Make Your Celebrations Bloom with ProFlowers and Evite #PartyBlooms Sweepstakes

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries. However, all opinions expressed are my own and. I am so excited to share the Perfect Pair #PartyBlooms Sweepstakes with you!

Entertaining friends and families is something I absolutely love to do, and when it comes to throwing a party I have a secret or two up my sleeve. My free time for doing things like planning parties is oh-so limited. I mean who really has time to make invitations,  hand stencil place settings and turn napkins into origami? I certainly don’t. Also, it doesn’t help that the creativity gene seems to have stopped with my mom, Laura.

So what’s a girl like me to do? Get a little help from ProFlowers and Evite, of course. Flowers are my secret weapon! It’s amazing what a fresh bouquet can do for a room.

Make Your Parties Bloom with ProFlowers and Evite PartyBlooms Sweepstakes

Fresh flowers make people happy. Flowers are the perfect decoration. Add one or two bouquets to your party table or buffet, and they are sure to bring a smile to everyone in the room.

Flowers are a wonderful way to commemoration of an event such as an anniversary, or give a fresh bouquet as a gift. If you’re not hosting the party yourself, you can even give flowers as a hostess gift. If I find myself feeling a little bit blue, flowers are sure to brighten my mood.

Make Your Parties Bloom with ProFlowers and Evite PartyBlooms Sweepstakes

Flowers make any occasion more memorable. The Deluxe All the Frills Bouquet shown above is the perfect bouquet for any occasion. Isn’t it just lovely? How did ProFlowers know that I love blue glass?

Make Your Parties Bloom with ProFlowers and Evite #PartyBlooms Sweepstakes

If blue glass isn’t your thing, the Celebrate Her Beauty bouquet shown above is a great party hostess gift or centerpiece for an outdoor summer party. I collect birds. I haven’t counted them recently, but I probably have close to 40 birds of some sort in my house right now. I’m loving the sweet little blue bird in this bouquet. He’s a keeper for sure.

Make Your Parties Bloom with ProFlowers and Evite PartyBlooms Sweepstakes

A beautiful bouquet makes any party décor look fabulous. It’s my secret weapon. In my opinion, you can never have enough flowers. Add some sweet treats to the mix and your friends might never leave. Look no further than Shari’s Berries, a division of ProFlowers, and order the 4 Caramel Pretzels & 6 Cocktail Strawberries gift set for your next get together – available at ProFlowers.

Make Your Parties Bloom with ProFlowers and Evite #PartyBlooms Sweepstakes

Don’t you just want to take a bite out of that strawberry?

It’s a snap to organize a party with the help of Evite. Get the word out to your guests, with my favorite digital invitation and social event planning service, If you haven’t been sending your invitations with Evite, like the 7 million party hosts that use their site every year, then you might want to give it a try. This single website makes planning, organizing, inviting, RSVPing and more so much easier and more convenient for every occasion!

Now onto the really fun stuff…

Perfect Pair #PartyBloom Sweepstakes

Right now if you host a party using Evite by June 30, 2014, you’ll be automatically entered be one of 10 lucky people to win six months of flowers from ProFlowers! There’s a second way you can enter. You can also enter by posting a photo of flowers on Instagram or Twitter using the #PartyBlooms hashtag, so start snapping away and find out more about entering the Perfect Pair #PartyBlooms Sweepstakes!

It’s totally not required for entry, but you might want to tag both @Evite and @ProFlowers when you tweet and post your picture to Instagram. I’m sure they would love to see your beautiful flowers!

Start snapping away and find out more about entering the Perfect Pair #PartyBlooms Sweepstakes!

I have something else oh-so special to share with you. Right now if you enter the coupon code PARTYBLOOMS, you’ll receive 20% off of your purchase!

Follow ProFlowers’s board All About Celebrating- Party Decorations, Recipes and More on Pinterest.

Get a little inspiration for making your next gathering more festive, by checking out all of the great ideas that ProFlowers has brought together on Pinterest!

For what occasions do you like to have flowers?

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  1. I love flower arrangements. They definitley brighten up any room they’re in!

  2. Fresh flowers are the best! They add such a personal touch! Your ideas are great and I’m hungry for those pretzels!!

  3. I use ProFlowers and/or Shari’s Berries for most occasions requiring something special! I’m definitely going to enter the sweepstakes, 6 months of fresh flowers would be awesome!

  4. I love flowers they always make a room look nice and bright,Plus i love walking in to a room and the lovely scent of the flowers hits you.

  5. What awesome arrangements- I love the blue mason jars!

  6. We haven’t had pretty flowers in our home for a while… I need to mention this to my hubby!

  7. I love flowers and I like to order them for family when there is a need but WOW they can be expensive. I do love walking into a room w fresh flowers .. I also use when I have parties…

  8. I love a cheerful bouquet of flowers (who doesn’t?!), and I adore that one that comes in a blue mason jar. How cute, it looks like a neighbor could have cut it from their garden!

  9. Ohhh, those strawberries look divine. I really have to check out ProFlowers. Looks amazing.

  10. I have two friends and neighbors who have birthdays this week and these gifts are the perfect style!

  11. Oh man, bring on those Shari’s Berries! I love them! And the flowers always make a room look loved.

  12. Gorgeous flowers! and I had no idea about the sweepstakes! Awesome!

  13. I love Pro Flowers. They are always so gorgeous

  14. We used these for my daughters tea party birthday party – they were the perfect touch!

  15. Your flowers and chocolates look so beautiful! I love to keep fresh flowers around the house. They add a nice touch to any room or occasion.

  16. I love having fresh flowers in the house. These look beautiful!

  17. Wow,those are so beautiful!

  18. the little birdy is so cute! And, of course, I’m jivvin on your mason jar!

