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4 Great Dog Travel Accessories

4 Great Dog Travel Accessories

4 Great Dog Travel Accessories!

Last summer was the first time we took an actual vacation with our dogs – beyond day trips to the parks or beach. I was a little nervous that Winston and Lilly wouldn’t handle the road trip well or stay quiet enough in the hotel room. Surprisingly, they handled it all like champs.

Like with most things, I did a fair amount of research ahead of time. Yet, in the end there are a few things I will do differently next time. For example, instead of a staying at pet-friendly hotel I will most likely opt for a rental house. That way I won’t have to worry quite so much about barking.

In preparation for our next trip, I picked up some dog travel accessories from The Lakeside Collection to make traveling with dogs a little easier. Many thanks to The Lakeside Collection for providing me with a gift certificate to conduct this review.

Set of 3 Sea Life Stuffing-Free Dog Toys
New toys are an absolute must when traveling with dogs. Since we will most likely head to the beach with the dogs again this summer, I went with a set of adorable sea creatures.

4 Great Dog Travel Accessories!

The lobster, shark and crab each have a squeaker to keep your dogs entertained for hours.

4 Great Dog Travel Accessories!

Cozy Patchwork Pet Bed
The last thing I need in my house right now is a new dog bed, but I really couldn’t pass up this portable pet bed. The 30X32-inch bed easily folds up and provides a nice, soft bed for your pet anywhere. Plus, it can easily be popped into the washing machine.

4 Great Dog Travel Accessories!

Cooling Auto Seat Cover
In addition to protecting your car from pet fur and spills, the Cooling Auto Seat Cover provides extra relief from the sweltering heat that can build up in your car. The fabric used to make the cover will help you and your dogs keep cool. It easily fits over the seat and features adjustable straps to hook around the headrest and back of the seat. It fits perfectly into the back of my Honda Civic.

4 Great Dog Travel Accessories!

AKC Calmcoat™
My sweet Lilly is a nervous dog to begin with, so traveling can be hard on her. A calming coat is something I have been thinking about trying for a while now. The coat applies a gentle but constant pressure on a dog’s torso that has an effect similar to that of swaddling an infant. It calms dogs in stressful times. It’s been a little hard to gauge it’s effectiveness at home, although Lilly seems to like wearing it. I can’t wait to see how it helps on the road.

4 Great Dog Travel Accessories!

The Lakeside Collection offers a variety of different pet products year round, including dog travel accessories and more. Check out all the great dog travel accessories and pet products from The Lakeside Collection.

Have you ever traveled with your pets? What pet travel accessories do you recommend?

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