Getting to Know and Love My Surface Tablet #WindowsChampions

I have a confession to make… I am somewhat technologically challenged. You know that saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, I’m that old dog. When it comes to new technology I am always way behind. My teenage son had a cell phone before I did, and for years he set up the DVD player for me when I wanted to watch a movie. Embarrassing… I know. Just before Christmas we received the Surface Tablet with Windows 8 from Microsoft, as part of the Windows Champions program. It’s taken a little time for me to get to know my Surface RT Tablet, but I am quickly falling in love.

Surface Tablet

As with all new technology in this house, the Surface first went to the hands of my teenage nieces and nephew. Kids have no fear when it comes to new technology. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the holiday rush, and dealing with the illness and the loss of my grandmother, so I was glad to let them have at it. A few weeks ago, the tablet finally found it’s way into my hands and surprisingly it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

A Few Things I REALLY Like About Surface

It makes me feel like one of the cool kids. You know the commercials that are on all the time, where you hear all those nifty little keyboards clicking into place. It really makes that sound when the keyboard snaps onto the tablet and I have one! (I know… easily amused.)

Surface Tablet

It functions as both a tablet and laptop. While the kids prefer using the Surface as a tablet, I am loving the dual purpose it serves with the Touch Cover keyboard. With the keyboard it’s like a ‘small’ laptop, and I can get my work done. I’m not yet 100% sold on the keyboard yet. I love that it works as a protective cover for the tablet when not in use, it’s ultra thin and light weight, and clicks right into place. However, I haven’t quite gotten the feel for it and can’t type at my normal speed. I think it’s going to just take a little time, or I may invest in a Type Cover keyboard.

The integrated kickstand props the tablet at the perfect work angle. I LOVE this feature!

Surface Tablet

Windows 8 is so user friendly. After a few days of exploring and getting used to things, I found Windows 8 to be very user friendly… even for someone as technologically challenged as myself. The start screen is simple to customize, and you can make your most used apps visible and easily accessible.

Surface Tablet

Having the option of the Touch Cover keyboard on this tablet, I find myself using Surface much more than the other tablet in our house which only has the touch screen option available, although I must admit that the onscreen touch keyboard is much more user friendly than that of any other tablet I have used.

Surface Tablet

I’ve been exploring some new cooking and recipe apps and am amazed by all the fabulous free ones that are available. I’m also loving the Nook and Free Nook Books apps.

So far, my Surface Tablet pretty much rocks! (I’ll give you another update, as I get to know it better.)

Disclosure: I am a Windows Champions Blogger for 2013. As part of my participation in the program I will have the opportunity to try out new products and promotions.

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  1. That looks like a neat tablet! I just got a Samsung one a month ago, and I’m still learning it! It’s a whole different world than the PC!

  2. Thanks for all the detail and closeups of the Surface tablet. Sounds like something our family needs because right now we only have my Macbook and iPhones. But my almost 3 year old needs a device he can use for education apps and to watch toddler-friendly YouTube videos.

  3. I like that it can also turn into a laptop.I’m tech challenged (like you!) and feel reassured that you figured everything out quickly and comfortably…so I could too!

  4. That does look so user friendly. I’d love to surprise my hubs with one to replace his tablet. He’d fall out if I did!

  5. Isn’t it cool? I absolutely love it! I keep it on my nightstand and it’s the last thing I use at night and the first thing in the morning!

  6. I love it! I have looked at buying one actually. I think I would use it a lot more than an iPad. Great review!

  7. How fun is that? I am so jealous! I absolutely love the commercials for them, if I ever need a new tablet.. I will probably look at these! Neato! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Awesome! I’ve looked into tablets to purchase for myself and need to go to the Windows store to check out the Surface in person.

  9. Wow. That’s so cool. I’ve been a few commercials on TV for this tablet. Great pics. I still want a tablet, this one is looking pretty awesome to me.

  10. I am like you sometimes when it comes to new technology. I love how small it is and that it has an optional keyboard. I love all the awesome things happening for you and your blog already this year!

  11. So thin and easy to travel with – I love it. I don’t have a tablet like this but I do have an iPad. I still carry around my laptop though. Thanks for sharing this with us. I will keep it in mind when it is time to get a new laptop. Might just need a tablet instead!

  12. Carla Bonesteel says:

    I really really want one of these! I’m super jealous. I just can’t afford one right now.

  13. I have a pretty hip Mom who is in her 70′s and on Facebook every day but she wants a tablet so bad. This would be perfect for her. She would love the nook and free nook book apps. She reads a book a day sometimes! I think she would like that you can utilize it as a laptop as well. Thanks for sharing this review!

  14. i am kinda behind on a lot of technology also,but we learn as days go bye…nice article

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