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I think we all have these dreams of the perfect holiday gathering. One with a table that looks like it was decorated by Martha Stewart, a feast that rivals that of Wolfgang Puck, and well dressed, perfectly behaved loved ones sitting at the dinner table. Although you’ve just spent an entire day slaving in the kitchen, you somehow still look like you’ve just walked off the cover of Vogue magazine. Sadly, this fantasy is not reality. Not at my house anyways. But that’s okay, because I know I am not alone in this. After reading some of the hilarious stories on NickMom.com, I realized that holiday mishaps are common place, and don’t just happen in my home.

What Thanksgiving is Really Like #MotherFunny NickMom #shop

What Thanksgiving is Really Like at My House

There was that year when I roasted the turkey with a bag of giblets still lodged inside. Needless to say, we had a meatless Thanksgiving dinner.

Then there was a turkey that stayed in the oven a little too long, and slightly resembled shoe leather. We did have turkey that year, but only the few bites we were able to choke down.

One Thanksgiving I pulled out my best china, and had the table set for a grand feast. By the time dinner was almost ready, and the kitchen was piled high with dirty pots and pans, I grabbed the paper plates out of the cupboard and put the china away. We’ve used paper plates almost every year since, but I do buy the ‘fancy’ paper plates.

What Thanksgiving is Really Like #MotherFunny NickMom #shop

Thanksgiving dinner is a little more formal, but this is what a typical family meal looks like.

That dream of looking like I stepped off the page of Vogue magazine is more like a fantasy. The truth is that by the time I sit down at the dinner table, I stink of sweat and have gravy smeared down the front of my blouse.

All politeness goes out the window, when dinner is ready. Before I even have a chance to set out all the platters and bowls, there is a line of hungry beasts pushing and clawing to get to the front of the line.

Having adult dinner conversation is about a joke. We usually talk about what Justin Bieber has been up to lately. There’s just no getting around it with twelve and fifteen year old Beliebers in the family.

What Thanksgiving is Really Like #MotherFunny NickMom #shop

When I try to get some nice holiday pictures, all I get is MONSTER FACES. Every holiday. Every picture.

Okay, so I know you can relate to some of this. Surely, I am not the only one with failed Thanksgiving dreams. Sometimes you just have to laugh about something to make it okay. All humor aside, what I am thankful for on Thanksgiving and every day of the year, is the time I have with my beloved family and friends. When all is said and done, we’ve had a great holiday. It’s always a fun party for us!

What Thanksgiving is Really Like #MotherFunny NickMom #shop

If you at all enjoyed reading my Thanksgiving confession or even if you didn’t, you’re going to love the #MotherFunny stuff going on at NickMom. In fact, NickMom makes me feel better about my own Thanksgiving mishaps. NickMom offers Moms real stores and real laughs. Chances are that during the day your television is tuned to Nickelodeon or Nick Jr. during the day, but after the kids go to bed at night you can tune in to NickMom for super fun programming that is just for Moms.

If you need a good laugh, or just a distraction from the family driving you crazy while you’re trying to prepare for your big Thanksgiving dinner next week, check out the NickMom web site for some #MotherFunny laughs and giggles!

You can also get a good laugh by following @NickMomon Twitter and on Facebook at Facebook.com/NickMom.

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  1. As long as there’s something edible on the table (not necessarily the turkey–I’ve had my share of overcooked ones too!) and the whole family is there, I’m happy. It’s nice to acknowledge that real life doesn’t look like pinterest!

  2. I’m not sure anyone has those perfect holidays you described. I keep hoping to but it never turns out that way.

  3. Those pictures were funny, and really made me smile. My family can get a bit wacky too at the holidays. My thanksgivings are not calendar worthy, but they are always fun!

  4. Thanks for the laughs. I remember my senior year when my college friends and I tried to cook our own Thanksgiving turkey since we weren’t going home. No one knew we had to take the “stuff” out of the middle of the turkey. Once the turkey was ruined, we opted for pizza!

  5. One year my mom served the turkey raw, that was our biggest mishap!

  6. Haha this is soo true! We are a paper plate and plastic fork kinda family! Usually for our get-togethers the kids outnumber the adults so I don’t even attempt to use real dinnerware! I bet Martha Stewart never had a nice sit down dinner with 20 wild kids LOL

  7. Love it! Isn’t it the truth? Add screaming kids, a broken dish or glass, and one of the dishes overcooked and undercooked, and you’d have my Thanksgiving day (hee-hee). Thanks for the laugh! :)

  8. When the family gets together for Thanksgiving, all bets are off! LOL

  9. Nothing wrong with paper plates! Less dishes to clean up!

  10. My SIL started thawing her turkey Thanksgiving morning…yeah, they made an emergency run to the store for a fresh turkey that cost them a fortune!

  11. Bahahaha! This is my family too! Especially the pictures.

  12. haha! Looks like a blast!

  13. Looks like you’re being real and growing relationships – not worrying about the fancy hoopla. To me, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of relationships when we’re worried about the plates, spoons and knives.

