Snacking After Dark #greatstarts

I have a family of snackers, especially at night. I don’t know what it is about bedtime that suddenly makes children think they are starving to death. I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the old “I’m hungry” and “I need a drink of water” bedtime stalling ploys. It never fails that one of my grandchildren is hungry at bedtime. Most likely it’s an avoidance tactic, but I would not feel right sending anyone to bed on an empty stomach. So, having a bowl of cereal at night has become part of my family’s normal bedtime routine.

Snacking After Dark

If you have a a child with the gift of avoidance, bedtime might look something like this… shower and pajamas, homework and backpack check, brush teeth, story time, late night snack, brush teeth again, drink of water, go potty, go to bed, another drink of water, potty again, and finally lights out.

Sound familiar?

When it comes to snacking after dark, sugary snacks are off limits at my house, so a bowl of cereal is a good and quick option for us. Plus, people tend to fall asleep better with a full stomach.

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Does your family snack after dark?

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  1. Great ideas! I try not to snack too late, but it happens! I usually go straight for the ice cream. :/ Need to switch that to cereal!!

  2. Its not just kids….I am horrible about wanting to snack once I put the kids to bed!

  3. i love cereal for a snack. its marvelous. with or without milk.

  4. That is one area where we are pretty good, though my son does occasionally ask for something. I think cereal is a good late night option.

  5. Cereal is a great before-bed snack!! Grew up eating cereal late at night.

  6. I just love snacking after dark! It’s nice to know that there are healthy options out there!

  7. I try not to snack after dark but every now and then I indulge.

  8. I love all kinds of cereal so it makes a perfect snack for me.

  9. I’m a late night snacker too. And sometimes I do have cereal! :)

  10. we almost always have a snack before bed. we don’t eat on the couch though (unless the kids are in bed)

  11. Cereal is our favorite after dinner snack. Though my daughter likes to eat it dry, I always have to talk her in to putting milk on it. LOL

  12. I love cereal as a late night snack. It’s just the right amount of sweetness and much better than grabbing a bowl of ice cream!

  13. Yes we do, a LOT!

  14. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I do love to snack on cereal, whether it is in the evening or really any time of day for a quick pick me up.

  15. I love cereal for breakfast but I eat it dry (like chips) as a snack. My husband never eats cereal for breakfast but always has a bowl before bed at night.

  16. we love cereal in our home, it’s good drizzled over yogurt too!

  17. Yes this is just like our house! We all love cereal at night!

  18. I have found that the later I stay up, the more I tend to snack. So one of my healthy choices is going to to start going to bed a lot earlier… :)

  19. Great ideas! I am a snacker too! I love Kelloggs!

  20. We do cereal for snack and late night snacking too. My kids and my husband’s favorite is cheerios tossed with melted butter and garlic. Personally I find it horrible. Much prefer Honey Bunches of Oats mixed in with some yogurt.

  21. Great ideas! We are snackers too but usually give the kids fruit, cereal is a great idea!

  22. Yep! my unfortunately after dark food of choice is chocolate, but I do love a good bowl of cereal!

  23. I try not to snack late in the evening either, but sometimes it happens. I have a bowl of cereal too!

  24. We’re big believers in cereal snacking :)

  25. I love snacking on cereal.

  26. I didn’t know people fell asleep better with a full stomach, but I guess that makes perfect sense (I’m thinking of everyone being tired after a Thanksgiving meal). Cereal is a great snack!

  27. Cereal is good any time. I have cut my night time snacking out, but the walking stomachs, aka my three teens, can eat any time of day.

  28. My son loves his bowl of cereals with yoghurt before he goes to bed. It really is a great idea!

  29. YES! we love eating cereal at night!

  30. I am a person who would rather snack all day long than have full meal.

  31. My kids love Apple Jacks too. It’s so important that the kids (especially girls) get their calcium and I can’t think of a better way than with cereal. :)

  32. I love Kelloggs cereal. It’s so healthy.

  33. My kids always ask for something to eat before bed and it drives me crazy. If it isn’t too late, I’ll let them have something (if they finished all their dinner) but I’ve never considered cereal. We always have Special K in the house!

  34. I do way too much snacking after dark. Usually, to keep myself awake. Or when the baby nurses all night…I get ravenous!

  35. Cereal sure is a healthier option than most late night snacks

  36. I definitely snack after dark but I really try to be mindful about it. Actually a bowl of cereal is a great nighttime snack idea.

  37. I guess once in a while we do, but not often I don’t think. I’ve seen my husband go for a bowl of cereal when he’s hungry after dinner or something like that before but not too often. :)

  38. We rarely snack that late…but this is a great option when we do.

  39. Cereal is one of my go to snack foods at night! I used to think I was the only one that ate cereal! Glad to see so many people share my love of cereal!

  40. this is a great late night snack, I have always loved cereal.

  41. I love cereal for an after dark snack!

  42. Great ideas and if it’s healthy I don’t mind my kids snacking after dark. :)

  43. Gee, that night time ‘routine’ sounds an awful lot like the one my four year old likes to put into play ;)

  44. I used to be horrible at snacking at night, but I try my very, very best not to even though I do cave in time to time.

  45. I don’t know what it is but I’m pretty bad with my snacking at night too. Seems the adults tend to snack more than the kids at our house. My husband also goes for the cereals too, which is probably the reason he doesn’t have heart issues like I do! :)

  46. if anyone is a late night snaker its ME

  47. Late night snacking is always my weakness. This is a great idea.

  48. Cereal is definitely one of those “good anytime” foods! We have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Yum!

  49. We *used* to snack after dark but no longer; we changed quite a few habits over the past 6 months and this was one.

  50. I am a horrible snacker and snack way to late at night :/ need to work on that habbit lol

  51. I’m so exhausted by the time it’s dark outside that the last thing I think about is eating!

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