Plan Your Summer Vacation with Windows 8 Travel Apps

Do you feel like you need a vacation from planning your family’s summer vacation? Planning a family vacation is a lot of work. With school winding down in less than two weeks for us here in Georgia, I find myself scrambling to get some summer vacation plans set into stone. We hope to make it to Myrtle Beach this summer, and my nieces want a weekend in Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium and to do some shopping. As technology and more specifically apps become ever more present and useful in my day to day life, I find myself utilizing several Windows 8 travel apps to plan our summer travels.

Windows 8 Travel app

Here are some Windows 8 travel apps that might be very useful for planning your summer vacation:

Bing Travel app for Windows 8 – The built-in Windows 8 Travel app, powered by Bing, lets you explore over 2000 destinations from all over the world through beautiful photos and panoramas. Travel guides, booking tools, real time currency conversion, and weather provide everything you need to turn travel inspirational into your next great trip. The Bing Travel app encourages users to book their air travel and hotel reservations through it, and passes users through to the site of the airline or third-party travel partner via the Internet Explorer browser.

Cool Features:

Explore destinations all over the world. View top attractions, 360 degree panoramas, pictures, maps, and more.

Editorial selected travel articles provide travel inspiration and tips from trusted sources.

The Travel app detects the person’s location via the device’s geolocation detector and fetches search results that are relevant to the your location.

If a user is not ready to book, he or she can “pin” information to the Start menu or share it with another person with a single click.

World Mate Windows 8 Travel app

WorldMate app for Windows 8WorldMate is the world’s number one mobile travel app. To use WorldMate simply register an email address, and forward any pertinent travel messages such as flight confirmations or hotel reservations to WorldMate’s website. The app will do the rest, setting up a user-friendly itinerary complete with maps.

Features include:

Itinerary Viewer – Have all your confirmation emails and trip information organized in one place!
Mapping – See where your hotel, car pickup or next meeting is located.
Share your trips via Facebook.
Facebook Log in- Have one less password to remember.
See which friends are nearby to your trip location.

Living Social - Windows 8 Travel apps

Living SocialLiving Social is the Windows 8 app for you, if you are looking for great deals on dining, attractions, and activities. You can browse deals for the city you are visiting, and make purchases right from the app. Focusing mainly on dining and entertainment, the Living Social app shows featured limited-time deals in the surrounding area.

Meet1/2Way windows 8 travel app

Meet½Way app for Windows 8 – This Meet1/2Way app is great for a road trip. You can use it to find new and interesting venues located half way between you and your destination. If you’re like me and want to plan a stop at the half way point for a potty break, this app will be very helpful. Although, I think the app was intended for finding a compromise or half way point when meeting up with friends or family.

What are your favorite apps or tips for planning vacations?

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Disclosure: I am a Windows Champions Blogger for 2013. As part of my participation in the program I will have the opportunity to try out new products and promotions.

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  1. says

    Thanks for these apps – I will definitely have to check them out. We travel approximately once a year, by vehicle because it’s cheaper so these will really come in handy!

  2. says

    Even though I’m not planning on actually going away far this summer, I love apps like this that let me dream! Seriously, planning pretend vacations is one of the most relaxing past times!

  3. says

    We’re taking a road trip to Arizona this summer, but we’re taking a more scenic way through Utah. We’re pretty excited as it’s our first real vacation as a family of 6!

  4. says

    I’m deathly afraid of Windows 8!! lol it looks so scary!! My dad is a big fan, so I’ll be sure to pass these travel solutions on to him!

  5. says

    Windows 8 literally makes me want to cry, but you have inspired me to investigate what apps we can use to plan some travel this summer. Thanks :)

  6. Tammy S says

    Wow I didn’t know about some of these apps. I have really got to get better about keeping up with all the new apps. Thanks for sharing.

  7. says

    Love Living Social! And the fact that I can purchase deals in other cities. We’re heading to Vegas for a night before flying out to South Dakota this summer so we’ll be seeing a show and having dinner on the Strip. I was able to get a great deal on both through Living Social!

  8. says

    I am still learning Windows 8… It’s giving me a bit of a brain ache LOL
    When I get over the ‘change’ from switching to 8, I’ll have to look into this. Baby steps :)

  9. says

    Looks like such an awesome app! Oh and I would love to go back to the Georgia Aquarium this summer. We went last summer and the kids ask to go back all the time. I hope we can sometime soon.

  10. Donna Martin says

    I think this app will surely bring to places, maybe not physically, but intellectually and virtually.

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