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Apps and Tools to Help You Keep Resolutions

Apps and Tools to Help You Keep Resolutions

Apps and Tools to Help You Keep Resolutions

With New Year’s Eve just a few days away, many are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Health, fitness and organization resolutions are sure to be popular again this year. Technology is such a big part of our lives. There is pretty much an app for everything.

As a Microsoft Blogger I get the opportunity to try new products throughout the year, and am excited to share some tools to help you keep resolutions this year.

Apps and Tools to Help You Keep Resolutions

Resolution #1 – Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle (and lose those 5lbs)

Microsoft Band 3o Just in time for the new year, Microsoft has launched our first fitness tracker, the Microsoft Band on the Microsoft Health Platform. It’s is the perfect tool that can easily help you maintain your healthy resolutions.

o The device tracks your heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep quality. Using the Microsoft Health platform, the Band helps you live healthier by providing actionable insights based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day.

o The band goes beyond a traditional fitness tracker, helping you be more productive with email previews and calendar alerts – right on your wrist.

o Available now for just $199, the device works across iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones.

Resolution #2: Be productive and get organized

Cortanao Cortana is the essential tool for bringing more productivity to life! Whether you’re launching a new business or looking to spend less time on everyday tasks, Cortana acts as your personal assistant, so you can focus on what’s important.

o Only Cortana provides “planners” for the morning, evening and when you’re travelling somewhere new, to help you prepare.

o She also lets you set time based reminders (e.g. take my vitamins in the morning) and location based reminders (e.g. pick up milk at grocery store).

Resolution #3: Stay connected with friends and family (and don’t skip the gym!)

o Want to do aerobics with your friends in different towns? Rather than drive somewhere to exercise together in person, prop up your laptops and try out Skype Group Video Calling, part of Skype Premium. Group Video Calling will allow you and up to nine other friends to exercise together through video call, making your daily aerobics routine fun and social! If you just want one work-out buddy, try out Skype-to-Skype video calling, which is a free and easy solution.

o Are you always on the road and as a result, constantly missing your personal trainer sessions? With Skype video calling on your iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet or laptop, you can now work out with a trainer from the convenience of your hotel room, home, and more! No matter where you go in 2015, Skype can go with you and ensure you keep up your fitness routine. In fact, we’ve seen an increase in the number of trainers now offering their services via Skype video call, such as self-proclaimed Virtual Personal Trainer, Marc Thompson, who can easily help you with your workout routine, no matter your location!

Resolution #4: Use mobile apps on-the-go to achieve wellness goals

o MSN Food and Drink – provides instant access to over 21,000 recipes and first hand tips from world-renowned chefs. And, when you are in the kitchen preparing your healthy snacks that could be a little messy, the app can switch into hands-free mode. With these gesture controls, you can create your perfect, mint apphealthy meal without ever touching your screen.

o Mint – Let this year be the year you get your finances in order with Mint on Windows and Windows Phone. This app lets you set budgets and track financial goals with ease.

o MSN Health & Fitness – You’ll find the one-stop spot for a healthier you, with an app that combines nearly 1,000 exercise videos, a nutritional and medical reference guide, and diet trackers to help you meet your wellness goals.

o Bodeefit – With workout timers, daily workouts, workout logs and movement descriptions, this Windows app makes it easy for anyone to get in great shape, even if you don’t have access to equipment!

o Juice Recipes – Learn how to incorporate high-nutrient ingredients into delicious and healthy juices is easy! Start with sweet, refreshing, nutritious ingredients such as berries and carrots, then slowly add nutritious leafy greens and earthy vegetables to gain the maximum health benefits.

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  • I don’t have a cell phone, much less a smart phone but it was interesting reading about all the available apps.. maybe someday we can afford for me to have a phone. My husband has a cell but not a smart phone.

  • I wish i could work out… i broke my foot and after 3 surgery’s i only have 5% movement. 3 down 3 to go. unfortunately im basically stuck in bed with my ancient desk top by my bed.

  • Awesome that there are apps that help track fitness goals. I need to know if what I do is working.

  • I have high medical bills due to brain surgery so can’t afford to go to gym. We go to a lake walking path in warmer weather and mall walk in the colder. It works.

  • I just got a juicer for Christmas so I am thrilled with the Juice app – thanks! Now if there was only an app to help me stick to my “Get rid of 2,015 items in 2015” resolution!

  • Wow, I”ve been needing a new phone for ages. The Cortana would be wonderful and keeping up with my fitness doesn’t sound bad at all.

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