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A Time for Change, 2016 Year In Review

A Time for Change, 2016 Year In Review

About a Mom shares a 2016 year in review. Big changes, updates and highlights from 2016.

Happy New Year! I took some much needed time of for the holidays, and to be honest I’m having a difficult time getting motivated this morning as I sit here looking at the Christmas tree that still needs to come down. Why did I put so many ornaments on this tree?

Today is our first day back to school, and I have a lot of catching up to do. First I want to take a moment to reflect on 2016, and share some of the highlights and big changes that happened last year.

About a Mom shares a 2016 year in review. Big changes, updates and highlights from 2016.

2016 Year in Review

If you are a regular reader of About a Mom, you probably noticed that Laura hasn’t been around these last few months. In case you don’t know, Laura is my mom and was also a contributor here at About a Mom. She officially retired last summer, and is enjoying time with her new great-grandson.

2016 started out pretty normal for me. In early February, I flew to Chattanooga to spend a week with my son. Spending time with him has a way of making everything right in the world. It’s tough when your kids grow up and leave the nest. In March I enjoyed going to East Texas for a FAM trip, and April brought me to the beautiful Hilton Sandestin beach resort for another work trip. Then in May I was very fortunate to attend Disney Social Media Moms Celebration for the third time.

About a Mom shares a 2016 year in review. Big changes, updates and highlights from 2016.

May and June were very exciting months for me. I went to Europe for two weeks, which included stops in Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, and France. That was such a wonderful trip.

June ended with a sisters cruise to the Bahamas where my sister Cat and I came oh-so close to being left behind in Nassau. We got to swim with the dolphins though, so it was totally worth it. We laugh about it now, but it was a bit stressful in the moment.

About a Mom shares a 2016 year in review. Big changes, updates and highlights from 2016.

Next came the big move to Florida.

In July I made the move from Georgia to Central Florida and became legal guardian and later adopt my 8 year old great-niece, Tatiana. Not everyone agreed with my decision at the time, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Tati needed me, and what I didn’t know then is that I needed her just as much.

Tati has been through a lot, and as expected there have been many ups and downs throughout our transition to becoming a family. We are doing really great now though. I love her to pieces and feel fiercely protective of her.

Trying to keep up with her is making me feel young again. Buying us Disney annual passes was one of the first things I did after getting to Florida. I love living just 30 minutes from the Disney Parks and so many other wonderful attractions. Oh, and the beach. I LOVE living so close to the beach. I really missed living in a city those years I was in Georgia. I feel like I’ve got my groove back again. I feel much lighter. Happier. Although not always easy, these last few months have been really good.

About a Mom shares a 2016 year in review. Big changes, updates and highlights from 2016.

In August I went to Austin and see my youngest sister graduate from college. I am so proud of her. Then in the Fall, I had a super fun trip with my friends from Rachael Ray Nutrish – one of the brands I am fortunate to have worked with over the last few years.

My son was home for Thanksgiving and agreed to have some cheesy family portraits done with me and Tati. I was sick the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas, but I’m not going to dwell on that.

About a Mom shares a 2016 year in review. Big changes, updates and highlights from 2016.

2016 was definitely a year of change for me both personally and professionally. Making the move from Georgia to Florida and becoming an instant parent to an 8 year old was a big adjustment. It has taken me a few months to get caught up on work, and to feel settled again.

Moving forward…

I feel very blessed to work with so many terrific brands in 2016, and am thankful for the opportunities I have had with this blog. I am also very thankful for all of you who read and support this blog. I look forward to what 2017 has in store for us all. 2017 holds so much promise.

Starting out in January, I hope to finally get my office unpacked and setup the way I want it. It is the one room in the new house that has been neglected. I really need that work space too, because I have big plans for About a Mom in 2017. Also in January, I hope to find time to finally write about my summer travels. I started last week with a post sharing highlights of my 2 days in Lucerne, Switzerland. This February I am looking forward to going on another cruise with my sister, and also visiting my son in Tennessee to see the new home he just purchased. My son and I also have a trip to London planned for July, and I’m super excited to take Tatiana on her first cruise this summer. There are many adventures ahead, and I look forward to them all.

Living in Central Florida is going to be great. My new home is located between Kissimmee and the Tampa Bay area. There is so much to do here, and I can’t wait to share it with you. This year I also look forward to sharing more of my favorite recipes and ideas for family fun.

Cheers to a new year! I can’t wait to hear some of your 2016 highlights and plans for the new year. I hope you’ll share in a comment below.

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