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I’m sure that I have mentioned it on the blog before, but I’ll talk about it again. Probably because it’s such a big part of who I am. You see, I am one of those super sappy sentimental kind of people. I save things. I find meaning and hold dear the memories from the simplest things, from show tickets to all of my son’s baby teeth, and my grandmothers handkerchief. The kind of things that other people might not give much thought to. That’s probably why personalized gifts mean so much to me, although you don’t have to be as sentimental as me though to appreciate personalized gifts.

In fact, I suspect most people appreciate the thought that goes into personalized gifts. Earlier this year I was introduced to the company Personal Creations and fell head over heels for their large selection of personalized gifts – both seasonal and gifts for any occasion.

Personalized Gifts from Personal Creations

A couple of recent things that I have received from Personal Creations are embroidered cosmetic cases for my nieces Becca and Maddie, and an adorable cuff bracelet for Maddie. Both girls do competition cheer and have to bring their cosmetics on the road, so I think these bags will be perfect for that. They are very roomy with one pocket inside. There is a second zippered pocket that completely opens up for additional storage. The loop on the side will make it easy to carry or attach them to luggage.

Personalized Gifts from Personal Creations

The personalized bracelet is just adorable and something I know Maddie Jane will probably want to wear to school every day. I found a lot of cute jewelery on the company’s web site, but this bracelet really stood out for me.

Take a look at Personal Creations and I bet you’ll find something you like.

Are you ready to personalize your own Christmas creations? Personal Creations is offering my readers 20% off of all of your purchases through the end of December. Click here to start shopping and the 20% will be applied in your shopping cart.

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  1. I loooove giving personalized gifts … off to check this out.

  2. These are so cute.

  3. I love that bracelet, it’s so pretty but so simple that it goes with everything! They have some really cute stuff.

  4. Personal Creations always has wonderful gifts!

  5. we love personalizing gifts since M has such a unique name. I adore Personal Creations and putting in an order soon! I totally slacked :(

  6. I love giving personalized gifts. I think the personalization just makes them that much more special. You know the gift giver spent time making sure the gift was perfect.

  7. That bracelet is absolutely stunning!

  8. How nice! My mother-in-law’s birthday is next month and I still need a gift!

  9. Personalized gifts are so nice!! Love those makeup kits!

  10. they have such neat stuff. We have quite a few things we’ve bought or received from there.

  11. Since having kids I am such a sucker for anything personalized! I love personal creations and we ordered a few Christmas presents there this year!

  12. I too love personalized items. They are so pretty and more thoughtful

  13. What a great website, they have a lot of items that would make great gifts, my favorite is the Puzzle of Life. Thank you for this review.

  14. Those makeup bags are adorable. I think personalized gifts are a great way to go and make anyone feel special.

  15. Personalized gifts are the best. The make such great products at Personal Creations.

  16. Kids seem to adore personalization & I kids with unusual names will love it even more.

  17. I like the bright colors of the makeup cases.

  18. I love those makeup bags!

  19. I absolutely love waffle knit! Those cases are great.

  20. So cute! I was hoping to get some Personal Creations ornaments for Christmas, but I don’t think they’ll be here in time. :(

  21. I love personalized things!! And they really make great gifts too!!

  22. We did personalized ornaments for all of my son’s teachers this year. They were so appreciative to have something that not only displayed their names, but truly reflected their individual hobbies/classes.

  23. I just love personalized gifts. Those cosmetic bags are so nice!

  24. that bracelet is for sure adorable. love it. i have a few nieces who would like it too!

  25. I really love giving personalized gifts. These are so cute.

  26. That bracelet is very pretty!

  27. I love the personalized bracelet!

  28. Love the personalized bracelet. In checking out their pinterest board personal creations have so much to offer.

  29. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    personalization really sets gifts apart. It basically makes a gift a keepsake!

  30. Personal gifts are really necessary especially when you have a big family. For kids not to jealous each other, similar gifts with reflection of their individuality are just perfect.

  31. I’ve been a happy Personal Creations customer for years. Their product line up just keeps getting better!

  32. My family loves Personal Creations! They really do have a gift for everyone on your list.

  33. I love giving personalized gifts for birthdays, engagements, baptisms, graduations and Christmas – I think it makes that milestone or celebration more remembered when there is a personalized gift attached to the event.

  34. I love personalized gifts! They are my favorite.

  35. I love giving and receiving personalized gifts! They show you put some thought into it.

  36. I love personalized gifts makes them more unique.

  37. Yes i agree. most would love a personalised gift. it always speaks of a little bit more love! :)

  38. I try to give personalized gifts because I think they hold much more meaning. Will have to check this site out!

  39. These are perfect for gifts all year long.

  40. I absolutely love that bracelet! It is so pretty.

  41. I love the bracelet! So cute! My daughter’s birthday is coming up and this would make an awesome gift! Thanks !

  42. Beautiful picks! It’s hard to find anything with Trudy on it. This is the way to go!

  43. I love personalized gifts! Those are some great options.

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