spring Arrivals for Girls

P.S. from Aeropostale Spring Arrivals for Girls

We are loving the casual feel of this fun striped dress for Spring. It’s nice enough to wear out to dinner and comfortable enough for running around outside.

Kids’ Dot Flounce Dress – If mod fashion is your forte, our Dot Flounce Dress is the piece for you! The frilly mesh hem is peppered with sparkly polka dots for a retro look sure to make you sing and dance. After its fabulous debut, this dress will demand an encore appearance, so style it with a new necklace or two!

P.S. from Aeropostale Spring Arrivals for Girls

This dress is great by itself, but takes on a whole new look when paired with some black leggings. The style of this dress fit’s Maddie’s personality perfectly.

Shop www.ps4u.com for these fun looks and more children’s clothing from P.S. from Aeropostale.

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  1. Such a cute dress! I love that you paired it with leggings too!

  2. very cute outfits – I didn’t know that Aeropostale had a specialty store for tweens!

  3. Aeropostale has such great clothes. I love the striped dress!

  4. We just got a PS by Aeropostale in our mall last year. Their clothes are so cute!

  5. Those are very stylish outifts, and without looking “to old” for her. I especially love that dress and the bottom trim.

  6. I loved Aeropostasle when my daughter was in school, great prices and adorable clothes!

  7. Really cute outfits! She looks like she’s having a good time as the model too!

  8. Cute outfits… your daughter is a doll… We love Aeropostal and my daughter has many outfits and even the boys love their clothes. Affordable and quality all in one. thanks for sharing

  9. Awe, she looks great in all of them! Love that dress. Super cute. Also love the animals. :)

  10. These are some totally awesome wholesome outfits for her. I like your choices. I have a hard time deciding which one I like the most.

  11. I love Aeropostale. The clothing is reasonably priced and they always have great trendy styles! I love all of your granddaughter’s outfits. She is such a cute little fashionista! :)

  12. Such cute outfits, especially the shorts – I love, love the embroidery.

  13. These are such cute looks. I didn’t know that aeropostale had styles for younger girls. It seems to be so hard to find stylish, age appropriate clothing for girls in most stores. I will probably get some major “cool points” for shopping for similar outfits for my goddaughters.

  14. So many completely different looks and styles in these choices. That makes it especially fun. Aeropostale had cute clothes!

  15. I love their clothes! I can’t wait for my little girl to be able to fit into their sizes. I always go in and look at what they have when I am at the mall. Really cute stuff.

  16. Love those styles, she looks trendy while still being age appropriate.

  17. Cute looks, love it!

  18. The detailing on the shorts is adorable.

  19. These are some really cute outfits. MY daughter would be in her world checking out this collection.

  20. This is my first time hearing of this line from Aeropostale. With my DD being 13 now, we’re transitioning styles, brands, and sizes so it’s great to hear of one with such cute items in the early teen sizes.

  21. I like how comfy the line looks. They are things that I would even like to wear as an adult. I really like the Polo.

  22. Too adorable. Very fashionable for a relaxed atmosphere!

  23. Well, I have a house full of boys, but I have shopped for my oldest son there and I love their clothing!

  24. Super cute model you have there! I work part-time in a middle school, and Aeropostale is definitely one of the favorite stories for this age group.

  25. All of these outfits are extremely cute! I especially love the dress and shorts.

  26. What lovely outfits! I love the shorts!

  27. Both my daughter and I wear some things from Aeropostale! I love the new PS line they opened up at our mall a few years ago, I have bought cute outfits for my nieces there!

  28. I love Aeropostale. They always have good sales and a good size selection.

  29. Such cute clothes and what a good model! :)

  30. Love the clothes from Aeorpostle. They look great and are affordable.

  31. I love shopping at Aeropostale. We have a really nice store here at our mall that I need to visit soon. Those are great looking outfits for spring.

  32. What cute outfits. We’re not old enough for Aeropostale yet, but will definitely keep them in mind when we get there.