  14. I love Rebecca’s response! My Thanksgiving is practically the same way.

  15. Oh my goodness we look like the Beverly Hill Billies. Hard to believe the monster face is a model. If we are one thing we are real. Can’t wait for some more…um interesting pics this year. NickMom made me laugh their families are almost as funny as ours……almost.

  16. I love this post, I can relate to so much of it. For some reason, really weird things, unexpected things always seem to happen to me on Thanksgiving, and I don’t know why…man do I have some stories. Oh, and as for picture-perfect, come eat Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws when they are hiding the “Fart machine” under the table. ;))

  17. Super funny!!! I laughed at your story!! Because both sides of our family live so far away, there is only the four of us which makes it easy and manageable. Thanks for the laugh and being so real!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  18. Paper plates is totally the way to go!! LOL

  19. Sounds like Thanksgiving at my house. But that just makes for the best family memories! Have a great one!

  20. Ah yes, the monster faces! Here, too- usually with tongues sticking out!

  21. Oh, I get the monster faces all the time. Or the bunny ears!

  22. Sounds just like a holiday at my house!!! Too funny!

  23. My family is huge and we all try to show up for the holidays even if just dropping in. It is loud and complete chaos, and wild by most people’s standards. But I love it.

  24. Hey, there’s food and family… everything else is good, right?

  25. It sounds like you guys have lots of fun. That is what really matters!! :)

  26. LOL! That’s hilarious and so true!!

  27. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    Hahaha i get the monster faces as well instead of the nice pretty smiling pictures. Thanksgiving usually involves me running around with my head cut off and yelling at the kids to settle down lol

  28. Oh heck yeah, you need the escape with some adult humor after the kids go to bed!

  29. We use paper plates too! It’s so much easier than washing 19 sets of dishes.

  30. Monster faces – too funny. If it makes you feel better, we rarely had “great” candid holiday photos when I was a kid, either. My brothers were either holding ornaments up to their chests for “boobs” or making crazy faces.

  31. we get shots of someone shoving their fingers up a nose. not always their own!

  32. I get a lot of duck face in my pics, lol!

  33. we never do perfect we just do us. luv the monster face I usually get silly faces too

  34. So funny! Just love that monster face, lol! Yeah… you never know what to expect with my family! Usually mostly funny good stuff… but still unpredictable!

  35. Do you know growing up there wasn’t ever a photo taken AT Thanksgiving?

    Should have been.

    We could have documented all the years my mom forgot the innards. Which I now do. LOL

  36. I learned the hard way that paper plates are the way to go! I just want to eat and pass out, not clean up!

  37. We have never pulled out nice china either.. We are all about the food.. and being together.. ;)

  38. I was thinking the same thing about fancy plates this year for dinner and leaning towards the fancy paper plates. I despise dishes!

  39. Don’t be ashamed of the paper plates! Embrace it! My family does the same thing and it makes clean up so much faster afterwards!

  40. I think part of the fun of the holiday is hoping everything will be perfect and then waiting to see what will go crazy.

  41. All of my Thanksgivings as an adult have been pretty laid back so it’s been hard for stuff to go “wrong”, but growing up I remember some OMG moments that stick out! &Great idea about the paper plates!

  42. Thanks for bringing us back down to earth – I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving, and I’m crossing my fingers……

  43. some days I dream of the perfect Thanksgiving or family get together but I just know it’s never going to happen

  44. Oh my, love this! NickMom is the best, cracks me up!

  45. OMG, I love this. I like that someone will actually tell the truth about what its actually like at big family gatherings.

  46. I love it! Oh yes I have many MotherFunny events from the holidays..

  47. I don’t know one family whose holiday dinner goes perfectly. And I think it’s more fun to not worry about it being perfect and just going with the flow.

  48. Turkey leather is what happens in my home so yeah, it’s Luby’s this year! ;)

  49. I don’t think I have ever had a perfect holiday. Always a little chaos!

  50. Our holidays NEVER go even remotely as planned, much less in spectacular fashion. :)

  51. carla bonesteel says:

    My Grandma sat in her recliner, and gave orders all night. It was awful. Everyone was MAD by the time we ate…but the food was great, and thank God for alcohol! LOL

  52. SO don’t hate me, but our Thanksgiving was totally like that this year, but only because my stepmom is some sort of angel goddess with decorating, and I was there to help her cook and relieve some of the stress. Otherwise, Thanksgiving is NEVER picture-perfect for us. The day before Thanksgiving, however; not so cute. My youngest fell off of one of the insanely high beds at my dad’s house and clocked his head on the door just as we were crawling in for bed. So much for sleep that night. We had to go to the ER where my poor bambino needed stitches for his head wound, then he was up all night screaming in pain because mom forgot to buy Motrin for after the numbing agent wore off. #momoftheyear #client

  53. Sandy Cain says:

    Well, as long as you are celebrating with family, and have things to be thankful for, your Thanksgiving dinner is not a failure! I’ve had wonderful Thanksgiving and even Christmas dinners that were from Pizza Hut or the local Chinese take-out place. We don’t all live in the pages of Martha Stewart Living or on a Pinterest board.

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