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2022 Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment Promo Offer

2022 Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment Promo Offer

Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment is happening now and the 2022 Florida 529 Prepaid Open Enrollment promo offer is a terrific way for Florida families to check college savings off the list.

This post is sponsored by Florida Prepaid College Plans. Opinions are my own.

Do you find yourself looking toward the future more and more? After the struggles of recent years, I sure do and the future is looking bright. Paying for your child’s future college is one surefire way to a brighter future for your family. The 2022 Florida 529 Prepaid Open Enrollment promo offer is a terrific way for Florida families to check college savings off the list.

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Collecting seashells on St. Pete Beach, Florida

New this Year! Get up to $500 deposited into a Florida 529 account when you enroll in a Florida Prepaid College or University Plan!

I wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything and as rewarding as it is – parenting is hard work. Securing and paying for college now means a LOT LESS STRESS in the future and frees up future funds to do some of those things you’ve dreamed about doing one day.

Here in Florida, February marks the start of Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment.

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Florida Prepaid 101

  • If you’re not familiar with Florida Prepaid College Plans think of it like the 401K of college savings. It’s a smart, tax-advantaged way to save for your child’s future tuition costs.
  • There are a variety of plans available to choose from to meet every family’s needs, and cost is based on the plan you choose and age of your child when you enroll. Families prepay on a monthly or lump sum basis, the future cost of college tuition, dormitory housing and specified fees. Florida Prepaid manages the fund for you, and when your child is ready for college, the plan pays the agreed-upon costs and fees that are included in your plan.
  • If your child attends an out-of-state college, private college, or technical (vocational) school, the plan will pay the same amount as it would pay at a public college or university in Florida.
  • You only have to be a state resident to open a Florida Prepaid College Plan. If you move out of state, you’ll still be able to contribute to the plan as if you never left. As an added bonus, your child will be considered an in-state resident if he or she decides to return to Florida for their college or university education. We have some terrific colleges and universities here in Florida!
  • Florida Prepaid is the nation’s largest and most successful prepaid college program. Florida Prepaid Plans are an easy and affordable way to save for future college!
  • Every Florida Prepaid College Plan is guaranteed by the state of Florida. Even during challenging economic years, the prepaid fund has never operated on a deficit, so you can rest easy knowing that your hard-earned college savings will be safe and ready for your child to use in future years.

There are so many wonderful things about living in Florida. The beautiful weather and sandy beaches, but Florida Prepaid definitely tops the list!

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Manatee River in Bradenton, Florida

What’s New for 2022 Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment?

Things are looking up for 2022. If you’ve been waiting for the best time to save for your child’s future, this is it. In my opinion, this is the best Florida Prepaid promo offer ever. Read on to find out how you can get up to $500 cash for college from Florida Prepaid and NO Application Fee.

  • 2022 Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment runs February 1, 2022 through April 30.
  • For the first time, Florida Prepaid is offering a new promotion for 2022 – up to $500 in a Florida 529 Savings Plan for families who open a new Florida Prepaid Plan.
  • Florida Prepaid has eliminated the $50 application fee!
  • This exclusive 2022 Florida Prepaid Promo offer applies to all 5 tuition plans: 4-Year Florida University Plans, 1-Year Florida University Plans, 2+2 Florida Plans, 4-Year Florida College Plans, and 2-Year Florida College Plans.
  • If you signed up for a new Florida 529 Prepaid Plan from May 1, 2021 through January 31, 2022, this new 2022 Open Enrollment promotion also applies to you!

Florida Prepaid is NOW OPEN for parents or other family members to get college savings started. The earlier you start, the cheaper your monthly installments are. Get started now!

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