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Bounce Back from Embarrassing Moments #BounceBack

Bounce Back from Embarrassing Moments #BounceBack

Bounce Back

I’m being compensated by Bounce for my participation in this campaign with the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.

With the cooler weather rolling in, so is the fear of static cling. There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking into a holiday party with your static clingy dress sticking to your panty hose. Well maybe there is something more embarrassing, and it happened to me. Friends and family can attest that I don’t get embarrassed very easily. I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a problem making a fool of myself. But then this happened…

Bounce Back

Have you ever pulled on a pair of pants and felt that something wasn’t quite right? Maybe you reached into your pants leg, and pulled out that matching sock you’ve been looking for? Well, one morning after arriving to the office I felt something sticking inside my pants leg and pulled it out. I was shocked, and no I’m not talking about the electric shock that comes with static cling. I was shocked because I was fully prepared to pull out a sock, but instead pulled out a pair of panties. Of course, everyone who sat nearby saw what happened, and word travelled quickly throughout the office. I was so embarrassed, but I Bounced Back!

There will be no more embarrassing static cling moments for me this winter. I am prepared and ready for the static cling battle thanks to Bounce. I’ll be tossing a Bounce dryer sheet into each and every load of clothes that I dry.

Check out this fun Vine video I made!

Bounce dryer sheets come in six, fresh scents: Outdoor Fresh, Fresh Linen, Spring Fresh, Meadows & rain, Spring & Renewal, and Fresh Lavender.

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If you have sensitive skin, Bounce dryer sheets also come in a perfume and dye free version, which is recommended by dermatologists. And then there’s the Bounce Dryer Bar which attaches to the drum of the dryer. It’s pretty nifty!

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Giveaway!!! Two lucky About a Mom readers will win a BounceBack box to help you bounce back from life’s challenges and hiccups. (ARV $47 each).

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  • i saved up a good chunk of money as vacation spending this summer; after a week of going out to eat, going to get drinks, and treating myself to souvenirs and activities and entertainment, it was hard to bounce back to normal reality!!

  • When your a mom you have to bounce back and fast. There is no time for being sick. I always try to take care of my kids even when I dont feel good or have the energy they need to come first

  • I bounce back from the stresses of mother hood by treating myself to something I enjoy. Simple things such as a Sweet tea or Iced Coffee from McDonalds, or going to my favorite Chinese buffet in town!

  • I bounce back by taking some me time. Whether it’s a long soak in the tub, going to see a movie, or reading a book. It’s nice to have some quality me time to get things in perspective.

  • There have been several times in life when I have had to bounce back. Fortunately faith is always there guiding me thru.

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