YesVideo Storytellers Blogger Tour

As a YesVideo Storyteller I recently had an opportunity to visit San Jose, California for the YesVideo Storyteller Blogger Tour. It was a chance to tour the YesVideo corporate headquarters, and learn more about the process of how they preserve the treasured family memories of so many people. I’m one of those people who likes to know how things work, so a chance to visit the YesVideo facility and see behind the scenes really intrigued me. This was a super fun trip!

YesVideo Storytellers Blogger Tour

You never really know what to expect on a blogger or media trip. The folks at YesVideo rolled out the red carpet for the group of bloggers visiting them, but more importantly than that they took time to really get to know us and answer our questions. The CEO of the company even spent time dining and chatting with us. From the production line to the department heads, the folks behind YesVideo are genuinely nice people, and this left a lasting impression on me.

YesVideo Storytellers Blogger Tour

YesVideo Storytellers Blogger Tour

There were some things that stood out to me during our behind-the-scenes tour of the YesVideo facility and video transfer process. There are cameras strategically placed all over the building to ensure privacy and quality control. If you think about how precious those treasured family memories are that people send in to YesVideo, you’ll understand the importance and appreciate the care that goes into preserving that precious cargo.

YesVideo Storytellers Blogger Tour

My Visit to YesVideo Headquarters 10

YesVideo has such a streamlined process, along with systems in place to ensure quality and efficiency. It was nice to learn that so many of the employees and staff have been with the company from the beginning. There was a real sense of family among the staff.

YesVideo Storytellers Blogger Tour

The large facility was full of equipment – old and new. When you send in an old film reel from your grandparents basement or an old VHS tape that your parents made of you as a child on Christmas morning, YesVideo has the equipment to play that film or tape and then digitally transfer it to DVD. They have some pretty neat, cutting edge technology that we weren’t able to take pictures of during the tour. I have to say though, that with all the technology and equipment it still comes down to the YesVideo employees who carefully transfer and edit those precious memories.

YesVideo even does their own customer service in house and strives to provide customers with excellent customer service. I loved seeing how the customer service representatives were recognized each time a customer gave a compliment or favorable feedback. It’s always nice to be recognized for a job well done.

YesVideo Storytellers Blogger Tour

In addition to learning more about YesVideo, there was some time for fun and games which included a game of laser tag. I can’t claim to be the laser tag champ, but can proudly say that I didn’t come in last place. We even hosted a Twitter party during lunch one day. It was so much fun doing that together as a group.

It’s always neat to be one of the first to learn about something new. While we were there, the bloggers learned of a new partnership between YesVideo and Hallmark. I’ll be sharing more about the YesVideo Hallmark Moments from the Past eCards with you very soon – so stay tuned!

As a YesVideo Storyteller I get the opportunity to test out their video services. This is a compensated ambassadorship, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow it must have been really interesting to learn all about how that works!

  2. Wow how interesting that must of been, very cool experience.

  3. And who DID come in first place? :)

    It was a wonderful trip! I was impressed by everything at YesVideo. They’re really such an amazing company!

  4. Wow I had no idea there was that much that went into it.

  5. Looks like you had a great time! How cool that the CEO made an appearance too :)

  6. I love this concept, and it is wonderful to know that they are taking great care with the items entrusted to them.

  7. What an awesome experience! I definitely need to try this!

  8. Wow that looks so neat! I bet it was so fun to see how everything works “Behind the scenes”

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love learning more about the products we’ve used and recommended.

  10. It would be so fun to see behind the scenes!

  11. I’ve worked with YesVideo before and have always been very impressed by everyone there- and the service itself as well!

  12. I haven’t heard of them before, sounds like an awesome experience and great way to meet other bloggers!

  13. What a fantastic event! The behind the scenes look is fantastic. I can’t wait to send in videos to them.

  14. That is very interesting. I have always wondered what the process was

  15. That sounds like such an interesting trio! I love that YesVideo actually took you behind the scenes so you really got to learn about the whole process!

  16. LOVE this service — we have a ton of old movies from my childhood … I nee to share this with my mom so she can get them transferred.

  17. That is so cool you had a great time on your trip. I haven’t heard of YesVideo yet, so this is a really neat service. We have tons of video that needs to get transferred.

  18. That sounds like a lot of fun! I’d love to go on a tour and see something as neat as that.

  19. I love YesVideo and the products that they offer. We’ve done several transfers. Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time on your trip!

  20. What fun! I always enjoy reading about YesVideo tours, they have the best customer service too. Thanks for sharing more about them and looks like you had a great time!

  21. What a cool experience. :) Hope you had a great time!

  22. Wow, that is such a cool experience! I wish I could have been there too! YesVideo looks amazing. I know many people that have a lot of family VHS movies that they would love to have transferred to digital copies or DVDs.

  23. I used their service once and loved it

  24. I love this. I need to remind myself to get on the ball with my parents old home movies.

  25. Wow…that sounds really neat! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  26. Sounds like a great time! Laser tag? Heck yeah!!

  27. That sounds like a fun time! Laser tag is always fun, and it must’ve been cool to see all the technology at Yes Video!

  28. I love learning how things work behind the scenes. What a great opportunity.

  29. I wonder if my parents still have the old 8mm reels ….

  30. and laser tag.

    my sister used yesvideo to surprise her father in law with family memories on dvd. he cried!

  31. How cool! To see the behind the scenes of how memories are preserved would be totally cool. Congrats on your partnership!

  32. WOW! What a fun and educational experience. I would have loved to have attended this.

  33. I bet this was a really fun event to go to! And a totally awesome learning experience!

  34. What a neat behind the scenes experience! This has got to be one of the many benefits of being a blogger and getting to see things like this that most people don’t get to do!

  35. What a fun trip! Awesome that the CEO chatted with you, and also that they do in-house customer service. That’s something I really appreciate. Plus you got to play Laser Tag – so fun!

  36. Very interesting how all that works. Looks like you had a good time too!

  37. It’s wonderful that they took such good care of you. Thanks for sharing the innerworkings of the company and demonstrating the quality of their handling. Sending someone else your irreplaceable memories is not something to be taken lightly.

  38. I really like knowing that they have cameras in there. That’s definite peace of mind!

  39. That’s really cool to see behind the scenes and all that goes into how their services work.

  40. What a neat experience. I have some videos that I need to transfer.

  41. Such a fun trip! Learned so much and loved meeting ALL you smart writers. :)

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