Sparkler Cupcakes and More 4th of July Fun {linky party}

The 4th of July is just days away. Many of you, who are here in the U.S., will be celebrating Independence Day by attending parades, having backyard cookouts, and watching firework displays. In case you are in need of a little inspiration this week while planning your celebration, I thought it would be fun to host a linky party and invite all of our blogging friends to share their 4th of July recipes and crafts. First check out these oh-so adorable Sparkler Cupcakes!

Sparkler Cupcakes and More 4th of July Fun

Sparkler Cupcakes

• 1 boxed cake mix, any flavor
• 1 recipe buttercream frosting (recipe follows)
• 1 package of Pull ‘N’ Peel Twizzlers
• Gold Sprinkles

Prepare cake mix following the recipe on box for cupcakes. Bake as directed and cool completely.

Fit a frosting bag with a star tip and fill with buttercream frosting. Frost the cupcakes, beginning at an outer point and spiral inward.

Cut the twizzlers into 3 inch sections. Pour the sprinkles into a small dish. Gently pull apart the top half of a twizzler section and moisten the ends with water. Dip the ends in the sprinkles. Push the other end into the center of a cupcake and gently arrange the ‘sparklers’.

Sparkler Cupcakes and More 4th of July Fun

Buttercream frosting

• ½ cup butter, softened
• 4 cups powdered sugar
• 1 tsp vanilla
• 4-5 TBS whipping cream (can substitute milk)

Beat butter and powdered sugar together with hand or stand mixer. Mix in vanilla. Add whipping cream 1 TBS at a time until frosting reaches desired consistency.

DIY Star Frame

Show off your Patriotism with this cute DIY Star Frame! This simple but adorable Star Frame can be made for about $2 with supplies from your local Walmart or other discount store.

DIY Star Frame

You will need:
• 3 Wooden Stars
• 1 Wooden Frame
• 10-15 Drops Blue Food Coloring
• 1 Tea Bag
• 1 TBS White Vinegar
• Hot Glue
• Water

Fill small dish with enough cold water to cover the wooden stars. Add food coloring and vinegar, stir. Place the stars in the dish and let sit for 6-8 hours, or until they reach desired color. Remove from water and allow to dry on a stack of paper towels.

DIY Star Frame

Soak the tea bag in warm water. Use the tea bag to ‘paint’ the stain onto the frame. Keep this very wet so the color can absorb. Allow to dry thoroughly on a stack of paper towels. If you would like a darker frame, repeat this process until the desired color is reached.

When everything is dry, use the hot glue gun to glue the stars across the top of the frame.

4th of July LInky Party at About A Mom

Link up your best 4th of July and Patriotic recipes and crafts, then hop around and check out all the others! I can’t wait to see all of your great ideas. Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Love the picture frame craft! Thanks for hosting this fun link-up, excited to see all the ideas!

  2. Oh what a cool idea for 4th of July, I needed one more dessert for my party and I have it now, I can’t wait to fix these, thank you so much, very cute

  3. Those are so cute! Thank you for the linkup too, I added a couple of posts.

  4. Such a cute idea, i love this!!

  5. That is such a cute idea for 4th of July!

  6. Debbie Welchert says:

    I just love the cupcake idea. My grandchildren will have as much fun making them as they will eating them.

  7. Thanks for the linky – I’m picking a couple of these to make for our BBQ on Friday!

  8. Nicole Dz says:

    I love this Sparkler Cupcakes! The kids would fall in love with these. Love the candy sparklers on top to make it look like they are really lite. Very cute & easy to make for the 4th!

  9. Those cupcakes are cute! I haven’t made any 4th of July plans this year, yet.

  10. M.Clark says:

    Wow, the sparkler cupcake is very creative and very festive. Thank you for sharing this recipe and all of the links.

  11. You had me at cupcake! I think I want to try these for the Fourth!

  12. What great 4th ideas! That cupcake looks too cute.

  13. Those cupcakes are super cute!!!

  14. These are so cute! My son would love any excuse to add twizzlers to anything.

  15. Love the cupcakes. This is the first time we will not be in the country for the US holiday.

  16. Such a fun idea. I wish I could make cupcakes while we are on the road, but it is so not happening!

  17. saminder gumer says:

    what a great idea. i will see if i can find any good links to add to this post.

  18. Seems like we’ll be seeing a lot of red, white, and blue the next week or so! Love the gold sprinkles on the cupcake and the fact that you dyed the wooden stars like that.

  19. Tammy S says:

    The cupcakes are so cute! What a great idea. My daughter will love making these. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

  20. Rebecca Parsons says:

    This would be great for our family reunion on the 4th of July. We have a lot of little kids and I think they would really like these.

  21. The cupcakes are so cute. I love that they make them so festive but you can still do whatever flavors of cake and icing you want.

  22. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I really like the picture frame, although the cupcakes are great too.

  23. I really never do much 4th of July themed things, but I think I will this year! You’ve inspired me!

  24. Those are cute. I wish I put on a 4th of July party, so I could do some fun stuff like this.

  25. Such super cute, fun, and easy cupcakes! Why can’t I think of things like this?

  26. How fun! I love that they are fully-edible since my 3yo loves to shove everything on top of those fancy cupcakes in his mouth – toothpicks and all ;)

  27. How festive and fun! Very, very cute!

  28. Such a cool idea for something to use for the 4th….thank you for sharing!!!

  29. Those are great ideas! The cupcake is super cute!

  30. Your cupcakes are so cute

  31. such a cute idea. love that the sparklers are edible

  32. I love the wooden star stain trick. That turned out so darn cute, Angela! Also, I’m a Twizzlers addict. MUST have your cupcakes.

  33. Those cupcakes are cute, what a fun idea!

  34. Lots of cute 4th of July stuff. I love the cupcakes!

  35. SO CUTE! Love the cupcakes! And thanks for the linky – I added mine too. LOVE cupcakes!

  36. So awesome and adorable. So many perfect treats for July 4th to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Janet W. says:

    Those cupcakes are the cutest! What a festive and unique idea. The kids would love them!

  38. Sally T. says:

    What some cute cupcakes with twizzlers on top.
    The butter cream frosting looks really good too.
    Great Fourth of July ideas.

  39. Melissa S says:

    I love the twizzlers and gold sprinkles idea, it packs a punch and is so easy!

  40. Those cupcakes are adorable! I love all the crafts. I need ideas for my daughter, thanks!

  41. Those cupcakes are really simple and cute. I love all of the other ideas that linked up too.

  42. Great ideas for the 4th. I need to remember them for next year!

  43. Tammy Schweitzer says:

    Oh wow thanks I love this recipe simple too make looks great thanks

  44. jenn huey says:

    Those cupcakes are creative and so stinking cute. How do you come with things like this

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