PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive {Giveaway}

What’s your guilty pleasure? I have 3 (or more) — ice cream, coffee and PEOPLE Magazine. I love reading about celebrities… seeing who’s dating who and what they’re wearing. I realize that in the big scheme of things that these aren’t the things that are truly important to me, but it’s fun to escape… even for a 10 minute coffee break and a quick flip through the pages of PEOPLE Magazine.

My favorite issue is getting ready to come out! Are you ready…. PEOPLE Magazine‘s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue will be in stores on November 15th!


So, which one of these hunks do you think will be gracing the cover?

PEOPLE Magazine's Annual Sexiest Man Alive

Will it be Bradley Cooper?

Perhaps, it will be Hugh Jackman?

Johnny Depp maybe? Could it be?

Laura (Mom) and I were just chatting about who we think should grace the pages of this year’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, and like on most things we pretty much agree. Our top 3 pics are Daniel Craig, Simon Baker, and Hugh Jackman. Johnny Depp almost made it to our list, but Laura thinks he is more cute than sexy.

We’ll be running to our local Kroger on November 15th to pick up our issue of PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive! Don’t wait too long to pick yours up… this special issue will only be in stores for 2 weeks!

Win $20 Kroger Gift Card
We want to know who your favorite HOTTIE is! Just for telling us, you’ll have the chance to win a $20 Kroger Gift Card to pick up your own copy of PEOPLE Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive! Also grab a cup of coffee, some ice cream, or some other guilty pleasure while you’re there.

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Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own


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  1. 1986 Mark Harmon, for an older guy (I’m 25) he is so attractive. :)

  2. denzel washington was my fave

  3. Hugh Jackman is the sexiest man alive.

  4. Hugh Jackman
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  5. Hugh Jackman was my favorite

  6. Bradley Cooper from the past issues

  7. Marti Parks says:

    My favorite is Johnny Depp. I think he’s awesome!!

  8. Definitely Johnny Depp!

  9. Cheryl Abdelnour says:


  10. Barbara Montag says:

    I’m all for Denzel Washington!
    Thank you.

  11. Hugh Jackman….tall is good.

  12. michelle warner says:

    johnny dep is my favorite so cute

  13. I like Hugh Jackman

  14. Hellloooo…JFK Jr! Definitely my favorite!

  15. Johnny Depp was my favorite

  16. High Jackman for sure!

  17. hugh jackman mmmm so hot

  18. Hugh Jackman here too :)

  19. My favorite is Bradley Cooper

  20. Johnny Depp would be one….

  21. My pick would be Daniel Craig!!!

  22. bradley cooper of course!

  23. I don’t keep track of these things, but I will say that the sexiest person isn’t a celebrity, but they are the only ones in the running. We have a retail store in a mall and I see 30 year old mothers who are more beautiful than any women you will ever see on TV.

  24. Allison Downes says:

    Johnny Depp

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  25. Ryan Reynolds is mine!

  26. Johnny Depp would have to be my pick.

  27. Jennifer Rote says:

    Ryan Reynolds! Love Him :)

  28. cindy mckean says:

    I would say George Clooney. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Johnny Depp is my favorite : )

  30. Nicole Larsen says:

    George Clooney is my favorite! Though, I sure wish I’d see Robert Downey Jr listed on there–ahhhh!

  31. rebecca day says:

    Hugh Jackman i love him

  32. Michelle Frame says:

    I love Hugh Jackman

  33. My favorite has been Bradley Cooper!

  34. I think Ryan Reynolds.

  35. George Clooney has always been my favorite!

  36. I am a dad, so my opinion on the subject would be for the other gender. But, given his popularity in my house, I am going to nominate Bob the Builder for this years recipient.

  37. Brad Pitt, back in the day!

  38. Hugh Jackman is my favorite

  39. bill elliott says:

    Quoting my wife lol – Bradley Cooper

  40. Hugh Jackman for sure!

  41. Sorry, I don’t do People magazine, so I have no clue…but looking at the other posts, I would have to say George Clooney. Thanks!

  42. George Clooney is my favorite

  43. George Clooney is my favorite

  44. beth dunlavy hoppe says:

    johnny depp is my favorite one

  45. My favorite is Ben Affleck!

  46. I would say Matthew McConaughey.

  47. christine jessamine says:

    previously I have loved harrison ford on the cover

  48. Johnny Depp is my favorite past Sexiest Man Alive.

  49. april yedinak says:

    Brad Pitt from 1995 (long hair *squeal*)

  50. I love ryan gossling

  51. Marcia Goss says:

    My favorite was George Clooney

  52. Johnny Depp would be my vote!

  53. None because my husband isn’t featured lol.

  54. Brad Pitt is the one for me!!

  55. Jennifer Rogers says:

    Johnny Depp of course!

  56. Charlotte Raynor says:

    Johnny Depp- always and forever!

  57. rebeka deleon says:

    i think george clooney is sexy

  58. Leonardo DiCaprio is so sexy.

  59. Janice Cooper says:

    Hugh Jackman and Denzel Washington :)

  60. Debbie Clauer says:

    Johnny Depp is my pick – past & present.

  61. Mary Jacobowitz says:

    I think Brad Pitt is sexy.

  62. Sheila Vives says:

    Johnny Depp is sexy

  63. i say george clooney

  64. My favorite was Johnny Depp

  65. mark harmon is my favorite

  66. No doubt, Johnny Depp!!!!

  67. i liked george clooney

  68. Leslie Galloway says:

    Johnny Depp is my all-time favorite

  69. Hugh Jackman, most definitely.

  70. Denzel Washington is my favorite

  71. Bradley Cooper. Yum.

  72. Jodi Bradshaw says:

    i have to agree with june.

  73. I like Johnny Depp.
    Thanks for the chance!

  74. Ben Affleck is my all-time favorite :)

  75. Sigh; Brad Pitt. Even after he and Jen broke up, and even though I really don’t want to, I still swoon. :)

  76. bradly cooper has my vote for sure

  77. mark harmon was then, is now. fell i love watching st. elsewhere. yeah, i’m old. it’s probably why i don’t find some of the “newer” picks sexy. they’re boys. takes a man to be sexy.

  78. Johnny Depp is my choice. Thanks!

  79. Johnny Depp…… lol I remember him from 21 Jump Street!!

  80. Nancy Stinson says:

    Ben Affleck or Matthew McConaughey. Both of them have the sexiest smiles.

  81. Amber Terry says:

    I think Johnny Depp is my favorite…

  82. I like George Clooney, thanks!

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