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Award Winning Board Games from Peaceable Kingdom

Award Winning Board Games from Peaceable Kingdom

My whole family enjoys playing board games. Playing board games with my younger grandchildren can be a bit challenging at times, because nobody likes to lose. I am so glad to have been introduced to the cooperative games from Peaceable Kingdom, because they are designed to promote cooperative play where everyone works together. I love that there are no temper tantrums or tears at the end of these games – everyone is happy! My family received two award winning board games from Peaceable Kingdom to try out – Race to the Treasure and Seeds for the Birds.

Award Winning Board Games by Peaceable Kingdom

Seeds for the Birds
Seeds for the Birds is a 2 – 4 player game, geared for ages 3 and up. The goal of this game is to help Mama Bird feed her 3 little babies. No reading is required to play this game. There are three different cards with images, and each requires a different task. The seed card requires you to place the number of seeds pictured on a bird feeder. If it’s a bird card you’ll gather some seeds for the birds. You’ve gotta watch out for the squirrel cards – squirrels love seeds too. Everyone works together to collect seeds for Mama Bird, and in the end it’s either Mama Bird or the Squirrels that win.

Award Winning Board Games by Peaceable Kingdom

The game is easily completed in 15 minutes, making it perfect for the short attention span of younger players. This game teaches counting, taking turns, following directions, shared decision-making, and cooperation. Like all Peaceable Kingdom games, everything inside Seeds for the Birds is 100% Green.

Award Winning Board Games by Peaceable Kingdom

Race to the Treasure
Race to the Treasure is geared toward kids ages 5 and up, and takes 2 – 4 players to play. In this game players work as a team to beat the Ogre to the treasure. It’s your job to make a path to the treasure, and along the way collect all 3 keys that will open the treasure’s locks – all before the Ogre gets there. Players will be rolling dice and collecting game cards that will build a path to the treasure. Race to the Treasure even includes an Ogre snack which is kinda fun. Learning skill include: math grid concepts, strategy, shared decision-making, emotional development, and cooperation.

Both games are beautifully illustrated, and very engaging for young players.

Award Winning Board Games by Peaceable Kingdom

Award Winning Games and Toys
This year’s Oppenheim Platinum Best Toy Award went to Seeds For The Birds ($15.99, for ages 3 and up) and Race To The Treasure ($15.99, for ages 5 and up). These two games are green, made of post-consumer recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based inks. Oppenheim Gold Best Toy Awards went to three adorable coop games: Willy’s Wiggly Web, Snug As A Bug In A Rug and Feed The Woozle (all three are $19.99 for ages 3 and up with leveled play and skill development for three ages groups). Willy’s Wiggly Web even appeared on the TODAY Show recently!

* About A Mom received a sample for review. 

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