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I have received information and products from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of  McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks.

I’m SMILING IT FORWARD™ because it’s great to be home with my loving family. After spending the last week on the road, it is so nice to return to all the comforts of home and the familiar sights and sounds I am accustomed to – like smiling faces and even the occasional squabbles or the barking dogs. I love it all. As much as I enjoy traveling, I always find myself feeling homesick. I think Dorothy said it best with, “There’s no place like home.”

More than anything else though, it’s being a mom to my son, Sid, that makes me smile. This morning I was holding a friend’s baby which got me thinking about when my son was that little and chubby cheeked. It seems like just yesterday. He was such a happy baby with a smile and laugh that was contagious. When I stop to think about it – it’s really quite amazing – all the thousands upon thousands of smiles I have shared with my son throughout the years. I’m grinning from ear to ear right now just thinking about it.

There were of course some moments when it was hard to smile, like those times when my son was sick with a cold, or that time when he shattered his elbow riding a skateboard. It’s tough to smile when your child is sick or hurting. But we show a smiling face of encouragement and patch them up as best we can. There’s nothing better than the smile you get in return when your child is feeling better.

Tylenol Smiling it Forward
{Alyson Hannigan, with daughters Satyana and Keeva.}

It seems that I’m not the only smiling mom out there. Actress Alyson Hannigan is sharing the smiles of her two daughters, Satyana and Keeva as part of the TYLENOL® brand’s SMILING IT FORWARD™ campaign. The makers of TYLENOL® were so inspired by the “feel better” smiles shared organically by moms across the country online that they’ve teamed up with How I Met Your Mother star and mom of two, Alyson Hannigan, to launch the SMILING IT FORWARD™ campaign. Together, they hope to set the power of giving in motion, inviting everyone to share smiles of good health to help children in need.

Tylenol Smiling it Forward

How can you smile it forward? You can help spread that smile across the nation by supporting the TYLENOL® SMILING IT FORWARD™ program. Your photo helps children in need receive the healthcare they deserve. It’s simple to participate. Share a picture of your children’s smile, and Tylenol will donate $1 to the Children’s Health Fund, an organization that builds mobile medical clinics and provides healthcare services to children in need.

Now, until mid-January, moms across the country can participate by sharing their own smiles at to help TYLENOL® meet their goal of a $100,000 donation to Children’s Health Fund. It’s a great way to help ensure a doctor’s visit is always within reach for children in need!

I’ll be uploading a photo to to do my part to spread smiles to other children, and I hope you will too.

What makes you smile?

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    This is an awesome campaign…it actually made ME smile. I love when large companies do such public awareness campaigns to reach out to so many!

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    When someone in my family gets sick, tylenol is the first thing we reach for! I love that they have started the Smile it forward program!

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    What a great campaign! I love using photos to do this, since so many people have smartphones, and smartphones have such great cameras, nowadays.

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