Caring For Sensitive Skin #CBias

As far back as I can remember, I have had sensitive skin. I have vivid memories of taking tar baths as a child for my eczema. My mom spent hours trying to sooth my irritated skin with an oatmeal bath. Fortunately my skin problems are no longer so severe, but I still have to be very careful about what products I use. Caring for sensitive skin has become second nature, as I have learned what to look for in skincare products and which ingredients to watch out for.

When you have to be a careful shopper like me, the health and beauty department can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from. This glance down the skincare aisle at my local Walmart shows just how many options are available.

Key words that I look for on a product labels.

  • Fragrance Free
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Dye Free
  • Natural
  • Oil-Free
  • Soap-Free

I picked up a couple of Basis products this week that I haven’t tried before. The Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash is a 100% oil-free and soap-free gel with gentle botanicals. I’ve been using it the last several days with great success. The clear gel foams up nicely and does a very good job of removing stubborn makeup, unlike many other sensitive cleansers I have used. It leaves my face feeling fresh and cool, but most importantly there is no irritation. It even smells fantastic, but not from harsh perfumes. Rather, you can smell the mint and lemongrass.

The second Basis product that I picked up at Walmart is the Basis Sensitive Skin Bar. I was expecting to find it on the soap aisle, since it’s an all-over body product. But it was on the same aisle as the skincare and facial washes. The package labeling says that it is dermatologist-recommended, has no fragrances, dyes or other harsh ingredients. It also contains soothing chamomile.

I was hopeful this would work out for me, although there are very few bar soaps that my skin can tolerate. I am happy to report that this is another product that I can use. It lathers up nicely and rinses clean, leaving my skin feeling fresh without irritation. It doesn’t dry out my skin like most soap based products.

The most important skincare product in my arsenal is a good moisturizer. My skin is often dry to the point of peeling and cracking, no matter how much lotion I use.

Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion is one that I purchase often. It’s formulated to care for very dry, rough skin. I grab a bottle of it just about every week when I am at Walmart. There are a LOT of different lotions to choose from, but Eucerin Intensive Repair works wonders for me. Fortunately, it’s one of the first brands that I see when I get to the lotion aisle.

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Caring for sensitive skin is a much easier to do, once you know which ingredients to look out for in products.

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  • Thanks for the reviews. Today I bought Basis Sensitive Skin Bar for the first time and tried it. I was amazed by how good it felt. I have eyelid eczema 🙁 and I haven’t tried the basis bar on my face yet because I didn’t know whether it would dry out my face, but after reading your blog, I’m going to give it a try. I like this soap much better than Dove. Do you happen to know who manufactures Basis? Thanks again.

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