There are Many Ways to Discover Boating this Summer

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My family has had a great summer. We’ve traveled a bit, enjoyed the outdoors, gone to 4-H camp, spent time in the pool, and many other fun summer activities. It seems like our summer break has just flown right by, with school starting up in less than two weeks. We will soon be missing all that summer has to offer, including the bright sunshine and warm weather. But summer is not over yet and there are still some things we want to do like more time at the beach and boating. Summer is the perfect time to discover boating and you don’t have to own a boat to get out on the water.

Discover Boating - Airboat

There are many ways to discover boating. If you don’t own a boat, you can go boating with friend or get a boat rental for an afternoon or a day. Many marinas offer partial and full day boat rentals. If a speed boat isn’t quite your speed, pontoon boats are a lot of fun and can accommodate larger groups. You can even go on an airboat ride, like my family recently did while visiting Florida. It was a lot of fun! Sailing, kayaking, and canoeing are other great boating options.

Discover Boating - Kayaking

A few weeks ago while at 4-H camp my grandson got to go kayaking for the first time. He said it was the most fun he ever had. He enjoyed it so much that we’ve been checking into purchasing some kayaks for the family. Kayaking and canoeing are definitely some of the more affordable ways to discover and have fun boating.

Did you family discover the fun of boating this summer?

About Discover Boating
Discover Boating is a public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry. Discover Boating programs focus on increasing participation and creating interest in recreational boating by demonstrating the benefits, affordability and accessibility of the boating lifestyle while helping to educate potential boaters and offering opportunities to experience the fun and togetherness of being on the water on a boat. Each year nearly 70 million people in the U.S. enjoy boating, the recreational activity that “connects like no other.

Need help finding the type of boating that’s right for your family? The Discover Boating boating activities page can help you out. Whatever kind of boating you decide to do, please remember that boating safety is most important. Discover Boating has a Boating and Kids page where your whole family can learn about important boat safety.

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  1. says

    I was just reading something about canoe rentals..and wondering what the heck my 17 month old would do in one. Could be very interesting!

  2. says

    There are truly so many lakes in Arkansas. I have great memories of going frequently growing up. This summer being pregnant, I have mainly enjoyed the ac :)

  3. says

    I’ve only been boating a handful of times in my life, and none of them were recent. I would love to go again though!!! You’re vacation sure sounded fun – hope you enjoy the rest of it! :)

  4. says

    I love boating and fishing in general. Unfortunately, our family just sold our boat earlier this week. We did have a lot of fun last summer with it.

  5. Christina Kelbel says

    I have not had many opportunities to be on a boat, but I love the water and would love to much more. I would love to have a boat of my own someday.

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