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25 Days of Christmas | Christmas Crafts Bright Lights Cookie Plate DIY

25 Days of Christmas | Christmas Crafts Bright Lights Cookie Plate DIY

Christmas Craft Bright Lights Cookie Plate
Click photo to download the Bright Lights Cookie Plate pattern.

Christmas crafts Bright Lights Cookie Plate

What You’ll Need
Clear, smooth 10-inch glass plate
Masking tape
Bottle-tip nozzle pen set
Enamel paint: black, green, white, yellow, red & blue
#2 round paint brushes
Foam plate
  1. Download and print 2 copies of the Bright Lights Cookie Plate pattern.
  2. Cut out the patterns along semicircle outline.
  3. Flip 1 pattern so ends of cord outline match up with other pattern, creating a continuous circular pattern.
  4. Tape into place.
  5. Snip 1/2-inch tabs all around pattern. This will allow paper to conform to plate.
  6. Position and tape pattern face down on top of glass plate. The design will be painted on bottom of plate.
  7. Using pen set, attach extension cap and fine metal tip to black enamel bottle. Practice squeezing lines of enamel from bottle onto foam plate.
  8. Next, draw thin black definition lines on glass plate for sockets and cords and around each bulb.
  9. Let dry. Be sure to quickly and thoroughly rinse out cap and metal tip after each use.
  10. Thin a small amount of green enamel with water on the foam plate. Paint a line over coiling cord, using pattern as your guide and painting on top of black definition lines. Also use green to fill in sockets and 2 green bulbs. Be sure to apply paint strokes in same direction. Let dry, and repeat if necessary to achieve opaque coverage.
  11. Thin small amount of white enamel with water, and paint white lightbulbs. Repeat with remaining paint colors to fill in yellow, red, and blue bulbs.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on enamel bottles for drying, baking, and curing enamel to glass.

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