  33. Adorable! I love the little striped dress.

  34. So fashionable! These are great picks, I love the stripes!

  35. Most of my daughter’s school clothes came from Aeropostle. We love them!

  36. They have such cute things! I like that striped dress!

  37. All of the outfits are so cute! I love the polka dot skirt. That’s a perfect birthday gift for my niece!

  38. I’ve heard of the online store.. I really wish they would have a physical store. My girls are so small that I have to have them try clothes on. Can’t trust online ordering.

  39. I have an 8 1/2 year old who LOVES P.S. from Aero. She’s semi-obsessed. Its good quality and super trendy which makes her happy!

  40. Both my daughter’s LOVE Aeropostale, though my oldest is now in the women’s store (*tear*) They have the cutest clothes, and they are affordable compared to other trendy stores.

  41. Cynthia R says:

    This is my niece’s favorite brand of clothes, that’s all she wants for bdays and christmas!

  42. THe “lace” accent shorts are very chic for summer. I also like the stripe dress, but I would add a thick belt for definition or a long necklace to balance all the stripes. Nice picks.

  43. We love Aeropostale. We usually find some great deals there. My nieces love it too so I’ll have to tell their mom about this new spring collection. She always hoards up coupons to use there to save on clothes for her girls.

  44. The striped dress is perfect! I still shop at Aero…ssssh…Don’t tell!

  45. What cute clothes!! I have not been to a Aeropostale yet. I will have to check them out. Thanks!!

  46. I really love the clothes from Aeropostale for my teens. I myself LOVE their hoodies.

  47. My teens love Aeropostale! I love their prices! Your daughter is lovely!

  48. Very cute outfits! I’m in my 20′s and I still shop at Aeropostale. They have a lot of nice, classic pieces like their jeans and knit sweaters :)

  49. Isn’t hard to not buy everything? So many cute choices!

  50. It always slips my mind that Aeropostale has a girls line. I need to make sure to remember since the pieces are beautiful!

  51. They have the cutest clothes there. I am going to have to check there for my daughter now that she needs some new spring/summer clothes.

  52. So cute! I love the pocket detail on those shorts. Spring is definitely on the way!

  53. I love that Aeropostale is affordable (and still stylish.) I love the first polo shirt.

  54. That Neon Striped Tank Dress is adorable and could be dressed up or down. Love a versatile outfit, especially when it comes to tweens and teens!

  55. Those are some great casual styles, and they look comfy enough for younger girls.

  56. I love how affordable their clothes are. Your daughter looks adorable.

  57. I love both of those PS from Aeropostale dresses! I have never checked out this brand, but I think my nieces would love some (if not all) of these pieces!

  58. That last shot is gorgeous! The dress and the model!

  59. Cute picks! I really like PS from Aeropostale. It fits the need for my 7 year old who is no longer in the little kid stores.

  60. Those are stylish, chic, and gorgeous outfits. I am sure that it can be a wonderful gift. I will tell my niece about this post. :)

  61. Aeropostale was one of my absolute favorite brands as a teen. It’s nice to see they still have really cute stuff!

  62. The orange striped dresses are adorable! I’m also happy for you that the cold weather is over – I am a big warm weather gal :)

  63. Love that striped dress. Add a cardigan for spring and it makes a great transitional piece from spring to summer.

  64. Aero was one of my favorite brands in middle and high school. I love the new PS store. We have one in our mall now. I’m sure as my kiddos get a bit older, we’ll be shopping there.

  65. Such cute outfit! Looks like you got some budding fashionistas on your hands :)

  66. I loved her shorts and the striped dress. I can’t wait for summer to wear lighter clothes.

  67. My diva would love all of these! And what a beautiful model you have!

  68. Everything is cute. I love the striped dress, that just looks like warm weather! :)

  69. Cute clothes! My teenage sister used to love aeropostale and your daughter looks adorable.

  70. Eliz Frank says:

    The clothes look so beautiful… I love the company for their fresh, stylish clothes

  71. Such cute clothes. I have to check their sizes to look into it for my older kids.

  72. tanya holland says:

    I absolutely love the clothes they have for my oldest daughter. They are so cute and the prices are decent. I just wish the store was a little closer.

  73. Shannon says:

    I love that they have clothes for tweens. They are really nice clothes. Thank you for sharing.

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