Candy Crush Inspired Graham Cracker Treats

Fun to make, Candy Crush graham cracker treats


graham crackers, any brand Swedish fish rainbow nonpareils gumdrops toothpicks


1. Generously frost each graham cracker rectangle with white frosting.

2. Take 1 gumdrop at a time and make a row, like on Candy Soda Crush. Add an occasional Swedish Fish for the fish you see on the game.

3. To make the candy bomb, pick a spot or 2 on the graham cracker and gently (they come out FAST, so gently) pour a small amount of the rainbow nonpareils onto the frosting next to a gumdrop. Use the toothpick to gently form a circle out of the nonpareils and keep them from going all over the graham cracker. Repeat as times as you would like.

Recipe by About A Mom at