  19. Those flowers look great! The pop of blue from the birdie is super cute!

    What a great contest they are doing! Evite is so easy to use.

  20. I always forget how much I love having flowers around until I get some more. Then I think why don’t I have some ALL THE TIME?!!

  21. I love having flowers around “just because.” I’ve made it a point to have a bouquet of flowers on my dining room table at least one or two weeks out of the month.

  22. Those are absolutely stunning! I love fresh flowers and always have several bouquets in the house.

  23. Love Evite and ProFlowers! Can’t go wrong!!

  24. Flowers do add a wonderful touch. I have to say though, it’s the chocolate covered goodies that have me singing in this post!

  25. I do love those flowers. Creates a nice comfy and cozy feeling.

  26. I love flowers for Mother’s Day and my birthday. They can brighten any room or mood.

  27. Those strawberries look so yummy! Flowers really cheer up a room.

  28. I love flowers! They make any space look so pretty!

  29. I love that “Deluxe All the Frills” bouquet! These are some gorgeous flowers.

  30. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    Those are some of the most gorgeous flower arrangements I have even seen. Thank you so much for sharing.

  31. That Celebrate Her Beauty bouquet is so pretty! My MILs birthday is coming up, I need to get her one of these!

  32. Fresh flowers are my favorite and that arrangement is beautiful. Love the chocolate treats!

  33. what great ideas for party planning. I love adding flowers to any table and chocolate covered-anything sounds amazing

  34. The flowers are beautiful, nice and bright. I am drooling over the strawberries!

  35. I totally agree! Flowers can completely change a room’s feel and look.

  36. Those flowers are gorgeous. Great party planning ideas!

  37. I love to receive fresh flowers… yours look beautiful.. thanks for sharing, will leave the page open to give hubby a hint :-)

  38. Those are so gorgeous! Definitely the centerpiece of any party!

  39. You can’t ever go wrong with flowers. Or chocolate covered fruit for that matter!

  40. we sent my niece proflowers on her 21st birthday. she sent me some from proflowers a few weeks later when i turned 40 :)

  41. I love the flowers! I have purchased from Proflowers in the past and have loved everything!

  42. Flowers are perfect anytime.I find myself ordering just for me when I need a little lift and want my table to be so inviting :) Thank you for sharing.

  43. You seriously can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! I am in LOVE with the adorable little bird as well!

  44. OMGosh 6 months of flowers would be AWESOME! I love all these you posted, especially the one’s with the little bird!

  45. I love fresh flowers and I would love to win 6 months worth of fresh flowers. The just really can make your room and your mood for the day.

  46. These flowers are beautiful! Those pretzels look great as well.

  47. What a beautiful arrangement! Love it!

  48. Beautiful flowers! I love keeping some fresh ones in the house. You can’t go wrong with the chocolate covered fruit!

  49. Those flowers are perfect for a summer BBQ. I love how easy they make it look good!

  50. I can’t wait to own my own house because I have that party thrower spirit in me just waiting to come out! And quite honestly flowers are such an inexpensive and easy way to decorate a party or even just brighten up a space just because :)

  51. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I totally love the little birdie accent to the arrangement! The candy looks fab too!! Yum!

  52. The arrangement is beautiful, and I love their berries! My husband bought me some for Valentine’s Day and they were SO good, they were the best strawberries ever!

  53. I love that blue glass vase. Just beautiful arrangements! And I haven’t had a chocolate covered pretzel in forever!

  54. Those flowers are just gorgeous! I love that little turquoise canvas bag – it is so adorable!

  55. Flowers AND chocolate covered strawberries? Count me in! The flowers are so beautiful, I really need to start buying them on regular basis to liven the place up!

  56. Flowers like that sure who add that extra special touch to a party. The flowers you got are so beautiful, love the mason jar vase.

  57. Those flowers are so pretty! They definitely brighten up the room. Great pictures

  58. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I love how they are displayed in the mason jars.

  59. Those are gorgeous! I love receiving flowers just because. I don’t need an occasion! ;)

  60. WHOA. six MONTHS of flowers? i would just be in heaven!! and i have a party to host in a few weeks!

  61. Flowers and chocolate covered strawberries…what more could a girl want? Those flowers look fantastic!

  62. I adore flowers. I love how they can dress up and brighten a room or a mood in a second!

  63. I love the flowers. The are the perfect colors for a spring and summer bouquet. And I’ve had Shari’s Berries once before. They are very good!

  64. What beautiful flowers! I haven’t had any in a while! Think it’s time:)

  65. Such a beautiful piece for the table. It’s gorgeous. The chocolate looks amazing

  66. I adore having fresh flower arrangements in my home. They always soften up the room and make it more inviting!

  67. I love fresh flowers. They just make me smile!

  68. These flowers are so pretty! I love this! I would definitely use pro flowers and evites

  69. How geourgeous flowers! Beautiful! And the chocolate covered fruits and strawberries are a very good thing too, lol

  70. Proflowers always has such gorgeous bouquets. I’ve wanted to try their berries because they look so good in the pictures, I’m glad they look that good in person!

  71. I just got beautiful roses for my anniversary. I love flowers at any time.

  72. I absolutely love flowers! They always brighten up my mood and my home. Btw, the Celebrate Her Beauty flowers are beautiful!

  73. Flowers always brighten up a room!

  74. Those flowers are so pretty and the strawberries look delicious

  75. The Celebrate Her Beauty bouquet is so cute with that burlap purse! I like flowers in general, not just special occasions.

  76. I am a huge fan of fresh flowers and always feel so fancy when I have some around my home!

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