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Active Accessories On-The-Go Essential Accessory Pouch

Active Accessories On-The-Go Essential Accessory Pouch

When is the last time you went somewhere such as the gym, jogging, or to the park, and didn’t want to carry your purse around? The Active Accessories On-The-Go Essential Accessory Pouch is perfect for tucking away necessities like keys, cell phones, and credit cars on-the-go. It’s a versatile, sporty clutch perfect for women and girls of all ages.

Essential Accessory Pouch

The Essential Accessory Pouch features a nylon exterior that is water resistant. The pouch is very light weight and very durable, making it perfect for running, or a trip to the gym.

The Accessory Pouch is a perfect stocking stuffer as it comes in handy for diverse people and purposes including:

Professional on-the-go Women – Those who go from work to workout can use the Accessory Pouch as a place to store their jewelry. There is even a snap button holder that allows you to clip in rings or hoop earrings.

Outdoor Exercisers – Those who ride their bike and want somewhere to store their phone and keys.

Gym Go-ers – Those who go to the gym with just an id, phone and keys will benefit from easily storing them inside the pouch.

Moms around Town – Throw your keys, credit cards and phone into your Pouch and you’re good to go run errands.

Travelers – If you’re going away for a night or two, store your jewelry in your Pouch.

Preteens and Teens with cell phones – Those girls who are too young for a pursue but old enough to have a cell phone can carry their phones around in their Pouch.

Essential Accessory Pouch

I received this pouch in a vibrant pink, but it’s available in a variety of fun colors. I particularly like the length of the strap on this pouch. It’s perfect for slipping over your wrist and stays in place, or you can easily attach it to any bag. One of my sisters is a bit of a gym rat, so I tucked one of these pouches into her Christmas package that shipped out yesterday. It’s a practical gift that I know she will appreciate, and get a lot of use from. With my nieces Becca and Maddie spending 3 nights a week at the gym for cheer practice, I think I’ll need a couple more of these.

A fun and sporty accessory for active people!

Is getting in shape for the new year on your resolutions list this year? I think the Essential Accessory Pouch will come in very handy when you’re walking or visiting the gym, and is a great and affordable addition to your workout gear. It’s currently available to purchase from Active Accessories online or Amazon.

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